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    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    My week has been long. I worked 52 hours at nothing particularly rewarding other than a pay check, plus six credit hours at a community university.

    Yesterday I went to the bar with my lovely wife and some friends, to celebrate a birthday. Tonight it's processed chicken wings and cheap beer while I watch some poor schmuck get his face pounded in by Brock Lesnar.

    I really want to move somewhere warmer, and be done with my bachelor's degree already.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Just finished a private reading of one of my plays that I revived and am trying to do right this time. It's very loosely based on the Scott Walker interpretation of the Brel song "Au Suivant", and it's finally moving forward,

    It's naked and rough and terrible and I am happy as hell with how it's working out.

    The 9 to 5 university job was shit this week but the creativity of the weekend really made up for it.

    This winter, oh yes, off-broadway will beg for this thing to stop....
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Hello Whitechapel, got you some Oscars:

    We did something touristy today. Since we live in (a) Wine Country, I took the girlfriend to lunch at Coppola's winery, a mere 20 minutes north.
    At the restaurant there, Rustic, I had my first ever pettole...which is like a salty Italian doughnut, if you've never had one. So basically, it was pure yum.

    Since Halloween approaches, I thought I'd post the "Klimt costume" and "Muscle armor" from FFC's "Dracula":

    Tell me what you really want to do.

    I want a few years off just to think and read, read and think.
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    The week has been manageable. We were constantly threatened by the looming 12 hour shift which kept on getting cancelled. For now it seems they're moving the entire crew from one line to another so no 12 hour shift just yet.
    Good, let's keep it that way. My feet would kill me. They'd literally tear themselves off from my body and strangle me to death with shoelaces while I was asleep.

    My cut finger has healed nicely and I CAN DRAW AGAIN! So I've been celebrating this by filling page after page after page of quick random doodles, figure drawings, odd faces, dynamic action/foreshortening experiments, odd takes at simplifying anatomy etc. I should hit 30 pages of these doodles by tomorrow.Basically, getting back into shape after few weeks of art abstinency.

    Happy times were had when I finally sold the first copy of my new book. Also, I am aware of making two more sales (although Ka-Blam hasn't registered them yet so I can only rely on the words of the people who told me they bought them) so that means 12 more to go to achieve the base goal of 15.

    What I really want to do?
    I want to find the time to DRAW SOME GODDAMN COMICS, that's what I want to do. I've been brainstorming new ideas like crazy. A book of robot drawings, a Go Nagai/Ghost Rider/Guyver inspired character, an improvised heroic fantasy/sword & sorcery story... That's just the last three days! (and I just noted one more short story concept as I was in the middle of writing this post).
    • CommentAuthorJECole
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Tell me about your week.
    My week was both frustrating and exciting. Frustrating because I've had to abandon almost 6k words of a novella I've been writing, then, I've had to go back and completely rewrite the plot for the said novella.
    Exciting because, after watching Munich and halfway through watching the Carlos the jackal mini series I had a HUGE brainwave which led me to completely rethink the story I was trying to tell. Now I'm trying to articulate this insane idea and its changing as I commit it to paper. Almost as it's something organic.

    Fun times

    Also, I've had to rethink the way my main character speaks. His language. His articulation. He sounds modern. I want him to sound ancient.

    Tell me what you really want to do.
    WRITE BETTER and WRITE MORE. I've set myself a daily word minimum of 1000 words and I'm reading extensively out of my comfort zone. I'm forcing myself to encounter writers who works I've never read before. And I've have several revelations. Take for example Robert B Parker. Never read one of his books before. I was surprised how "surgical" and tight his prose was. The man gets in, paints a bare-bones picture of a scene, and allows you imagination to do the rest. Writing like that must take a HUGE amount of skill and an even larger set of balls.

    Seriously. I just want to write better. That's it. Nothing else. Everything else is unimportant.
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    I changed my mind, What I really want to be doing is what I'm doing right now. Have a fabulously lazy Saturday evening. Though I am craving some sushi.

