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    The best way to start these things is to get everyone saying hello. So please introduce yourselves in this thread, adding a photo if you've got one (trust me -- the web works much better when people see that there are real people on the other end of a post).

    Obviously, if you've said hello in previous Introduction threads, there's no need to do it again.

    We don't insist on real names here. I find it helps, but, frankly, if you want to be a completely fictional invention of yourself, go right ahead. Hell, I've even known people who have started out fictional and then become their own invention.

    Hello. I'm Warren.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthorMeisterJ
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    Hello, I'm Jasmine P.
    November 1, 2010

    I've posted my journal comic in this week's webcomic thread. I joined the site ages ago then wandered off until today. I also post my scribbles up at deviantart and I talk about movies, comics, and whatnot on twitter if you're so inclined to find me at some of my usual internet haunts.
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    Hey, I am totally into online graphic novels because I don't like paying for paper graphic novels. :)

    I found FREAKANGELS on Tuesday and read the entire thing by Friday morning. I am now emensely jealous of Warren Ellis and want to grow up to be just like him (minus the caffeine addiction and poor immune system)

    I've been hankering for a place to discuss comics, find new stuff, that kinda thing. Somebody over on the forums said I might find that here.

    Me and a Giraffe, ignore the UFO.
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    Been a fan of Freakangels for awhile now, and thought it was about time I joined in the discussion.
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    Hey folks,

    I'm Craig Collins, I live in Glasgow and grew up in Tasmania.

    Been meaning to join for a long time, my wife follows Warren on Twitter and mentioned the webcomics thread so I thought I would jump aboard.


    I'm a small press comic writer, doing mostly weird horror and oddball humour. I've had stuff in Hive, New British Comics, Nib-Lit, every issue so far of Alan Grant's Wasted, and just last month managed to get in the Viz! You can see my continued misfires in comedy comics here: I also did the bizarro-horror comedy comic Roachwell in collaboration with Edinburgh artist Iain Laurie.

    That sounds like a low-rent CV, but I love reading comics, writing comics and working with cool artists. Whom none of the above would be possible without, so kudos to them all.

    I've also got an awesome wife and an awesome wee daughter, and a passably ok day job. Now, that's more than enough outta me.

    Thanks for having me, look forward to joining in the discussion!
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010
    Hi Craig! I'm a huge fan of Roachwell, and something of an Iain Laurie fanboy in general as well (he very kindly drew me as a half gorilla / half vulture one time). Welcome to Whitechapel mate, look forward to your posts.
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    Thanks Texture, cheers for the comment! Indeed, Iain's a powerful artist to be working with. We're cooking up some new stuff that's a bit of an extension of Roachwell, on the way some time soon.

    Actually, I've seen you do your spoken word / poetry thing at Neue Liebe and the Jazz Bar a number of times, I don't know poetry much but it was awesome stuff!!
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2010
    Hey, thanks Craig, much appreciated mate! Look forward to seeing more from you and Iain!
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2010

    I'm Ronald L. McVicar, I self publish some small comics which are mostly of the disparate themes of autobio and bizzaro. My flickr page would provide the best examples of my recent work. flickr page

    I'm married and have resided in Gainesville, Florida most of my life except for a brief stint as a street rat in St. Louis.
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    I'm Ben. Everyone calls me Mouse. This is my first post. Promise to lurk for a while before making too much noise.

    I'm aspiring writer (for screen and short fiction) and indie rock blogger from Indianapolis, living in Los Angeles, going on my seventh year in LA. My day job is entertainment assistant. (Not a sycophant drek merchant. Scout's honor.)

    I'm probably one of two people here who loves American Football. Console games, computer sim games, online shooter games, superhero comics, anime, 30's pulp short fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy novels, geektastic films, and paper-and-dice RPGs have all been the objects of my obsession at one point or another. I'm mostly here for the Grim and Terrible Speculative Fiction Is Coming True infofeed.

    One time (years ago) I scheduled a lunch with Warren for my then-boss, and last year I saw Lenora Claire at a DIY music show in an art gallery. It's as though I've sensually fingered the gaping wound of the internet! Alas, Babylon.

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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    I hope that you are pleased with yourselves. I have the most important exams of my life on Monday (and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdsay) and I have spent the last 3 days reading Freakangels when I should have been revising. If I fail I'll be looking for some kind of compensation...signed artwork will do ;-)

    Otherwise I'm Tupelo, from London (studying in Whitechapel actually). A voracious reader with absolutely no artistic talent, but hoping to one day pick up a pen and start writing.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Hello, me Tony!!!

    Not read Freakangels (yet) - big fan of transmetropolitan, the authority & planetary.

    No pic yet - honestly you'd thank me if you knew what I looked like! So you all owe me already.

    Until July worked as a Games Environment artist, but have now been replaced by a hamster with a crayon tied to its tail - damn hamster is way more talented than me.
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    Hi everyone, Paul/ in Hackney for the past two years since moving from Whitechapel/Aldgate. Looking to link up with likeminded people. Health ain't the best at present so what I can when I can. Be lucky. Peace.
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    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2010
    im zena warrior princess lover of all cartoons, and comics as long as they are funny!

