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    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    Ate too much at a student dinner. It was brilliant.
    Went to a Steampunk Dracula with food sort of thing last evening with my favorite co-worker that I don't work with anymore. There was Dracula. And Renfield. Who was hot. Like dripping with fake blood hanging from the rafters bare foot and mostly naked hot. Renfield isn't supposed to be that hot, is he? I mean, I don't remember thinking that "plagued with voices and eats invertebrates mostly unless there's a puppy around and who thinks that Dracula can save him from his insanity" was written to be luscious 23 year old with the muscles and the hair and the attractively crazy. Oh well.

    Still don't have the money to do the trip that has become something like inevitable. Kind of don't care.

    This was me this morning.
    Me. Morning.

    There was something else, but I forgot.
    Blessed days of birth to all.
    Congrats on the Eagles.
    Wonderful Holiday Celebrations around!
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    I'll pass on shwoing anybody here my bits, as I don't want people to swear off sex for a year or two.

    So hmm, what can I say? It's been an insanely busy week. What little free time I had has been in film-obsessive mode, which is not great when you have five different movies to check out under deadline and you've only barely finished one at the week's start. Still, it looks like things are starting to look reasonable again. BTW, documentary about tattoo artist Ed Hardy with lots of shots of gorgeous body art = instant win.

    Political work has been squeezed in when I can. Today I've been on my feet in boots for close to nine hours. Part of that was much-needed precinct walking/GOTV canvassing.

    Highlight of the week, though, was catching the SF satellite rally for the Stewart/Colbert Sanity/Fear event. It may have showered repeatedly during the morning, but there was a 10' x 13' jumbotron and a crowd which stretched from roughly in front of City Hall to 2/3 of the Civic Center Plaza length back. Also, the demographic was nicely all over the map: young, old, white, Asian, cap & trade folks, 2nd Amendment believer. Stewart's closing speech ("We live in hard times, not end times") brought a much-needed smile to my face after what was a hard week.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    I'm closing in on putting this project together. I have a device on the way to test the bits I want to test on mobile, (i know the fucking bits on the internet will work, I may not be Ariana but I can put a few tags together and make something work on the web) and then start dropping graphics and design into a document and using words to fill in the cracks.

    If I am lucky, I'll have something people will like enough to give a little money for.

    I am at the downhill slope of my AA Degree and looking at my student loans with no clue how I am going to budget them. I need to do something interesting and at least make an attempt at getting out of IT before I ossify.

    Election Day is Tuesday. I have bad and worse running for office in my neck of the woods. Both are too far off the center for me to vote for. I wound up voting republican for Governor last time because at least the guy had a platform other than "I'm not my opponent!" Too many problems are developing here in Northern Virginia to go with people who have no idea what direction they want to take us.

    Shit. I should have been in bed two hours ago.

    No photo because I'm about fucking dead.

    And so we move to another week.
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    I've had a lovely week of a quiet house in upstate NJ, looking after dogs, watching the trees change colors.

    PeeWee Herman performed in NYC on Friday. So did Die Antwoord. I attended neither. I'm rather decimated over that.

    I'd plans to travel down to DC early Saturday morning, but the fellow with the car cancelled.

    It's Saturday night, and the people I was dog sitting for are home. It's so wonderfully silent outside, but in here .... there's two or three televisions on at all times. Always playing the most awful thing possible. Golf. Iman on HomeShoppingNetwork. Pitbulls & Parolees. Fashion Police. It all stays on for hours after they fall asleep. I can't think. I can't understand how people can live like that. Just passively absorbing crap for 8 hours a day. I noticed, while they were away, that this house has no stereo. No means for listening to music.

    Tonight, there are no horror films. Just crap TV.

    This is me earlier this week.


