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    I still don't have a Halloween costume. I'd wanted to be something from classic Doctor Who, but I'm a bit stumped. I could do a parody on the sexy-costume trend, and be a sexy Pertwee, maybe? With a sonic-screw-dildo?

    I has new Lyme meds! A doctor visit (I had to wait 3 months for), two types of antibiotics and two types of heavy opiod painkillers to take two times a day.... and well, even though it cost me over $100 for the lot, I feel better today. Granted, I'm pretty doped up and keep fading out with my hands on the keyboard, but I think if I go for a walk in the brisk amazing autumn, I'll stay aware and happy with minimal head throbbing. WHEEEE!

    The best part about it is that the fancy specialist doctor approved of the antibiotic pills I bought online from India, as well as the hormone pills as being good treatment for my PCOS. Hah! See that? Screw you, all you people who think I don't do weeks of research into my medical matters and know what the fuck i'm talking about! I AM VINDICATED!

    One of my aunt's local-but-distant friends died, which doesn't effect me (or her, really), aside from the wake and funeral business which took over all scheduling, especially since I'm not as able to trek long distances at the moment. Not to sound terribly callous, but the timing of this all sucks, as I'd really wanted to be in the city this week hanging with Oldhat and enjoying my favorite season to be in NYC.

    However, I will be spending the next week in my home town, watching my best friend's dogs while she and her fiance are away. I'm so excited. The height of autumn spent crammed between a golf course and a lake, surrounded by hills and mountains and glorious nature. And I've a car to drive while I'm there! One that's not my aunt's minivan! YES!

    If only I was cat sitting.....

    (me on the the porch upon which I'll be spending much of my time next week)

    @Val A Lindsay @Yskaya - I can HEAR the contented kitty purring in that photograph. @Oddcult - Not so much. You've got stealth cat.

    Since the rain AND my head pounding has stopped, I'm considering going dumpster diving tonight. I've never done so before, but a fancy grocery store just opened a few blocks away from me. I'm not that desperate for food, but I'm a frugal mofo who hates the idea of wastefulness.

    Me. With my ex-best friend, the Patsy to my Edina, who dicked me hard, and repeatedly and who I've not spoken to in many years....

    me nani velvet5

    Me. With her son, a fellow whose godparents (and now adopted legal guardians) are my two oldest bestest friends. The kid is 12, and is family.


    I want to start him in comics. What'd be good for an intelligent and creative young man who's been shifted about with unstable environments for a good part of his life?
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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Me and the lady (most recent photo I have...I think I used it last time there was an Open Mic Night)

    eric and leah

    Not much to report, here. I put the entire first issue of my new project, all 22 pages of it, up on my site, so I'd have a convenient place to direct potential publishers (currently waiting to hear back from several of them, regarding several things.)

    Here's my favorite page:


    Click HERE to read the entire issue. The art was done by Gabriel Andrade Jr., and some graphic design elements were added to the cover by Whitechapel's own Yskaya.
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    Currently in Brooklyn which is surprisingly (to me) hip hoppity, from the pumpkin ice cream and chilli chocolate cupcakes to the record store where I finally managed to bag a cheap copy of Bunny Wailer's Blackheart Man. This has been an awful week involving death and marathon travelling and family tensions, with much of it spent under Texan blue skies. Tomorrow we head for Toronto and the remnants of our holiday, to be followed by serious thinking.I thought I might head into the heart of hipness and check out some local bands but I am so utterly fucking knacked and jet lagged and generally down, it looks like another sad night cruising the blog boards.
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    Busy as shit. I will probably take a stroke before the night is through.

    Here's what I'm busy with, me and Neil Ford:

    It's gonna be the shit.

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    Hello Whitechapel, I hope you're having a good saturday night.

    This is the most recent picture of myself that I could find. It is my wife and I at a bar, taken back in late July.
    My wife and I.


    This saturday has been okay. I go to college monday through friday and work on saturday and sundays. So today I was at my restaurant job, making pizzas. That's been my joe job for the past few years. I decided I needed a marketable skill to make money while I was in college, so I got a job at a pizza place and learned how to make/flip pizzas.

    I'm not entirely satisfied with my current employer. The restaurant does not follow my state's labor laws regarding required breaks for employees (half hour unpaid lunch per six hour scheduled shift). It's okay most of the time, as some days I'll work 6 hours, some days 8 hours. I get about 3 or 4 smoke breaks, and a couple bathroom breaks. Other than that I'm constantly on the pizza line working. Which is fine. It's work. I'm there to make pizzas. But there are other people there that get screwed, like the dough crew. The restaurant makes its dough in house each day, and a typical dough shift for a single person can be anywhere from 10 to 14 hours. No lunch break. They get smoke breaks too, and we work in the kitchen so we'll make ourselves food sometimes, but we typically eat it quick, standing up, or leaning against a wall or something (there's no break room).

