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    • CommentAuthordkitsch
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2010
    I've only had two.wasted most of it flying and eating pizza. when i realized i should fuck a supermodel i woke up
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    I used to keep a journal and found I could dip into Lucidity about once a month for short periods. I was mostly so in awe with how I could change the color of the sky or swap locations I never got to do anything truly fun. When I stopped keeping the journal they went away.
    • CommentAuthordkitsch
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Have you thought about doing the journal again? Do you Know what time your lucid dreams took place? the reason i ask is i had a job and every three days i would only be able to sleep for about three hours a night. I would have the most detailed and spectacular dreams during that period. i had a dream where i partied hard for three days.
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    Only very rarely. I try to fly. My cousin and good friend can do it pretty much whenever they want, but they report that trying to sleep with supermodels is usually too exciting to maintain their sleep state. You kind of have to get in on the conspiracy to keep part of your brain asleep and unaware.
    • CommentAuthorVerissimus
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    I do dream and I do have my lucid moments, just never at the same time.
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    I like to fly. Sometimes I conjure up the dead. Flying seems to be a universal thing, though...I've read in some dream interpretation that flying is somehow the subconscious relating to sex.
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    My most recent experience was trying to create objects from scratch. In one instance I made a giant hamster cage for my friends to play in. Not my choice, but my dream friends asked me for one and I couldn't think of anything better at the time.

    I, like most people, also spend time flying.
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    I used to be really into it and spent enough time working the constant-vigilance reality check things that I could have them fairly frequently. This was in high school - I did my term paper on it - but now that I live in the actual real world (sort of) I don't really have the time to work so hard. It still happens once in a while, though. I like to stick my hands through solid objects - windows, chairs, other hands.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    I can. You have to train yourself to do it while you're awake. When anything even vaguely strange happens during your day, ask yourself if you're dreaming. After awhile, it comes second nature and you do it in dreamland. The trick is not waking up what you excitedly realize that you're dreaming. I don't have that part down yet!
    • CommentAuthorwymarc
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    I can be aware I'm in a dream, and make decisions, but the "dreamscape" seems to be beyond my control. I can explore the setting, but not alter it.
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    You can also build yourself a cheap pair of LED goggles to induce it on Lifehacker.
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    Spent most of my childhood concentrating on lucid dreaming. Got so every night was Danger Room, X-Men Style... but after a decade or three of that, I mostly let the dreams go where they wish and only hit the override button if there's some aspect I'd rather explore or avoid. It's cool to have some volition in the Dreamlands, but often much cooler to see what the bits of my brain get up to behind my conscious back!
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    Man, whenever I dream that I fly, it feels like I just haven't quite nailed the controls yet. I'm stiff as a board, arms at my sides, flying head-first into the air. About the time I realize that I can actually shift direction, everything goes to shit.

    My only control seems to be, very difficult, if I point my head to the left or right, I can shift slowly that direction. As if I have been fired out of a very powerful cannon, and I can barely seem to adjust my direction. Usually this ends with me pointed at the Earth, at extremely high speeds, and into crowds of screaming people. I've woken up after hitting the ground and seeing dirt and rock spewing around my vision.

    I mention this in Lucid Dreams as opposed to normal dreams, because I feel like I'm actually (but terribly) controlling my direction, it's a reoccurring dream, and i feel like I have just the tinyest more control after each subsequent flying dream, although it's been quite a while since my last one.
    • CommentAuthorVox Doom
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010
    I've been trying this for a while on and off. My latest attempt is using binaural beats to try and induce a lucid dreaming state.

    Hasn't worked yet, but I have tripped my balls off because of it.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010 edited
    i used to do it all the time- as i mentioned in the other dream thread it frequently would switch off between EXTREME sleep paralysis night terrors (that im pretty sure were incidences of partial sleep mixed with massive alcohol abuse at the time and terrors so that i was really partially awake but completely incapacitated).

    my lucid keys or 'markers' or whatever were when everything would look lit up but electricity (usually light switches) didnt work at all. when i realized it, i would attempt to do a lot of weird shit and sometimes i just couldnt concentrate enough for it to work right. i had a lot of techniques to circumvent this, but its long and hard to explain.