    @Greasemonkey: Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you will get chances to rest and take care of yourself (and get taken care of) during this hard time.
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    This week was better than last, not least because it didn't involve any funerals, which is always a good thing in my book. We flew in to Toronto Sunday and cruised around for a few days and then wifey had to head back to TX, leaving me to my academic pursuits. Today I spent the afternoon at the Art Gallery of Ontario which has more 19C paintings of rural Canadian scenes than you can shake a hockey stick at but also features a wonderful exhibition by Shary Boyle, who makes these weird and disturbing but delicate porcelain miniatures, among other things - e.g a woman in a black skirt, bent over double ans carrying on her back, a white hart, and on its back, a green alien/demonic reptile. Absolutely brilliant:

    And then although the Labyrinth comic store had no copies of the Vertigo Resurrected issue, which was a downer, I did pick up a copy of Jackie-O Motherfucker's Liberation for $7 at BMV and to end the day, found myself in the midst of Toronto's Zombie Walk. The energy and effort these young people had put into dressing up and coating themselves with fake blood gives one hope for the future! (and kudos to the waitress zombie with the eyeballs soda).

    What do I really want to do? Right now, crash to the tinkly sounds of Jackie-O. Later, find out what happens to the space marines in the Tanya Huff' book I'm reading. And after *that*, write my own. Ha! (it'll never happen ...)
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    @grease hang in there dude.

    my cousin died yesterday, she was in an alcoholism indused coma for the last 6 months and technically brain dead so its for the best.
    i'm on holiday as i prep for essentially 3 month straight work... gotta love christmas in retail eh?

    what i really want to do? i want to get high in the short term. and in the long term

    music. i want to make music, i want to play non-stop everyday. i want to live it again
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010 edited
    Well @Greasemonkey made me cry. I lost my dad almost 2 years ago (Oct 28)and still miss him dearly, so I know how you feel.
    What do I want, well to have my dad back. Also to not be tired all the fucking time. Hard to get ambition to do anything if you're just dragging around. And I have lots of ideas of things I want to get making.
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    @greasemonkey: my condolences. my wife has been going through what you're facing, having lost both her parents in the past five months and the only thing I can say is that, first, time does help, and second, you should just accept whatever emotions and feelings come to the surface as part of the grief. And don't hesitate to call on the support of friends and loved ones - its what they're there for. Take care man.
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    I really want to fight, fuck, drink too much and maybe kill a few people.

    Failing that, I want to profit from being creative.

    Best wishes to everyone as this is only a passing visit into Internetland.
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    Came down with a shitty flu this week, as everyone else seemed to do where I live. Was too ill to use my sick day on Wednesday to go see Stewart Lee, whose new DVD I am kind of obsessed with right now, but was feeling well enough Friday to take advantage of my day off to go up to London to a punk night where a tiny US band was playing. I felt like a fugitive on the bus going past my place of work peaking over the top of my novel and scanning the milling pedestrians. The band was a lot of fun, even if they only played new stuff, but I get pissed off about people not dancing at punk shows. A band is always more fun if you dance, even if you don't like or know the band. Afterwards they played a bunch of good music and some shitty stuff and me and my friend Tommy hatched plans for our band to wilfully antagonise these people from the stage if we ever get a drummer and manage to book some shows. Despite the night's frustrations, seeing an awesome band always makes me want to write, which is good.

    Today at work I had to fill out another anonymous staff survey, which I always enjoy as I can rant for ages and I get to do it on company time. There was the option of having your comments typed up and given anonymously back to your store manager, but I declined to take advantage of that as when you work at a supermarket and describe various elements of it as 'sisyphean', 'Stakhanovite', 'morally and intellectually void corporate shitspeak', 'a nexus of existential despair and rank liberal hypocrisy' and 'imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever', it's kind of easy to work out who wrote it. Hopefully it'll give some meaningless data entry drone somewhere a smile.

    The bank sent me an urgent letter saying they've been trying to get in touch for months and telling me to call a particular number and ask for a particular person. Naturally, this number is dead.

    Right now I'm conducting several long and arduous virus scans, which is fun. Tomorrow I'm gonna see Red and read a lot and write a bunch.

    I really wanna get a job where I don't have to work evenings and weekends, where I get more than a few pence above minimum, where I hate every aspect of it. I'd settle for two out of three. Unfortunately, all the applications I've sent in to places have been futile and it looks like soon I'll be having to compete for jobs with an extra 450000 people the government doesn't want anymore. In the end, I want to be with my girl who is currently several thousand miles and several thousand dollars away. And I want to create shit right now. I want to play shows with my shitty little punk band and shout at people and tell dumb jokes between songs until they hate me. I want to finish this fucking story I'm writing which every time I get a handle on keeps throwing up new things I can do with it and messing me up. It's kind of exciting but also frustrating. I feel like I've gotta write this one before I can write any others.