    So the dough people get fucked. And the entire management crew knows about the labor laws - I brought it up to them about a week after we opened. The managers response? He laughed, said that it was funny, there had been 2 or 3 other people that had brought it up. No, they weren't going to follow it.

    I could report them to the state labor board, but I don't want to lose my job. Pretty much everyone else there that knows about the law feels the same. We don't like it, but the economy sucks and we're thankful to just have jobs.

    So there's my rant.

    Here's my non-rant.

    My wife is totally awesome. We met in January, started dating in February, and got married in March. We moved in to a new apartment in August...but haven't told our families that we're married. We didn't do a legal marriage, like going to court or something. We decided to marry ourselves - we chose words and phrases that had meaning to us and we declared ourselves married. No one else was present. We've told a few people...some close friends. We intend to go through the traditional engagement / fiancee/ wedding thing later, for the sake of our families, and to make it legal in the eyes of the state (good marriage benefits). But as far as she and I are concerned, we're married.

    Thanks for listening.
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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Not a bad week. Busy at work; in addition to my normal duties I was on emergency technical standby, dealing with stuff happening In The Field.

    I started working on a game for Halloween, "pumpkin bowling." Pins are plastic ghost tumblers with paster in the bottom, pumpkins, bales of hay to define the alley. The balls are . . . pumpkins. Get a strike, win a big Cadbury bar. It's for work, but I'll also deploy it at the apartment complex Halloween party.

    I've had a serious monkey on my back, a strategy came called FREECOL. I've been thinking about it late at night. playing it for a half hour before leaving for work. Ugh.

    I lieu of a photo, here's a video of me holding down my dog while a vet sucks a half a liter of blood out of her:

    Just got back from watching RED, which was a nice way to start the weekend.
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    @herowithoutpowers - That's excellent. That's the sort of marriage I'd like. It always seemed.... the sort of thing you'd want to be alone for. Y'know. Professing those deep emotions you've got for someone.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Everything is very slow and nebulous. Been getting more comfortable with myself and how I operate, and trying to work around and within that to actually become productive.
    I've been itching to take a razor to my head again; the only thing stopping me from having a sweet mohawk is the hope of finding work.
    I'm also trying to improve myself by learning to cook, and it's consumed most of my interest these days. I have a mug of bacon grease in the fridge now. This is revolutionary for me. I want to cook fucking everything and branch out into baking more. Tomorrow's recipe: a chocolate stout cake made with Young's Double Chocolate. The Pater Familias should be back tomorrow night to resume his guinea pig duties. Apart from a few smoke clouds and a terrible potato pancake experiment, all responses have been positive. Science is delicious.

    I've only just gotten it to the length I can comb and part it. I should at least sit on brushable hair for a FEW days.. maybe?
    DECISIONS. I miss scalp breeze.
    Anyhow. Time for more coffee and a smoke and finding out when my buddies can get together to see Red en masse.
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    Bad: The sewer is broken and we aren't supposed to be using water on the first floor until it gets fixed and the earliest that anyone can get here is next week.
    Good: Bathroom on second floor. And we rent.
    Double Good: Landlords are getting things done more quickly than anyone told them it would be.

    Good: parents bought me ticket to India.
    Bad: getting laid off from my minimum wage 12 hr a week job in a month as Corporate is closing the press but not the paper, i still have to get my visa and now have learned that vaccinations are in order, i'm applying for at least two graduate schools in the next 3 weeks which is going to run about a paycheck (of which I have 2 1/2 more to get) and no one in this town is hiring. At all. am feeling ungrateful for a gift that i wanted to begin with.

    god it sounds so childish. also, i am lonely and i miss my friends and i am not used to that.

    the only thing i've got going is that i know this is all temporary.
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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Evening, Space Poseidon of the intertubes. Hope the Eel cells in your system are cornholing the dragon doom flu into submission. We need you healthy. You are our stash.

    I did a new Space Shark this week. First episode of Space Shark Year Two! Glad I was able to crank it out and share with the world this week after soooo many fucking techincal difficulties. Before that one I was finishing a different episode that is featuring my home girl Miss Destructo, but the stress from the thought of disappointing her was getting to to me and I just left it alone for a month. I hope to complete that one this coming week though.

    I managed to avoid eating any meat all this week until tonight I ate some of my sister's thai food that had meats in it. I felt guilty and evil and human and sane again all at the same time. No one was looking so I snuck some into me. I am horrible.
    Ugh, and today my sister emailed me a pic of myself from yeeeears back when I was fucking fat as hell and weighed 220 (i'm 170 these days. Woot, highschool weight!) It's scary because I hardly recognize myself in that pic. Told her ass to delete that shit.

