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    • CommentAuthormushi
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Do you hear music while you work, so far what has been your greatest work soundtrack
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    SomaFM's Drone Zone and Sonic Universe channels help me a lot.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Instrumentals, chosen to suit the mood of what I'm writing. For my current project:

    Ministry - The Fall

    Information Society - Ozar Midrashim

    Skinny Puppy - Haze
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    nice thread.

    my recent working tunes. . . .

    the black angels
    blonde redhead
    red sparrows
    david moufang
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse album (especially Pattern Recognition) makes me type hell of fast. I usually just stream KEXP, though.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010 edited
    I listen to a lot of stuff while drawing, but lately Broadcast has really been working for me. There's just enough instrumental stuff to not completely distract me.

    • CommentAuthormushi
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010
    I mainly listen to movie soundtracks, IDM and mr Kemper.
    • CommentTimeOct 25th 2010
    Zoe Keating is wonderful to work to.

    Most lyricless music really does it for me as well. This can range from Raymond Scott to Animanaguchi.

    Otherwise, I like audio books of books that I've read before. American Gods and the entire Discworld collection have gotten me through some serious deadlines.

    I aim for upbeat music when I have a tight deadline, the audio books or other relaxed musics when I have a long project to work on.

    Strangely enough, I have a few stations on Pandora that will ALWAYS get me through a creative block. I don't think it has anything to do with what the music actually is, but it's just from the association of listening to them when I've had some high creative flow. That sort of repetition/deja vu feeling always seems to jog my brain juices in a pinch.
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    I tend to have the radio on while I work, I'll either listen to Classic FM or try and find any weird stations transmitting on Longwave that play odd arabian folk or bulgarian choirs etc.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2010
    Recently (because my work music is constantly changing), I've been listening to a lot of Beastie Boys, the score for Inception (Dream is Collapsing, in particular, is great for when I'm in a work rut) and the score for The Social Network.
    • CommentAuthormushi
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2010
    I had forgotten how well podcasts work as background noise for work
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010 edited
    The score for The Social Network.
    I like this.
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    i find the Demdike stare mixtapes seem to be doing the job for me at the moment.

    Also, stuff that has a good motorik rhythm get me started in the morning.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    I have a few highly varied mix discs here at work, with tracks ranging from Talking Heads to Johnny Cash to the Bulgarian Womens' Choir. And Caleb Sampson.

    I recently listened to the soundtrack of the Georgio Moroder version of Metropolis.

    Oh, and a highly peculiar collection called the "Science Fiction Forum Soundtrack," put together by college friends in the late 1980s. It has a song from The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T, the highly peculiar live-action Dr. Suess movie. I'll see if I can find it online later.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    I also prefer instrumental, especially when writing:
    Red Sparowes, Pelican, Ikonika, Russian Circles, Caspian, El Michels Affair, If These Trees Could Talk, Irepress, Yann Tiersen, Moondog... Some of these aren't always instrumental, but then I just skip to the next track.

    Recently started listening to Inkstuds while drawing.
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    Hyperdub and Planet Mu compilations. Broadcast, Seefeel, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada. A bunch of chillwave found on the internet. Atlas Sound. J Dilla....