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    Saturday Night Open Mic: say hello, tell us about your week, plug your creative endeavours, show us your bits, I don't care...
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    In just 3 days from now i'm going to do something foolhardy.
    I'll be working a dayjob and by night rid myself of my alter ego and turn into the dashing illustrator.

    Starting November In under just a month me and a select few, who voluntarily participate in dooming themselves, will each have drawn a 48 page black and white graphicnovel with cover before the stroke of midnight November 30th.

    If creating from scratch, little sleep and a deep sense of satisfaction of finally having told a whole story that wasn't in the world before you created it, sound like your cup of tea; join us via @nanographicmo or look up more info on the challenge's tumblr: :)

    Thanks for having me over, Warren.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited

    This It was kind of a mix, but pretty rough in regards to self-esteem both in my work and towards my appearance. Work-wise I felt that my stuff was getting stagnant and after getting some pretty harsh criticism of my recent stuff from a friend, I was just feeling a bit down about it all. appearance-wise, basically, some self portraits went wrong and I spent the early part of the week wearing baggy shirts and not getting out much.

    Latter half of the week went well though, when I received some encouragement from our good friend Veronika von Volkova via audio transmission and got drawn as a freakin' PSI-JUDGE by Tim Twelves. The week was capped off yesterday when I went to see an absolutely hilarious Grindhouse flick.

    Now I'm feeling better about myself and looking forward to coming up with new ideas for my photography and taking it to places I haven't gone yet. And this weekend I'll be working on my first ever submission to a gallery. It's part of a collective exhibition of emerging photographers in Canada. Hopefully I'll make the cut.

    And I'm really looking forward to scaring children with Diamanda Galas' Les litanies du satan playing as loud as possible outside.

    And my stuff can be found either on my web site or you can always go to my Flickr

    And picture! I just took this this morning and it was taken for Veronika von Volkova's birthday.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010

    Dayjob-week crap (as usual) other news, working on a script for a mini-comic, a self-publish poetrybook project, and cover art for a new Steve Ayett novella (secret-hushhush-can'tsaynomore)...and might as well plug my blog:

    oh, and Warren, can't follow you on twitter as you blocked me during a bot-purge (by accident?) but anyway, if you want to unblock: mo_ali - unless I've pissed you off somehow, in which case apologies..

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    typical week. some stuff went really right. some stuff didnt...and all that seemed to happen in a row.

    we got a new puppy last week. shes adorable, but its extra work. LUCKILY its a lot less work than we planned for so it seems smooth. she is over here if so inclined, i cant get the picture to show up at a decent size and dont wanna clog the thread up. her name is Sandwich. we are adults, yes.

    i went to drop off a box of comics for the kids to take at the local neighborhood block party thing. they use the church, so i went into a church for the first time in at least 12 or 13 years. it was eerie, plus they were testing some spooky music for the haunted house later on today, so as i walked down the dark halls, horro music played. then i asked some of the teen volunteers where i could leave stuff for the kids and they all turned with blank faces and no one spoke. i left the comics and got THE FUCK out. it was very creepy.

    i realized i dont care about halloween anymore. as an adult it only seemed fun to go to parties and get fucked up. now that i have no desire to do that, its just becoming a nuisance. ugh. girl wants to go to the state fair tomorrow but we are kinda bickering right now so im not exactly stoked to go out with her. i would just like one day to relax. i havent had a day with NOTHING planned for weeks. that sounds a lot better right now than to go to hillbilly festival and eat greasy food til im sick with someone who i quite honestly could use some time for us to be seperate.

    now, im outta here to eat pork chops and hang out with my brother and sister who i havent seen in a while so thats nice.
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    @oldhat great pic, really great

    okay me... my other half lost her job which has been putting me under a lot of extra stress, then my cousin died (alcoholic anorexic, it was never going to last) and now i'm getting to one of those moments where you dont want to sound selfish but what about MY problems?
    today was the last day of an absolute waste of a holiday. we were going to get tattoos and go see friends but due to afore mentioned work issues those got cancelled. i've spent all day like a menapausal (sp?) woman just bursting into tears and hating myself. i really wish the world would take the fucking hint and go away...

    i hate this but i really don't have any confidence left and just feel like i'm being withered away.


    eta: joe i feel the same way about halloween but my band are opening at some retarded event... urgh
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    First time I've gotten in early on one of these.

