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    Still working on The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle, one of the prepubs I snagged the other week. I'm word-dazed, my mind there and not wholly here, shoveling rice goop into my mouth because I know I need to eat something, so something turned out to be brown rice + cheese sauce. Whatever works. I'm not an expert cook, or a chef (like my step dad, who I am convinced is the best chef to graduate from the CIA, ever), but normally my meals are edible. Today is no exception, though rice always reminded me of meal worms and maggots, the squashed up stuff that made up the food for the orphaned robins I took care of as a child.

    Back to the story- it's about a girl, her family, and horses, a nice, quasi-sorrowful tale, without dropping too far into the sugary realm of those horse stories I loved as a kid, and realistic enough to remind me of my riding lessons as a child (english and western). It's about a working stable, and -more importantly- about the complex relationships we share with others. Feel the human connection, folks. Nice light reading.

    Paperback comes out in March of O8