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      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    and beautiful.
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Doin okay, getting my Bad Santa costume ready for the weekend. This five day scruff is starting to drive me mad though, people with beards, how do you stand it?

    Awesome episode, excitement on every page. What I wanna know is, is what Alice sees the time-pocket stormthing or is it something scarier? Are there two threats or just one?

    Also, thanks for the naked Sirkka. Random, not totally necessary, but nice all the same. Paul has an amazing talent for illustrating the female form. Just to be fair, can we get nude scene with Jack as well? Just asking... ;P
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Alice is a champion.

    Love the "time moat" ...
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    Work week spent in cursing damed bureaucracy slothness.
    Great hepisode, Warren and Paul, thank you! I'm flabbergasted!
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    Wonderful episode as usual. But the color work on page 5-- wow! Gives me the willies in a good way.
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    A. Moat. In. Time. Whooooa. The best FA episodes find new ways to break my brain and let it heal in interesting ways. If this idea came about during Warren's bout of Komodo Dragon Flu, my hat is definitely off to him and his imagination. Also wondered idly if anybody on the DOCTOR WHO writing staff now hates Warren for coming up with this idea first.

    That aside, week has been a somewhat doubly stressful one. There's my mad decision to take on more projects than I might be able to handle. But there's also the worry that my fellow countrymen may be insanely willing to return political power to the fucktards who pushed my country into a political ravine.
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Then again, one chopper versus Arkady: I'm betting on her. She can take them down easily if she gets a little creative. Just pop into that chopper and kick some furniture over.
    The images of Sirkka on the last episode were stunning. I'm really looking forward to having her spend an entire segment of the series like that...

    As for me, I'm finally in London, trying to move from Camberwell/Peckham onto safer areas. And looking for translation jobs (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English) out there. No rest for the wicked...
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Wild! I dig it. Thank you.

    I would love to see KK fix her bike. I stole that bike from her [in the wastelands of SL] a couple years ago and flew it around taking screen shots... Ah good times.

    With the TV going all poltergeist maybe KK will make the bike better? Is there a ghost in the TV or is KK in the TV or is the TV just sort of... a flux capacitor?
    Egads! Is KK going to be alright?

    Ok, ok... I now close the FreakAngel brain file till next week, or I shall obsess.

    Now... where's my fucking coffee?
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010 edited
    A Time Moat? OK now my head is going to places it doesn't want to be....

    Also my mum now asks god to give the Lottery numbers as she won't let us give her the numbers anymore after we kept giving her the numbers 1, 2, 49 and 50. apparently they are silly numbers....
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    TIME MOAT! Yussss! Must be awkward to have to be naked during all that.
    How's everyone?
    Decent. Making sure I have shoogarr to eat today. Yesterday I was fading big time, didn't bother jumping on the freeway in a weakened state.
    Also did a new Space Shark for this week. Woot!
    And um, the LB comic con is going on this weekend. Sooo can not afford to pay for 1-day pass, but I miss going to that building. Also the AVATAR crew is gonna be there ...HMMPH
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    MOAT!! Connor is awesome and now it's all about Alice. NICE.

    It's... I was doing well enough for a couple of days there. But along comes today and I crash against sleepy laziness, possible spurred on by having a bit that I want to do. Dammit, I will dye my hair.
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    So does the praise for the naked Sirkka images mean that Warren and Paul have engaged in FA (male) fan service? If so, then a partial thank you is in order. Full thank yous will come when we see one of the FA non-bastardy male characters in birthday suit mode.
    • CommentAuthorNakedCelt
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Hey, they're all naked in the future scenes, right? I vote one Freakangel strips every 3 episodes from now until the end of the series.
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    the expression on Alice's face are amazing in each instance. i didn't notice the future nudity until it was commented in the boards. the tv is a freak angel? sweet
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    I love how Arkady is the one who realizes the awesome.."Can I say that again? We dug a moat in time." It's good that one of the Angels realizes the coolness of that. And KK realizing that 'hey, Connor is the one that can actually get us to agree on stuff'. Of course, I would imagine we'll be back to hair-ruffling and name calling soon enough, because what else are highly dysfunctional, sex-crazed, superpowered, slightly-guilt-ridden-for-kinda-sorta-maybe-just-a-little-bit-ending civilization-as-we-know-it almost-siblings for?

    That makes me shudder in the "Oh Heavens what are their kids gonna be like?" If they're this bad, how crazy would kids they raise be?
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    I love how Arkady is always amazed at how cool their abilities are. Oh, wait, Tamilyn just said that. (you can just read her comment again)
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    Good luck flying a chopper over the moat if it takes more than a day is all I'm saying.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    It was unusual to hear Conner speaking over the radio to the whole of Whitechapel. It was very interesting to see him 'broadcasting' over the radio from La La Land there. Sooner or later it seems those folks have GOT to catch on to the fact that these kids who're managing the town aren't ... normal. But then again, everything in Whitechapel is somewhat less than normal, so maybe it's old hat to them.

    I do wanna know what's up with that telly in KK's garage though. With the picture tube busted in the way it was ( to say nothing of the fact that it's not plugged into a socket, and even if it was, so what? ) I wouldn't think there'd even be the chance for static. Smoke and fire, yes. Nothing at all? Sure. A picture? Not so much... I'm scratching my head over that.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    It was a bit scary that. Reminded me of Poltergeist. :)
    • CommentAuthorAisforAmy
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    The television coming to life in KK's garage made me think that their Moat had sprung a leak, and that a bubble of displaced time had gotten through, after all.