    Haven't been to the comic shoppe in months but this time I stopped by and bought four kraken scriptures. I began to drive home like a madman. Really missed that burst of nerd energy I get from new comic smell. It's more powerful then red bull and blow blended together.

    So yeah, the plan is to keep new Space Shark coming, and hopefully make time for a new project or two. Trying to make up for lost momentum. Anyway, glad it's time for my day off. I want to fucking sleep and hang out with my cat.

    But first I'm gonna get DR0NK. Cheers, congratulations on RED. You and Cully earned it!

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    Generally speaking, I've had a pretty good week. We've had a couple days of break from classes, and all my roommates went home, which was nice. Being able to wander around without clothes, listen to music with swearing in the lyrics, and leave my stuff strewn about the living room was nice, and I could not have done any of that otherwise. I probably would have gone home as well, but my family is all gone to Ohio to visit my sister. They planned it around my break so I could come too, but things just didn't work that way. I'm so glad they didn't.
    I've gotten so much work done this week. Two pieces were finished, two more got some serious progress. I had a pretty awful cold for a couple weeks, and it put me behind in sculpture, but I was able to just work for hours on end yesterday getting caught up with that. Still feeling a bit of stress when it comes to getting everything done on time, but no more than usual. And the night is young.
    I have a solo show going up in our student gallery in about 3 weeks, so I'm preparing for that. The show's going to be called "I Am Woman. Hear Me Scream." and it'll be up for a week. I can't wait. I've gotten some really good feedback on my pieces. I don't need a whole lot of them for our little gallery; 5 or 6 is plenty. 3 are finished. I have one big drawing to finish, and one print, but I just need ink and a couple of hours for the print. I'm hoping to do 6 pieces. We'll see what happens, but now that I'm healthy again I can spend all my waking hours working in the studio.
    Thinking about it tonight, I realized one more exciting thing about when it's going up. Though the student space changes every week, the main gallery only changes every month. I'm pretty sure the opening for the main gallery will be the week my show is up, so it will be seen by more than the usual group that passes through. It'll give me a crazy schedule, since I'm gallery assistant and have to help hang that show and finish getting mine ready all at once, but I hope it will be worth it.
    I hope I offend someone. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to do in such a conservative area. But then last week I wrote a story about a porn artist for my creative writing class and it got nothing but praise. I want someone to have a problem with my work that isn't my mom. I don't know why, but I do.
    New subject now. A kid I went to high school with died in Afghanistan this week, and all my facebook friends are torn up about it. I feel like maybe I should be more sad about it because everyone else is and because he was a decent guy that didn't deserve to die, but I hardly knew him. Unlike most of the people I knew at that time, he never said anything negative about me. Plus he died taking a bullet to save another soldier, which improves my opinion of him even more. I keep getting reminded of it, but it isn't affecting me too much. If anything, it's just another reminder that life is short, and I should enjoy it as much as possible while I can. So I'm looking on the bright side of everything a bit more.
    This time last week, I was crying myself to sleep and wondering how much ibuprofen it would take to kill me. Now, I'm perfectly okay, and just want everything to keep going. I think it's the art that's helped more than anything. The depression came with the sickness that confined me to my bed and kept me from the studio. Now both illness and sadness are gone.
    It also helped that I got a letter from the boy I'm in love with. Those are always good. He was perfectly okay with my modeling job, which made my happy. Even though I wound up quitting between the last letter and this one due to some safety issues, the fact that he didn't mind that I was doing modeling made me happy. It was just another art related job. So few people in this area share that viewpoint, it's nice to know that the one that matters agrees with me.
    Anyway, thanks for listening. Not much of a vent, but it was necessary anyway, seeing as I've been alone for the last couple of days with no one to talk to.
    Here's a picture of me making Halloween decorations.
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    Meh. Don't feel like a photo tonight. It's cold, and clear out tonight; the day was sunny for a bit, and while it was beautiful, hitting the colors on the trees just right bring out the reds, golds, and oranges. At my side is some cider; yesterday it was a half gallon. Today there's maybe a mugfull left The cats have claimed my bed for their own. And my blankets.

    Work is settling down. Newbs are getting the hang of how things go, and it's made the past few days (though busy) a lot more bearable.

    My keyboard's been a right bitch as of late. Not sure what's up with it, but *shrug* I deal, even if it pisses me off.

