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    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2011
    Ah! Sorry I'm so late to see this, but PatrickBrown, re Between Worlds

    "Between Worlds, a fantasy story set in an imaginary world that's in a kind of urban, 19th century imperial European idiom rather than the usual medieval one, with gorgeous digitally-painted colour art; EDITED TO ADD COMMENT FROM WARREN: I CAN FIND NO EVIDENCE OF COLLECTIONS FOR THIS ONE."

    The comic is by Anna Fitzpatrick and does indeed have a rather stunning collected volume in print, though it was limited. You can Find the artist's blog here :
    Hope that helps!
    • CommentAuthorheimp
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2011
    Looks like Jesse Moynihan's Forming is getting collected by Nobrow and Adhouse.