    That is all for the moment.

    This is me right now:

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    @Greasemonkey - My sincere condolences. I wish I knew of something to say that would make it easier for you...


    This week: Wasn't bad. Not great, but far better than it could have been.

    What do I really want to do?

    Long Term:

    I want to rack up the base monies that I need in order to pick up a piece of land, and start building a sustainable complex on it. Something completely capable of being off the grid utility-wise, aside from internet, and cell coverage. The latter two could be killed with one stone if I were to build it within distance of something that's the equivalent of 4G. Building and experimenting with varied types of sustainable- and eco-tech. Start with a small, single-person/couple first building. Once that's built, start building a new, slightly larger one to move into, playing around with different technologies more. Move into the second building, find someone interested in renting the first building (or buying it outright). Repeat process.

    After getting 2-3 of those up and running, make sure to setup some sort of mutually-shared ground source heat pump. Get some wind power going. Expand what would already be some degree of rain cisterns, working in conjunction with a 2-4 cycle water setup. Start gardening, preferably with an indoor option so as to be able to garden year round in some capacity.

    Being in the heartland of the States, it's peppered with any number of abandoned missile silos. Even one of the lesser ones, not built for long-term in-silo command center housing, could still be converted into something pretty impressive. It could double as both a hub as well as a tornado shelter, as we get tornadoes throughout much of the year here.

    As an aside, at one point I hypothesized to a friend that, in theory, if the climate control were correct, the top able to be transparently sealed via plexiglass cover or such, and the proper amount/type of ground soil able to be placed, that one could import a cacao tree, and start a micro-specialty chocolatier business. In turn, the tree itself would help with things like air quality within the spaces that it may share attachment to via whatever air circulation system that's in place

    Anyhow, the point is, I'd like to be in something sustainable, preferably with others of like-minded interest, other creative types of some sort, and contributable skills of some capacity. A cohesive, working community, operating at a more efficient level, for the better benefit of everyone involved. I don't want to be subjected to the inevitable rolling brownouts and blackouts that can and will occur in larger cities (they already have them in St. Louis, 2-3 days without power in the heat of summer, or the cold of winter, is a nasty thing to endure). Housing that is built more efficiently, with better materials, and more diversity in it's appearance than some cookie-cutter community of starter houses or McMansions. Communal living of sorts, though I hesitate to use the words "commune" or "compound" out of negative connotations that may possibly come with those.

    That, actually, was the extremely condensed version, as I've thought about that sort of thing a lot.

    Short Term:

    Tonight, or at least by the end of the weekend, I want to find what I need to in order to setup PayPal on my Wordpress site, so that I can take orders for specific types of art. The big stumbling block I have right now is trying to figure out how to get someone to agree to terms presented by making an order, to cover my ass for copyright purposes, to make sure that nothing being ordered in that capacity is being used for profit, or on anything that isn't a personal level. By the by, if someone can actually help with that past "here's a link", I'd be willing to barter out a piece of custom art for it (if someone wants more details, contact me privately via seantaclaus (at) gmail (dot) com).

    I may think of more for this section later.

    Thank you for your hospitality, Warren.
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    Tell me about your week.

    Truly a week of ups and downs and everything in between.
    Down: Did not get a call back on a job I applied for that I really, really wanted. (I was making out with the lab equipment in my head during the tour).

    In between: We had to move into our new (but old) house (woohoo yay!) earlier then expected, which made the previous week crazy. We are all in, but there are boxes in various stages of being emptied. We'll be done about January, my guess.

    Up: Inherited a cute cat from a friend, who is selling her house. Tom was an outside cat, who used to be inside, who is now inside again. He's still sequestered in the bathroom until Monday.

    Down: Family drama spilling over into my life. I had to step back and away from it this time. I can't help the parties involved.

    Up: Waking up in our own house. So. Awesome.

    Tell me what you really want to do.
    *laughs* There's no one thing I want to do, they are legion.

    Here, Tom kitty picture (he thinks of you):
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    I've been working. And by "working," I mean "drawing and coloring at my desk and letting the days run together." I forget to leave the house. Friends have to remind me.