    I miss having people I can hang out with around here, so I've been trying to get folks from work to see Red or some other movie together the next week or so.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Dunno if I'm feeling numb. doesn't seem like it, but I am finding it harder and harder to feel engaged or want to get into something more demanding than lounging around. No impulse for socializing but no active desire to avoid it either. which makes it hard when socializing opportunities come knocking. Don't want to alienate anyone but I'm not sure that going out won't trip the blues hard and then I'll be stuck somewhere and wishing I could just hide and cry. So I'm still going back & forth about tonight's plans. }:/ Don't want to make anyone feel like staying home with Japanese homework and some videos is more fun than seeing them...but...

    Temp gig from a while ago ended and the last week and change I've been catching up to all the stuff I put off while working. (This is the Paul Mitchell site that I translated and this is the result. There are errors because it would have been a waste of time for me and money for them for me to hang around during the upload process, so the people who did the uploading didn't comprehend everything I left behind. }:/) In the meantime I had a bit of fun with some of the money I earned, but more importantly paid several bills. Sadly this month's bills burned through pretty much all that's left. Right around Halloween I'm going to need another miracle.

    Still studying Japanese. Still liking it. Even if my sensei is batshit.

    No idea how I'll costume for Halloween. I should take some time and think it over. I normally costume out of my wardrobe rather than buying stuff at the seasonal shops but I am not feeling satisfied by what's in my closet these days.

    I've been putting on weight recently and not remotely animated to make the time to exercise. Which is not how it's always been for me, I used to be terrific at making myself workout every single day. But now it's been so long I have to overcome inertia to reestablish the habit. diet is still a considerable problem. Sparing you the details, it's hard for me to pick my own food. A partial excuse, to be sure, but not inaccurate. I'm not in a position to shop for my own food for more than one or two meals here and there. That alone is depressing.

    Numb or not, I feel no drive for creativity. It's slightly disturbing. More than slightly, actually.
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    Weird week, lots of ups and downs. My health starting to improve at last. Getting a few things done. Managed some quality personal time with each of my beloveds for first time in ages (tragically, life in a threesome isn't all wall-to-wall nookie) and my just-turned-18 son is cool as ever.

    And, just for fun, a single dodgy driver install just reduced my iMac to a kernel-panicking box of shite, taking 5 hours just to get it to the point of wiping the drive & reinstalling the OS.

    And the lesson is - BACKUPS. Thank fuck I did one yesterday.

    Anyway, here's me with a much-deserved housecall from Doctor Whiskey.

    Photo on 2010-10-17 at 04.39
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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    @ V

    Thanks. In case you didn't click on the pic, you can see more of my friend's photos here.
    • CommentAuthorMrMonk
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Two-day job interview in Chicagoland this week past. I'd be pleasantly surprised if I got the job.

    On the dark side, I've been advised more than once that, if I'm seriously looking for a new job, I should lose the (gray) beard and color my hair. It disappoints me deeply that people could be so petty as to be influenced by gray hairs, and that they could be so stupid as to be fooled by a dye job.

    @Rachael - dumpster-diving and opiods: not a good idea, especially in that town.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    My Week:

    Monday: work, theatre staff meeting, sleep.

    Tuesday: work, clean the theatre, art co-op meeting, sleep.

    Wednesday: work, Lucia di Lammermoor at Seattle Opera, sleep.

    Thursday: work, SLOG Happy, sleep.

    Friday: work, dinner with friend, Somebody I don't know very well's birthday party, sleep.

    Saturday: yard work, errands, laundry, reading several chapters of Dreadnaught, sleep.

    Sunday (tentative): yard work, galley duty, sleep.

    Note: all activities besides work & sleep involve beer and/or whisky.

    Next week: Liver either goes on vacation or goes on strike...
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Read the Barefoot #1 just now @epalicki. Damn fine job there. Congratulations.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    Warren, you are a little bit way to butch for me, so you will just have to be my Internet Media Pimp.

    I am SO FUCKING CLOSE to getting this project out of my goddamned head. I have images, I need sound, and words to go with the Images, and possibly more images. You, sir will be the first to know when my brain finally slaps this fucker into existence, since you are a good barometer for value and interest. I hope someone will be impressed, because I want to be impressed. (I am too much of a perfectionist to like my own work; even when I like it, I despise it a week later..) I am imposing an November 30 Deadline for getting this damned thing out the door.

    Sorry to hear about the flu at your moment of triumph. I hope all the negative nancies who dissed RED get your flu.

    Oh god I cant wait for the facial hair to grow back. I shaved it for dental work and feel goddamned naked.

    Freakishly Hairless Face!
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2010
    @Rachæl Tyrell You have some lovely eyes there..

    I am very glad you are getting health things sorted. It sucked to watch you hurt and not be able to do much more than hope things would turn your way.