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    • CommentAuthorjoshdahl
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2010
    One of the challenges of writing a superhero comic book which reflects and is inspired my own life is that the genre demands lots of high-energy conflict, while the source material is mercifully thin in that regard.

    The way I usually address this is to write the inner and interpersonal conflicts realistically, and then let the super-battles grow out of them. And then sometimes the plot and the genre just demand some fights. So, sometimes I just do some fights.

    For example, at the end of issue 13 I needed to show that the bad guy plan was bearing fruit. I needed to show that they were starting to beat heroes. So, what better way to show this than to have them take down the until-now invulnerable Sidekick? The scene work pretty well, as he is in one move, not only defeated physically, but also emotionally. He has never been hurt before. Relatively minor injuries open him up to the terror of vulnerability that everyone else deals with every day. For a scene which is essentially a plot point, it packs some punch.

    Plus, it promises a heart-wrenching scene between Sidekick and Flamethrower. She has never seen him hurt before, and this new potential fear is something that they will have to work through together. Not really allegorical, but a nice scene.

    And then the other day I was talking with my boss about the dangerous environment in which we work. After being punched by a student, I had to deal with the fact that I could actually get hurt here. That is scary for me, but it is far scarier for the people who love me. For example, my girlfriend.

    What I thought I was writing as side-plot to advance the main story.... turns out was a pretty straight-up allegory for a very challenging dilemma I am currently facing.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Interesting coincedence/confluenec of events. The meta is the real.
    • CommentAuthorjoshdahl
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2010
    I am genuinely embarrassed to write this.
    It is the 15th and I do not have issue 14 complete.

    I am working on it and making progress, but unless I decide to have a whole bunch of two-page spreads I really don't think it'll be done by tonight.

    Some part of me has come to see this project as a time commitment. Which it is. That status, however, puts it on the list of "things I have to do". This means that I now regard skipping it as a kind of selfish indulgence. It is the kind of thing I do when I have had a rough day and I want to treat myself. It is similar to buying a candy bar or a soda on my way home from work. Just a little pointless exercise of freedom that says "Hey! I still control my life!"

    And, like many pointless exercises of freedom, it leaves me eventually thinking "that was stupid. Why did I do that?"

    I am really enjoying the story that I am working on and i think it has some very good scenes in it, so I feel even worse for short-changing it like this.

    It is my home that these bad things I am feeling right now will help me to re-organize how I see this project in my head. This is a fun thing that I am doing, not just another obligation.