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    Newton's Law by myself and Dan Dougherty will be collected once we're finished (late next year). It will run +/- 150 pages.Isaac Newton having a nervous breakdown.
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    Whoa. This has been my favorite webmoment in the recent past. I've found alot of things to keep me busy reading (dreamlife, spacegirl,wierd fishes, nathan sorry, pirates of mars and many others). These, others, and of course the "house band" all provide channels of entertainment totally unlike stuff in the movies, tv, literature, etc.

    In preparing my own project of print (Book 1 and 2 out of 12) I was surprised to find an important difference between the mediums that I hadn't anticipated. Somehow time is different on the web. It seems that reading webcomics is in the present tense. One can always link out to a wiki, or look something up. In print, everything is more self-contained. I'm finding myself needing to make sure the back story is in place and nothing left "in the air".
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    Ursula Vernon's Digger :

    Digger meets Shadowchild

    The link is to the first page of the comic, as landing on the home page will drop you right at the climax of the story, which is now on its twelfth and apparently final chapter. It's collected in print as two chapters per volume, five volumes so far, by Sofawolf Press (which unfortunately has almost no distribution except online and at conventions - I've seen the books in exactly one comics shop.)

    Wendy Pini's Masque of the Red Death, which just finished a couple of months ago:

    One print volume thus far (of three planned), published by Go! Comi. Looks like there's a fairly long delay on print, since the webcomic uses Flash effects and isn't formatted as a print page so essentially has to be rebuilt for the physical version. Pini recently announced that she's also planning to turn the Flash version into a motion-comic DVD if possible.
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    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2010
    though he has not confirmed it with me, I assume that Hans will collect Ectopiary as collections. (he has plans to make it a 600 page long saga.)

    a number of the storylines of Achewood have gotten collected and I guess that will continue. definitely the most original webcomic around, BTW. it expresses a completely personal vision.
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    I'm not sure if this is precisely what you mean but Dylan Meconis' Family Man has always been called a graphic novel. Her (brilliant/freaking hilarious) Bite Me! was put together into one volume a while ago.
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    I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space! by Megan Rose Gedris was, either print and then online and print, or print and online simultaneously with there now being a lag on the dead tree format end of things.

    In the realms of done:

    At some point (though probably not the obvious now it gets serious and overdramatic point) Poe started writing Exploitation Now for paper form.

    There was a great Leiji Matsumoto manga combining Harlock with elements of Wagner's Ring Cycle, in both Japanese and English editions, that was online before it was printing on paper and put in stores. The online version has been long gone, unfortunately, and I don't believe there was ever an English language print version.
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    It looks like Questionable Content is getting on the bandwagon selling collections of the earlier stuff re-drawn.
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    Travis -- I remember reading Exploitation Now as it was coming out. Started off so random and silly and the completely changed gears and got really serious.
    Have you been reading the one he started after? (Errant Story). I haven't but I'm curious about it and what other people think.
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    WS, I read part of Errant Story some time ago, but I don't even know if it's finished or how it turned out. The early bits were strong enough I think I will go and find out, though.
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    I've been working on this greek/trailer park/family/conspiracy thing for a while now & just hit page 85!

    The first 80 pages have been collected into 20 page bundles & sold at some local cons by me & my friends. Once completed (105 pages or so) i plan on shopping it around to find a legit publisher!

    This whole thing started out as a way to prove that i could do comics all by my self. Thus far... i have succeeded!

    Clobber! Vance: the man with the magic mouth.

    Clobber Vance page 85!
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    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2010
    Gary Reed (former publisher of Caliber Comics) and Transfuzion Publishing is going to publish my steampunk mystery/adventure The Continentals as a series of trades starting early next year. They will ultimately be collected into one graphic novel edition.

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    Poster for Mississauaga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the OsarsComing from the self publishing movement of the 90's, Dressed For Success is done very definitely with collection in mind. When the current story, Mississauga Jay and the Lost Shrine of the Osars is finished mid 2011, it will immediately be collected as will the story that follows directly after it. The story is paced for reading as a book, rather than the more episodic way some webcomics are done. The web is our form of syndication, rather than photocopied minis we can just go straight to the collection. We really look forward to having the whole thing in hand.
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    The intention is to publish Aquarium Drinking when it's all done. Just about 150 more pages left of a story that was supposed to be 150 pages long.

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    Weapon Brown by Jason Yungbluth is definitely of this sort. (It's also a great comic)

    Weapon Brown pg. 200

    It's a crazy apocalyptic land where Charlie Brown and other classic comic strip characters live and die. It's awesome. Wickedly dark and humorous.
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    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2010
    Impossible to avoid coming off as a chancer looking for a plug listing my own comic, but the cattle punk western I work on, Next Town Over, is newish, and about to put out its first honest-to-God paper volume.

    NTO: Lookback page 1
    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2010
    Conny Van EhlsingThe German version of my Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter has been collected into two albums so far. Which means I'm way behind on the English version, but I'm still planning to get that one done. Next year, if i can pull it off.

    It's short stories rather than one ongoing story - but they build upon one another, and in this world of "long-form vs. gag-a-day", I've always been more on the long-form side.

    As for other comics, those I can think of right now (Gunnerkrigg Court, Scary Go Round, Girl Genius) have all been mentioned already.

    If German collections count, I could name some more. Zampano Online's David Boller just released his second book, Tell (the first one was Bakuba), and then there's Nina Ruzicka's wonderful Death and the Maiden which has seen three print collections so far, I think. (I'm linking to the English versions here, despite the lack of prints, for readability reasons.)
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    I've been involved, one way or another, with producing seven different long-form stories which were serialized on the web first and then print-published: A Drug War Carol; The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel; The Architect; Roswell, Texas; Odysseus The Rebel; La Muse; and Escape From Terra. Here is a link that will take you to the page where you can either purchase any of these or browse the stories for free on-line. I drew four of these books, and lettered and edited all of the rest of them.

    There's an eighth story, TimePeeper, which I edited, and so far we haven't print-published it, but it is available on Kindle.

    And a ninth, The Hook, which we're still trying to figure out what to do with.

    And a tenth, Pheobus Krumm, which we plan to have out via Kindle and Lulu by the beginning of March. We're experimenting with POD with this one.

    And an eleventh, the second volume of ESCAPE FROM TERRA, which I hope to have in print for San Diego Con.

    Finally, today I'm launching a 12th feature, Quantum Vibe, a second continuing serial which will be collected in print most likely starting in early 2013.
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    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    Dresden Codak and Gunnerkrigg Court have had hardcopy volumes in the past so, particularly in the latter case, I think we will see further volumes. both well worth reading. (and in the case of Dresden Codak, at least, you wouldn't have that much of a time investment to read it all, relatively speaking.)
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    and, of course, Hans Rickheit's Ectopiary. I assume that Hans will want to collect this into a hardcopy volume. he has a story of about 600 pages planned (of which he has put up less than one tenth) and all of his previous works have appeared in hardcopy. (he has a collection upcoming from Fantagraphics, which published his graphic novel The Squirrel Machine just over a year ago.)
    from a recent installment.
    please, if you like Ectopiary promote it and friend it on Facebook. Hans really could use some money so that he can quit his daytime job and work on it fulltime. he, and, Ectopiary deserve it.
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    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    ah, yes, and Templar, Arizona which I just remembered. I haven't gotten caught up with this beyond the first of, I think, four hardcopy volumes. good alternative present sociological sf.