    Just heard that my elderly, Alzheimers-struck uncle passed away. Expected, and a good thing, all things considered. He'd been in a nursing home for just a couple months when pneumonia struck. "The old man's friend" they call it, and it was in this case. I have a bunch of cards to write.

    Not a bad week.

    Busy at work, in a good way. Showed my technical chops dealing with a customer problem.

    Didn't get much writing . . . no, make that no writing done. But ideas are bubbling in my head again, and I have a file started.

    Found out the dog has fleas. She's getting dipped and scrubbed. First time I ever had to deal with buggies since the family cat died 20 years ago.

    I indulged myself with a gadget, a no-name-brand Android WiFi tablet. Email, browsing, that kind of thing. I rarely go for purchases like this, but despite working in a deep-fried technical position I'm feeling left out by the whole portable gadget revolution.
    • CommentAuthorsnafu
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    A better week than last. I lost my job in Sydney last week and thought I would need to move the whole family back to the US. Maybe not. Some good conversations with studios in Sydney. I may not have to move my family after all. Also something in Singapore raised it head. That would be interesting.

    The internet has changed the way I look for work. In the old days I made many many phone calls then shlepped my portfolio around town. I had 2 or 3 copies because the animation houses all wanted to keep it for at least a week. I bought blank 5 minute vhs tapes in bulk and spent house duping and labeling and mailing. Now I jump in the internets and hit a half dozen sites and I know about almost every job out there. Weeks of work condensed into a few days of emailing a resume and a few links to online demo reels. My reach is far and wide. The competition is stiffer but there is so much work out there. There are boards where you can throw up a demo reel and bid on freelance projects. That's looking more attractive all the time.

    Next week, drawing while I wait to hear back from all of these places out there in cyberspace. That''l be new. It's been a while since I had the time to just draw without a specific goal in mind. A little scared to find out what's in the attic. Or if I can even get it out on the page.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    logged in to try and catch elfays stream only to realise I was 6 hours too late.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Watson (my cat) keeps me company. I've been surprisingly awake today. I am a huge fan of Halloween for dressing up in a costume. I rarely can find a party and I'm staying away from candy because I am dieting. I don't think I've lost any weight yet though. Booo. Had first therapy appointment Monday. This is good. Time to finally get better.

    It's funny, I was thinking of what I would do if I never had to worry about money, and I realized that my answer to last week's question was inaccurate. What I really want to do is take care of my mom's land and tax problems so she doesn't have to worry about it anymore, and move to Florence for a while.

    Edit: forgot self portrait. From a skinnier time, masked because it's almost Halloween.
    Catty Glance

    Also, a cool thing is that I found out that this is a bird pelvis. It's also upside-down. Anatomy is so neat!
    Bird Pelvis 1
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    I am lurking in my shed, drinking whisky, being introverted and avoiding Partner and Mother in Common-Law who are watching shit on telly. My sister came today, which was nice, I haven't seen her for months and she's not that well. Am fairly stabby and murderous at work, lots of frustration and irritation there at the moment, but on the other hand I've managed to start making music again, which is really good.

    I am, however, hungry.

    There is no food here, except squirrels. I do not wish to eat squirrels, so I may have to return to the house to forage.
      CommentAuthorDoc Ocassi
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    I'm with stefan I usually come late to these things.

    Not been too busy at work but it has been full of successful endeavours, though my boss has me under strict instructions not to talk to one of our clients, their machines won't be getting fixed until they stop being dicks, I like working for him. I just need a little more time with my coding, I have next week off and have about 60% of my flat to clean then much keyboard-monkeyness.

    Other side reading quite a lot of non-fiction, pretty depressing stuff but educational and life enhancing, Tech related my wireless network is playing up, and my new computer is in Shetland.

    Ha so, things are as they are.

