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    Who else is doing longform comics intended for (a series of?) later collections, like FREAKANGELS?

    (And actually getting printed in collections, to head off the chancers looking for a free plug)

    We should make a list.

    (by which I mean you, because I'm lazy busy)

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    Even though I don't read it any more: Megatokyo.
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    I am thinking two collections or one big one for my twelve issue series. I am not really doing it the webcomic way, but the magazine way on the web...which is probably dumb, but I like reading chunks and I think this will probably relate to the audience as well. And as soon as I have it done and printed I am sending Warren a copy because I said I would, with a photo of it on a comic stand. Might take me a couple of years to get to that point though, as we are only halfway through the second issue.

    The Champion Coalition

    And as long as Warren keeps posting these topics I will continue to post my webcomic and just be grateful. Thanks again Warren and I look forward to seeing the other people out there and tweeting the hell out of them to let everyone know that there is a wonderful array of talent on the web.
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    Would GunnerKrigg Court count? It's on my regular reading list.
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    Spike's Templar, Arizona immediately comes to mind.
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    Me, Weird Fishes. Working on the second book now, putting up the pages one page at a time. Timewrenchingly painful.
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    Free online as I finish bits of it, and later in POD collections is 100% the idea for PFS. Still only 20 pages completed tho, so it'll be a little while before a collection. I've got notes for all sorts of short comic ideas, or things that are only snippets, that I'm going to just go ahead and bundle into this PFS world.
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    My wife just launched her webcomic on Tuesday this week. The first chapter/issue is completely done and there are plans after 5 or 6 issues to collect them all. She updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

    It's called Fuzz Society and is very much in the vein of Bone and looney tunes, with a romantic subplot.


    Fuzz Society No. 1 Cover

    First issue synopsis:

    Come along for a big-scale adventure with Lyra Ladybug--the cutest bug you'll ever meet--who's full of curiousity, and who's not afraid to stand up for herself even though she's tiny. Watch as she gets carried along through Gossling Park on a gum wrapper, and finds herself lost in a land so familiar yet so far from her own, only to meet up with new friends along the way. Perhaps even one who's more than friends. It's fun, adventure and budding romance in this first issue of Fuzz Society!
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    I'm doing The Cattle Raid of Cooley, a serialised adaptation of an old story from Iron Age Ireland. And may I say, many thanks Warren for giving me the opportunity to plug it regularly on the Webcomics Week threads. A bit less prolific than Freakangels - one page a week, every Wednesday. I'm 98 pages in, and I'm expecting it to come in at 250-300 pages when it's finished, which will be a nice hefty book, but in the meantime I'm collecting it in 30-odd page issues, three so far, which you can buy on the website. Also on the site is the 72-page prequel, Ness, which is also available to buy as a book, and a selection of my other comics.

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 98

    Others I follow:

    • Jamie Smart's epic of childhood, Kochi Wanaba, insane but totally authentic in terms of how horrible children can be to each other, but not in a depressing way

    • John A. Walsh's Go Home Paddy, about the Irish immigrant experience in 19th century America, which is on hiatus at the moment

    • Between Worlds, a fantasy story set in an imaginary world that's in a kind of urban, 19th century imperial European idiom rather than the usual medieval one, with gorgeous digitally-painted colour art; EDITED TO ADD COMMENT FROM WARREN: I CAN FIND NO EVIDENCE OF COLLECTIONS FOR THIS ONE.

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    Dylan Meconis: Family Man Is one of two reasons I look forward to Fridays.

    Jay Potts World of hurt is a what would happen if Neil Adams illustrated a Blaxploitation newspaper strip written by Ed Brubaker.

    Also there's Travis Charests Spacegirl which, sadly, comes out far too irregularly:(
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    i think most webcomic artists have fantasies regarding physical books in the back of their minds when they get to work. i know mine is intended for print--that's why i work in black and white--and most of the comics i read do eventually get collected.

    i believe zebra girl has plans, even though nothing is in their shop just yet. evan dahm (rice boy and other tales) was selling copies of his work at SPX. The Meek. Lackadaisy Cats. Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name is linked up to 4th Dimension (who prints the meek and lackadaisy) so it's fair to assume that comic will also eventually be collected and sold.

    Scary Go Round. The Perry Bible Fellowship--done by a funny guy, btw. he came into our local shop once and just quietly started signing all the copies they had on hand.

    you can buy Hark, A Vagrant, but i'm not sure she ever intended it to be that way. whenever i see or hear about kate beaton, i get the impression that comics like, jumped her in the alley or something.
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    Something*Positive (Yes, there's a long-term storyline.)
    Order of the Stick
    Yamara (Was good while it lasted, and was originally on pages of the Dragon Magazine.)
    Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (And it even updates every day!)

    All these are in my RSS feed, and I quite like them. IIRC all of them also have been -- eventually -- published in dead tree format.
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    Pirates of Mars is pulp adventure webcomic written by me and illustrated by Veronica Hebard. It's serialized every Monday and Thursday and the first story will be collected into a 96 page OGN. We're finishing each book before a single page of it hits the web, so as soon as the cover is ready (I've seen a preview. Veronica's painting is beautiful) we can release the book. I'm still mulling over if it's better to release it sooner rather than later.

    Pirates of Mars

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    I'm pretty sure both of Sarah Ellerton's self-written webcomics and the one she did with Bobby Crosby were always made with the intention to be collected as graphic novels:
    Inverloch (finished)
    The Phoenix Requiem
    Dreamless (finished)

    Also Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar and Bobby Crosby's Marry Me (main story finished), and Evil Diva by Pete Menotti, Honoel A. Ibardolaza and I think a one or two other people.

    I'm not sure whether 'longform' here means in clumps of pages, or in regular, approximately page-ratioed blocks, or just not newspaper strip sized, though.
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    (okay, let's give this another go now that I think I get the terms)

    All my web stuff is written for, and going to, longform print, but the only one that's already there is Heist.

    Heist by Bankshot

    We just resumed production now that we found a colorist whose work lives up to the first issue's.
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    Scott Bieser's Bighead Press is doing it.
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    Pretty sure Nathan Sorry is written for print, and now Rich doesn't even have to post the link himself :)
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    I'm definitely a big fan of Lovecraft is Missing. The art and storyline are both great. Like FA, it's updated on Fridays. The blog alone is worth the visit. Not sure if he's planning on collections or not. Mea Culpa for not knowing.
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    Funny you should mention it...
    Hope I don't get nuked for a pitchman for this, but it falls under the rules of the subject, so no harm no foul, right?

    Ian McDonald's "
    Bruno the Bandit" will be collected as a series of magazine sized books titled "The Brutal Blade of Bruno the Bandit" (yes, the Conan reference is intentional...always has been in this strip). Ian's ten year+ catalog of stories (and some of them are VERY long form) will be collected with new material and published under my self-publishing imprint "AIM Comics". We've even hooked a longtime Conan artist for the cover, and some words of praise from Roy Thomas for the strip.

    If anyone's interested, I'm running a contest for a pdf advance copy of the first issue if you can guess the identity of our guest artist from the sample provided on the website.
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    Damn, I finally get around to registering to suggest Rice Boy and Family Man and completely missed that both have already been mentioned. Still they're the best examples that spring to mind of real long-form webcomics that lend themselves to collection.

    I really hope Lovecraft is Missing is published at some point. I'd much rather read that one in print.

    [edit]Tsh, I even get pre-empted for LiM, oh well.