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    In case you missed the news from the New York Comic-Con, PUNKS is now an MTV comic via the all-new MTV Geek, and we're all very excited.

    …well, everyone but Dog is excited.

    The plan is to re-release the original content for all the new readers we hope to pick up, and then we move on to new and original stories.

    Here's the promo piece I did for the MTVGeek panel:

    Punks promo piece

    More info coming soon.
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    MTV Geek

    No, MTV, you don't get to do this. Not to us. Not to the nerds who were beaten down during high school. Who were stuffed into lockers, toilets, and other uncomfortable places. You don't get to pal around and be all buddy buddy with us while Cribz and Pimp My Ride are still on the air. Repent, and then maybe, just maybe, we'll think about sharing toys with you. Congrats @Kody, but you've sold us all out.
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    I haven't sold you out, I'm simply a double agent working from the inside to topple the enemy. Don't forget to update your shoe phone with the required security patch.
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    Well that's good, because it means I won't have to inform Jello Biafra of your treachery.
    • CommentAuthorTom Akel
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010

    Perhaps the site is run by guys who spent every weekend in highschool playing dungeons and dragons and collecting comics and action figures. Its possible ;)
    • CommentAuthorbumnote
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2010
    the fascists at the corporate behemoth known as mtv dont see fit to allow us across the pond to watch vids on mtv geek. i want my goddam product placement goddammit....
    seriously though, some of those vids looked sort of interesting..
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    oh man....people still get mad about MTV? chalk it up to getting old and soft (or just old) but who cares anymore? John Constantine is owned by Warner Bros. its not like comics are some crazy underground DIY band selling out. oh wait, selling out, as a term, barely makes sense anymore since money doesnt just get thrown at bands and record sales done exist. unless HATRED SURGE starts playing autotuned pop, count me in the ' who cares, as long as its good' camp*.

    *that is, unless people PRETEND they are independent and DIY. then you can fuck off. that doesnt appear to be the case at all here, and i applaud folks like Kody for just trying to go through new avenues with non-mainstream comics.
    • CommentAuthorbumnote
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010
    twas humour. though generally i don't watch mtv as it's shown on sky tv here, at least i dont watch it at home because i'd rather not put more of my hard earned money in another of mr murdochs pots. having said that, i've seen some great stuff on mtv at times. i'm thinking of janes addiction at brixton academy i think it was, man perry can perform. but i'm getting sidetracked, never meant to imply kody was selling out or whatever, and all the best to them in their endeavours.
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    Thanks for the cheers! I just wrapped up artwork for the intro story, and I'll be doing the lettering today. It should be up soon.

    As for MTV: This is a very rare opportunity to take a highly unique and stylized (and very 'indy') comic book and present it to a VERY large audience. What's not to love about that? This is exactly the kind of thing our industry needs so embrace it, and please help us spread the word.
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    All the success, man. Good for you. I still wonder about the relevance of Mtv, though. It's not like it's actually music television any longer. My biggest fear to your success is having a show on Mtv might be like winning a Grammy...
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    FYI: Punks on MTV Geek is a comic, not a TV show. We're going to be on the MTV website, and on the iPad/iPhone and various digital devices. And hopefully back in print sometime in 2011.
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    @bumnote, just so ya know, i was talking to silent objector. yours was clearly a joke. my fault for not clarifying.
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    Thread title altered for clarification. Well done, Kody.
    • CommentAuthorbumnote
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010 edited
    @joe.distort nah my mistake man, it's what happens when i start typing before the caffeine choo-choo is at full tilt.

    and cool Kody, the vids may be a no-go over here, but there's no problem whatsoever with the comics. be looking forward to seeing this

    edited for thaipose
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    Nice one Kody!
      CommentAuthorTony Lee
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010
    MTV Geek have done a great job picking under appreciated comics and returning them for the masses to enjoy.

    Like, um, THE GLOOM by me and Dan Boultwood that's joining PUNKS on MTV GEEK next month...

    I never thought we'd be neighbours though, Kody. Especially to that beardy Cowboy Dan who writes the damn thing... :-)

    • CommentAuthorTom Akel
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010
    To our international friends wanting to watch video: we're working on it. It's more complex than it seems.

    The comics, articles, etc should all function no matter where you reside.

    Tony, not under appreciated, just not exposed enough :) Which we will remedy.
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    It's funny how connected a lot of these projects are considering we all worked independently with MTV to line up the various projects. I've been a fan of The Gloom since issue #1 before I ever met Tony Lee, I always wanted more of that book from the start. Since then, Tony's become a good friend, so I'm pumped to see what comes of it. :) Dan Boultwood is a freak of nature. I'm curious about Agent Mom as well. I haven't seen anything from the new comic Punks writer Josh Fialkov is doing with Steve Bryant, but they're both stupid talented. I worked with David Tischman on Luke McBain at 12 Gauge Comics, so I know he's gonna being the good stuff on Beowulf Jones. I'm not familiar with the rest of the comics, the lineup looks fantastic.

    And trust me, Tom Akel has been a champion for PUNKS from the very beginning. This MTV Geek lineup is a true blessing because books like Punks and The Gloom have a hard time surviving in the direct market because it's so heavily tailored around Marvel/DC superhero books. My other book, SWEETS, at Image Comics is barely scraping by in the direct market. So more exposure means more books like this have a chance to survive. With enough readers, you'll see more of these kinds of comics enter the marketplace. What's not to like about that?
    • CommentAuthorTom Akel
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2010
    More people should call me "champion"

    If people are curious, here's the list of titles: MTV Announces MTV Comics And Exclusive Projects

    And the first 6 pages of the new PUNKS I saw earlier are everything I'd hoped they'd be and more. I feel smarter and younger for reading them, like a champion, and soon you all will too.
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    Nicely done, sir. I wish you all the best of it.