    unfortunately, i have to take the good with the bad: the happier i am in life and the less i abuse my body, i have less and less lucid dream episodes as well as the nigth terrors. it evens out i guess?
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    I find greater moments of lucid dreaming when I'm falling asleep. I'll be dreaming, but be conscious that I'm sleeping/dreaming but also be slightly aware of what's going on around me in reality (usually having fallen asleep watching TV or something). Occasionally I'll become aware of a dream during deep sleep and some form of meta dreaming (dream w/in dream but aware that both are dreams) stuff will happen, but it's really pretty rare and I usually wake myself up because the dream has either gone to a dark place or I become aware that I'm dreaming as I'm about to do something stupid like jump off a cliff to try and fly or whatever.

    I love dreaming, but I don't know that I'd want more "control." I rather like the notion that the stories I create/go through in my dreams could percolate through to stories I make IRL. I've had several full-plot dreams that I've managed to get some decent stories/outlines from.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010 edited
    I think I frequently have lucid episodes in my dreams but I'm usually too lazy to write them down when I wake up so I swiftly forget the details. Looking back, the last time I realised I was dreaming happened when I was on the phone to a friend and he kept repeating the same words over and over. I began to feel like my body was vibrating really fast or that I had electricity running through me. I kept telling my friend on the phone "This is a dream" and "I feel funny". I think the vibrating feeling occurs when I'm just on the cusp of sleep/wakefulness. I usually find it difficult to get the balance right and maintain the sensation but on this occasion I remember feeling that I was beginning to hone the technique.

    On a sidenote, I have no idea what the technique might be. This is harder to articulate and therefore sounds a bit (more) mental but I realised the other day that trying to stay in between states, induces a similar feeling to trying to force your eyes to roll into the back of your head.

    I've not managed to do anything fantastic yet, it's hard enough not to wake up. Possibly this is not 'lucid dreaming' but something most people experience when on the verge of wakefulness.

    The above is very different to what I used to think lucid dreaming was. As a child, I found ways to escape nightmares.
    For example, if I closed my eyes in my dream, my real eyes would open. As this became less effective over time I discovered that if I killed myself in my dream, I would wake up. And if I wouldn't wake up at least I would respawn in a safe place. I vividly remember a dream where, I was banging my head on a table, which wasn't working, so I smashed a bottle and dug it into my wrists, which still didn't work. These days I'm a bit more sophisticated and can manage to escape most horrors by jumping head first out of buildings.

    Despite how in control I feel at times, my friend tells that I am not in fact lucid dreaming but dreaming that I'm lucid dreaming. I find that equally plausible and fascinating.

    Re: What time do they take place.
    Usually when I oversleep. My ham-fisted theory is that the part of my brain that needs rest is recharged and can therefore expend energy on dreaming, or at least remembering dreams. For instance, if I'm really knackered, I rarely have memorable, vivid dreams.
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    • CommentAuthorJarreddo
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2010
    I actually had one just last night. I haven't kept a dream journal in over a year, and rarely remember dreams any more, so it came as a bit of a surprise. I was running through school hallways when suddenly gravity "switched off". I was trying to zoom around a corner and found that I weighed less and less, until I was going to kick off a wall like an astronaut. Suddenly I realized I was dreaming, but I got too excited and the dream slooowly started to fade. I felt like there was a black hole behind me and I was getting sucked in, everything was going dark and I could see my arms stretch out in front of me. The harder I struggled to stay asleep, the faster I woke up. Once my vision went black, I tried to open my eyes to the dream again, but opened my real one instead.

    Such a strange way to wake up. I always figured waking up would always happen suddenly, and I wouldn't be able to fight it. This time though, I was struggling with all my might.
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    I've been interested in dreams and dreaming since I was kid. I had a long running dream diary and tried all kinds of tricks to altering and influencing my dreams, some of which worked and some of which didn't. I'm also a horrible control freak at times, and all this combined to almost irritatingly frequent lucid dreams back at the time. The frequency has come down after I quit keeping the dream diaries and spending a moment in the morning trying to remember my dreams.

    Lucid dreams sound way cool, but after a while they turn out to be kind of pointless. I'll rather go with the flow.