    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2010
    Just returned from playing geeky roleplaying GURPS things. My Gadgeteer performed like shite, totally shot like an Imperial Storpmtrooper, hit two out of nine shots taken. Completed my Bad Santa costume for the punkrock show/party tomorrow night. The Phenomenauts are playing in my basement and it's probably going to be an epic clusterfuck crowd control effort that will hopefully succeed. Wish me luck.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    Yesterday I was on TV as Spider-Man.

    Can we really show our bits?
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    @Rachæl Tyrell If there is a DVD player, you can play CDs on it, if you have any around.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    This isn't me but this guy at the gig tonight said his costume was called "U.S. Foreign Policy" (Kraddy to his right):
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    we had a tornado this week. a very polite one, actually--it lasted maybe 15 seconds in my 'hood, and neatly laid the tree we were planning to cut down across the lawn of our neighbor's yard. had the tree tilted any other direction, even slightly, it would have taken out either a car, a set of power lines, or some rooftops.

    i was actually outside when it happened, but i didn't see or hear it over the sound of the wind and rain. and i was looking for my cat, and having visions of her swept off to oz (or worse). yes, i know that was a retarded move. yes, i know tornadoes are dangerous. shut up. it's my cat.

    she's fine, btw.

    and of course, for the plug.

    have set a goal for each page: one panel i can be completely proud of. have come to accept that i will eventually retroactively (and occasionally immediately) hate everything i've ever done, but i'm learning to be satisfied if i can get one thing really good.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    cheers andre
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    In one night Ive managed to fuck up relations with most of my friends. so yeah.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    @sgrsickness: how the hell did you manage that?
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    The move is done. I have landed on Europa.

    Cangratulations to the birthday people (36 seems like a nice number so far, Oddcult), sympathies to all who are going through rough a time. You're all lovely folks.

    Back to unpacking boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.

    Hope this finds you well.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    @remotepush - hope you enjoyed the gig, thanks for coming! Sorry not to have met you properly, we could have done a Whitechapel SPIT crossover! Next time. For the record, I'd have loved to buy you a drink mate.

    @Brittanica - VERY nice to see you again! Your story about VKlaus warmed the cockles of my heart.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    Good afternoon people!!

    firstly Happy birthday (yesterday) Oddcult!

    Also welcome back Brittanica. Good to have you in the fold again.

    I've just woken up after going out last on Halloween party duty. Took Sigga to see the "The evil dead" at my local cinema. We even got free tickets form a woman who said that her friends weren't coming and would we like them instead! Result! Alas Sigga found the film boring! and this is a woman who happily watched Sex and the City 2 and thought it was great.I really need to consider my future divorce options....

    Also went out to see my friend Aðalsteinn play in his noise outfit AMFJ followed by some cheap beer, Grindcore bands and some good old fashioned violence.

    Also found out that i was parodied last night on Iceland's biggest comedy show, Spaugstofan because of that bloody TV ad i did. It's the equivalent of being parodied on Saturday night Live. Woke up this morning to several txts and facebook messages about this. I'm not really sure what to think about this....

    Currently writing a few music reviews. Life is pretty good. Cat is currently chewing on my ankles. Bless.

    Again Congrats to Warren, Paul and the entire Freakangels team on winning their Eagles of death awards.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    Yesterday was my birthday.
    I had a really wonderful day, and I'm still slowly posting things people sent me on my tumblr:
    Impetuous Headlong Rush

    You should go check it out! I got some really awesome stuff!

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes over here as well!
    <3 !!!
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    Went to my sister-in-law's Halloween party last night and am still monumentally hammered; excuse any poor typing, spelling or grammar.

    Am enjoying Toronto now that we're settled into a proper apartment instead of camping on various inlaws' couches. The architecture here is shitty (huge ugly housing project blocks) and amazing (gorgeous brick-and-slate mansions from at least a dozen different periods) in equal parts, have spent much of the last week out on Sherbourne street sketching the heritage houses, and I made a nice preliminary underpainting of that college building on Isabella street just down from the hotel on the corner of Sherbourne. No idea where my camera has gotten to, so it's no pictures this week.