    And we are putting on Fullsceildh Spelmannslag a week tonight!
    Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag

    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Oh, boy, I kinda missed these. Especially now. I actually have stuff to get off my chest that I can't really do anywhere else, for fear of getting confronted about it (I'm fairly certain the people I don't wanna read this avoid the board)...
    I went on a self-imposed exile from most of the internet last month. Here, Twitter (which I really regretted), and Facebook (which I totally didn't regret and am never going back to that cesspool) were all quit. It all stemmed from an argument the fella and I had over my priorities... he got the impression that I cared more about talking to some of you folk on IRC than I cared about him. Me, being the misguided over-reactor I am, quit everything BUT IRC.
    Mainly because one of our own on #whitechapel, VKlaus, was coming here for a visit and I wanted to stay in touch. So he was here last weekend. And it was great. Really and truly great. He and I have a tendency to monopolize the chat sometimes, 'cause I'm one of the few that just rolls w/ his jokes and has fun being silly for extended periods of chat time. And he turned out to be someone I got along w/ just as well outside chat. He's funny and we have stuff in common and Monday came around and I dropped him off at the airport and, like that, fell into a depression.
    (Venting about what was once here really did help me get over it, and therefore, doesn't need to be saved for posterity. But, for the record, Klaus is, like, the coolest guy ever.)
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    In terrific pain. It would be my period hits hardest on a major party day. Midafternoon and I've barely eaten, let alone assembled a costume. No money for buying a single thing so I've been hoping I could put something together out of my closet. But I didn't bother to try to actually pull something together any earlier than today because why prepare when I could procrastinate until it's time to panic and when I'll probably be doubled over with cramps.

    I love dressing up. I'm not big on sewing, I'm not clever at shopping. But I love piecing things together that are out of the ordinary and fun. I love it more than I dislike socializing with strangers. I love more than I find small talk annoying. In other words, I would be thinking and rethinking going to a party tonight where I only sort of know the hosts and no one else, but because it's Halloween and I'm going dress up somehow and everyone else should be in costume I'm totally looking forward to it. you know, once my gut stops aching.

    This is week three of my theatre company's run of the play On Emotion. a lot of balls got dropped when it came to selling it so it has had really poor attendance. I'm planning on going tonight before the party but that's hardly anything. It feels like most people in the company, including me, didn't put a lot of energy into spreading the word on the play. I don't know why. We've had our attention elsewhere, is all I can come up with, which sucks. I can't begin to try to convince friends to drop their Halloween plans to see a play about cognitive behavior, autism and self-delusion. Even if it's a really good play - and I'll stake whatever I'm worth on it being a good play. Last August I did the dramaturgy for it, meaning I researched a lot of the relevant topics going over and over Cognitive Behavior therapy, its precepts and implications. There's a lot to the subject, more than a theatre major like me could possibly learn in a few weeks. It'll be good to see what the director and actors did with that work.

    I'm going to do the NaNoWriMo, but I'm not fixing to start a whole novel. Hopefully, though, I will finish one. Definitely aim to finish two short stories that have just been languishing even though I know what needs to happen. Creative endeavor? I endeavor to creatively get myself to quit wasting my days. Something has to happen every day. I have to produce something, every day. Or I'm just not worth the oxygen I suck down.

    BTW - I finally got to see RED last night. I loved it. Ridiculous amounts of fun and I think I did start to drool a bit at the Helen-Mirren-with-a-machine-gun. MotherFUCK that was hot. But you know I just squealed and clapped at the spot where she ran out of the gala and exchanged her stilleto heels for combat boots!! Finally!!! A movie not afraid to exchange fashion for good, hot, sensibility. I loved the whole cast. Each of 'em. And I just about given up on Bruce Willis, but he's back in my good graces.

