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    @Jarreddo, I have similar lucid experiences. Once I expend a certain amount of effort in a lucid dream, things start to go dark and I lose the dream as I gradually wake up. Once, when actively trying to lucid dream from a waking state, I accidentally conjured up this limbo state and couldn't build any surroundings. It was weird, I felt like I was walking around underneath my eyelids.

    There's a trick you can do to stay in a dream that I read about (although I haven't had a chance to test it) recently - basically, spin in a circle. I find that rubbing my arms works too, although I have absolutely no idea why.

    I'm quite good at lucid dreaming. In my latest lucid dream I decided to try out super strength. Before I realised I was dreaming I was being chased by some people with weapons. As soon as I clicked, I turned around and let one of them hit me over the head with a sword. The sword snapped in half and I picked the guy up and threw him about 20ft upwards into the side of a building. I punched another one through a wall. Good times!
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    I used to be amazingly good at lucid dreaming when I was in high school, I could create and maintain any sort of environment I wished. Mostly I used it "learning" how to fly and occasionally exacting vengeance on school bullies. Sadly, I had such a horrendous home life at the time that I think my dreams became the only place I could escape and be happy. Now that I'm older and living on my own I haven't really needed or wanted to take control so I haven't been.

    Oddly enough, sometimes I can still fly in my dreams, but every time it happens, I swear that I'm actually awake and it's totally reasonable to be flying around in my everyday life. Weird.
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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    See, I love me some lucid dreaming. The issue I have though is that as soon as I realize I'm in a dream I inevitably get chased down by a thing I call the daemon. It's this black shadowy thing with claws that always tries to keep me IN the dream or pull me deeper. It happens most often when I'm in a dream in a dream. Not sure if it's my sub-conscious trying to keep me down or what, but most times I can escape it. When I can't the dreamscape shifts to a much darker place and then I wake up in a sheer panic. So, yes, I can lucid dream, but I almost try not to. The easiest way I've found to induce such is to find a piece of music that you can entrain yourself to. Something that's just a bit stimulating but not too much otherwise it'll wake you up. The point is to keep you just on the edge of the dreamscape so you can influence what's going on while still dreaming.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    It interests me but I've only had a handful in my whole life. In terms of healthful sleep though, I think it's probably better to just not remember your dreams. People who dream excessively tend to be tired.