    Dealing with some strange, unbalanced feelings. Like something's been thrown out of alignment. Inexplicable nausea. Like, y'know, the guy in that one French book. What was it? Oh, yeah: Nausea. I think it's just because I haven't been taking care of myself. Should really fix that.

    I just want to be working comfortably and not be thinking about food and whether or not I've seen sunlight this week and all the nonsense associated with corporeal whateverness.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010 edited
    Totally regular week with today being the awesome endcap. I had a little time alone while my child was at a birthday party, so I was able to go to the hobby shop and library without having to hurry up or supervise or anything like that. Bought a couple book for like $1 each. Then got a bunch of new music at the library. Rad mountain!

    The ad in my new to me book cracked me up:

    Maybe that would be a fun idea for thread. Posting pictures of dated advertisements.

    EDIT because I didn't include what I want.

    I don't want anything. Obviously I have it all.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    The Week

    Most of the week has passed fixing wrong stuff in MusicBrainz and not leaving the house. Cause, you know, SOMEONE is WRONG on the Internet! Today I got myself out of the house, attended a music gig, got to talk to interesting nice Londoners, to talk to a couple of guys I hadn't seen in a year and to discover a bar that doesn't completely suck in my crappy hometown. Also, this week I had my first two meaningful conversations in Estonian, even if I needed the help of a dictionary and made lots of mistakes. It made me feel all nice and warm inside. I did not start studying for my university, which I am angry at because it doesn't allow me to take some more advanced subjects to try and finish my degree in 2 more years instead of 3. At least it is distance uni, which allows me to remain -kind of- sane.

    And I am deliberately avoiding going to bed so I can watch the Formula 1 race at 8 AM, even though I still can't understand why I like F1 races.

    What I Want

    I would love to move for a while to the beautiful city of Tartu, Estonia, practise the language -thus getting over my barrier that makes me unable to get a third language at a decent level- and maybe even find a job. The fact that my mom has cancer will make me postpone that, at least until February if not more, so I guess I'll just try to get some more money saved til then, learn some more Estonian and maybe find some new nice people over here -my old friends are almost all abroad or at least 3 hours away.

    I would also love to have a job that allowed me to bring some nice artists to play here without having to think if it will make me lose 100€, just being able to say "yeah, fuck it, I can afford that". Sadly, in a country where unemployment has gone over 20%, the chances seem slim, so I guess I'll just keep studying.
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    What I really want is to be the one with the office full of creatives working to make the best movie possible.

    What I am is yet again working as an Office PA. My title should be Production Secretary and I should be making about 200 dollars more a week.

    Someone said to me the other day they always here my name around production circles and I am always working. I had no response to that. I don't understand not working if this is something that you love (and for me film and tv production is something that I love to do). Plus, I have a family to take care of. I don't have time to take off work and sit around hoping for the perfect job and whining that I have know money.

    Tonight I am typing up a story which has poured out into my notebook over the last three weeks. Usually my stories come in bits and pieces. Whole scenes. This has been one continuous stream.

    My Saturday night:




    It is hot in here. Our A/C is out. I am out of bourbon. And there is still a lot of typing to do.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010 edited
    Week has been weird, but manageable ... been arguing on the Internet with friendly hostiles. Made some interesting contacts, and am actually scrambling to find some work. Today, took my family to my daughter's school Halloween carnival. We had fun. Daughter has her hair sprayed purple.

    Tonight I discussed collecting a new friend's old comic and do some retouch/reedit to help him self publish in order to raise capital to do new work.

    I think I am going to be a publisher. Or something.

    I'll have pictures up soon.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    I spent the last week training eight new hires for the company I work for, and the majority of them seem pretty sharp. Eight newbs will double our current support staff, so we're all looking forward to having them there to take some of the load off. In the last year I've somehow managed to go from a lowly entry level support rep to a trainer/team lead/assistant manager. I'm finally doing what I've always wanted to do professionally, and it all just kind of happened out of nowhere. It's not glamorous, but man is it nice to have a little respect and acknowledgement for once.

    Creatively, I'm in a rut. I have no drive to write or draw, and it depresses me. The RPG I've been working on with a friend for almost 2 years now has kind of stalled, and I don't know how to get the magic back. Fortunately it's about zombies, so I'm hoping AMC's The Walking Dead will inspire me to get back in to it.