    Theatre note: at one point my sister asked me if I smelled skunk. I said yeah, because I had, barely even stopped to think it was unusual. Then she said "oh...skuuunk. I meant the animal." I shook my head. Nope. Skunk. Honestly, who needs Prop 19? When you live in California you frequently forget that pot isn't exactly legal.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Been a decent week actually: got lots of packing done for the big move which is fast approaching, finished off a few wee commission gigs, spent Wednesday drawing at my LCS where I was able to pick up a few more private commissions. I love drawing there- great light, I'm surrounded by inspirational stuff, and there is quite a cast of weirdos who frequent the place and make the experience more interesting.
    I have reconnected with an old client of mine who works with charities, and thru him I've been able to scrounge up a few proper illustration gigs. It's been slow and clunky, but the wheel is definitely starting to turn in that respect, 6 months after a layoff that nearly destroyed my life.
    Oh, and quite to my surprise, I discovered that an adult graphic novel I illustrated last year (while working for that children's book publisher), a project that was literally two pages from being finished before I was laid off, has been optioned.
    I dunno what that actually means for me or my career, since I was merely a hired gun to illustrate the story, but it's nice to hear that all of my work has not entirely been in vain, and I'm interested to see where it goes. The writer, Michael F Stewart is an excellent dude, and he was very happy and excited with how I interpreted his words and characters, so we'll see :)
    Currently I am in Chelsea QC, where it is snowing wet and heavily, as my wife and in-laws and I await a grand feast of fish and chips to celebrate my FIL's birthday.

    Have a great night folks, and thanks Warren.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    hello. been a funny old week.

    been busy. for various reasons spent monday night talking to my brother on the phone rather than going to see the swans. but i did go to see godflesh on wednesday night, and leatherstrip on thursday night.

    went over to edinburgh friday afternoon - friday traffic is a formidable thing. arrived to find out that the reason the venue's website had vanished, and why my friend couldn't get anyone on the phone was because the parent company had gone bust. but they moved event to next door. so still saw texture and the rest of the chemical poets perform, though he is a popular man, and i'm far too reserved to have actually managed to talk to him, which was a pity. they were supporting steve aylett, who talked about writing, and read bits from various books, including from an imminently released collection of shorts, which i guess is different from the novella moali mentions.

    creative wise?
    i have 3 stories on texture's weaponizer site.
    and have just been updating my micro-fiction-twitter stream, where i post random little bits.

    other than that, i have bacon, and i know how to cook it!
    • CommentAuthorMercer Finn
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Well tonight I went to my best friend's birthday drinks, said friend having started going out with my ex, said ex I haven't seen since she broke up with me... yeah, complicated situation. I'm a bit socially incompetent at the best of times, and was dreading the appearance of THE AWKWARD. But it kinda went OK. I love both of them too much to be pissed off, but I do feel a bit uncomfortable about it. I'm really hoping this feeling goes away quick so that the friendship I have with both these people can get back to the way it was. That would be awesome.

    Otherwise, everything else is just dandy.

    ETA: also saw RED today. Very fun. I pretty much worship Mary Louise-Parker, and in this she's brilliant.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Hi there lovely peeps,
    Am sat with a very good mate watching Boston Legal season 2 again, he's playing puzzle quest. I just polished off a glass of shiraz with a packet of oreos. How, my dear whitechapelians is this not the most awesome thing know to mankind?

    There is no need for Helloween shinanigans and I'm all tired out from making people submit to my wonderful suppleness. To put that in a little more context I've recently started doing an MMA set of training classes where we do half an hour of intensive cardio [ouch] followed by some Brazilian Ju Jitsu training, we then end with some Brazilian Ju Jitsu sparing. It so happens that my lanky frame is very good at Brazilian Ju Jitsu and guys maybe twice or three times my size [in weight] have trouble against me. Also, the exercise is apparently good for me.

    I also started Project Managing a ... project... at a big bank recently which has been interesting thus far. I've never really been into this crazy Project Management shindig but after getting past the weird design and planning stage I quite like managing people whilst also doing my main job.

    Also saw RED last week, enjoyed it very much, hat off to you Madam Ellis

    I think that's mostly what I've been doing, been using twitter more and this page has been rather interesting over the past 10-20 minutes.
    25 most unusual deaths of 21st century
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010 edited
    Hello Whitechapel.
    Survival Research Labs (from my hometown of Petaluma, CA, USA) staged a robot battle/event called An Explosion of Ungovernable Rage in front of the Sonoma County Museum, which is a block from my apartment. They unveiled this bat wielding robot today:

    "Spine" robot arm in action:

    Robot tech people survey the aftermath and mechano-carnage:

    Other than that...gig tonight with bar band and gig next week with my new band supporting David J (and special guest Jill Tracy) at Cafe Du Nord.
    I will once again extend my standing offer to buy a beer for any Whitechapel-ers in the area who attend a show. =)
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    I just turned 36.