    Here's hoping warren ellis never stops¬
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    Hello, I'm Bevis Musson and yes that is my real name. You might recognise me on previous incarnations of boards set up by Mr Ellis. Usually I joined late. This is par for the course then...

    I do some comics, most recently The Dead Queen Detectives which.... well, the title is pretty self explanatory really. I'm also working on a romantic comedy for AiT/PlanetLar and busily doing submissions since I got made redundant a couple of months back. You can see some of my drawings and suchlike on my DA account here. Mostly I am being a house-husband and parent to our 3 year old though.

    Here is I.

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    Hi, I’m Luis; I live in Guadalajara, Mexico, I’m a writer, mostly of horror fiction, Traditional Witchcraft/Paganism, and more often than not, Lovecraft mythos. I’ve visited here often, since I’ve read Warren from LJ for quite a while, but I joined in to dip my hands into the Steampunk Batman thread. I sometimes post essays, rants and 2012-mocking LOLcats (please forgive me, o Internet Jesus) at my Livejournal.

    Abbadie & Cthulhu

    I also have some HPL-related stuff at Ars Necronomica, several pieces on witchcraft (in Spanish) at El Grimorio de Black John, a few books, and a very dated personal site which I never update. You can also look me up as Luis G. Abbadie in Facebook if you want to see me being nonsensical. I used to write and illustrate my own series (Espectro & Lemurea, whom mostly nobody remembers which is probably for the best) for a local mag, Minerva Comics, years ago when my enthusiasm was far greater than my skill. I keep intending to get a Deviant Art page but seem to be too lazy, and I never get to it, what with desperately job-hunting, writing, and doing dad-stuff with my seven-year-old Aleister.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    Real names...
    What is "real"?

    Is my "real" name the one i was born with, or the one that appears on my work and friends & family use when they want me? -3- (pronounced "Three") feels like my real name to me. It's part of my secret campaign to stay one of the world's most unknown artists. Even if you find one thing i worked on, good luck searching from there. Or even clicking on links of my name. (See La Muse at, for example)
    And good luck with search engines. Even if there weren't three bazillion other 3's embedded in web pages around the net, that hyphen before the numeral acts as a minus sign, telling most searchers to ignore the 3. Good for keeping my privacy here in my hermit cave, but maybe not the best call when artists tend to rely on visibility to keep working.

    I used to have more name, but i kept dropping bits and pieces of it back in the 90s, and i was just too damn lazy to go back and get them. I think during my time working as an artist & animator in computer games back in the 80s & 90s, my name went through about five or six permutations before devolving to the current label, which has stuck since '97 or so.

    I'm afraid i don't have a real photograph, either. But this drawing is pretty accurate, excepting the palid skin tones:

    As one might suspect from all of that, i have some strong anti-social hermit tendencies. But i'm trying to emerge from the cave a bit. So - here i am.

    Not surprisingly, with all that time alone in the cave, i like to read books & comics, and watch lots of movies - from all over the place. But i do have a special fondness for Hong Kong spooky comedies, and my favorite actor (now sadly deceased) is Lam Ching-Ying. I'm more science fiction than fantasy - more philosophy than mystery, but i'm always willing to look at new things and see what they've got.

    I much enjoy cooking, perhaps a side-effect of much enjoying eating. And i sit on my ass drawing all day. Amazingly, i'm only packing a few inches extra on the waist. I pretty damn tall, and hit my full height at 13 - so that mutant feeling comes natural. Though i think i may have started growing again - my head seems to be moving up past my hair...

    On the art side - some games i worked on include Wasteland, Neuromancer, The Lord Of The Rings, RoboCop Vs. Terminator and Star Trek: Starfleet Command. Graphic novels include A Drug War Carol, The Probability Broach, La Muse and Phoebus Krumm.

    Currently i'm developing a graphic novel to sell, and launching a webcomic called experiMental Theatre. But i should probably be looking for a paying gig, huh?
    That seems to be a little too clever for me.

    Oh, and Luis just above reminds me - i kind of like C'thulhu, too. Or maybe it's just the tentacles?
    • CommentAuthorjdaysy
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2010
    Hi I'm Jen. Apologies for the delay in introduction - last I wrote one I agonized for so long I got logged off. No agonizing today! I've had too many posts now to not have an intro, I think.

    I live in Fort Worth, TX. I work in marketing/web analytics (yes, yes: boo, hiss). I am new to comics (last couple years) but have been reading stuff in the Warren Ellis corner of the internet for way more years than that. I'm an avid reader in general - a "word junkie" some have said. Other than that, I enjoy cooking and food science/history.

    I don't have many pictures of myself, but this fuzzy cell phone one from last night seems fairly passable so that you can get the sense I exist:


    I can also be found on Twitter, tumblr, and -gasp- even Facebook.
    • CommentAuthorDC
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2010
    In the past months I’ve been lurking way more than I've talked so now it's time for a reintroduction. I'll try to participate more, I promise.
    Hi, my name is Diogo Campos and I’m from Portugal. I’m in the last year of Industrial Management and Engineering and I still have no idea what I’m going to do. Having an unhealthy addiction to comics, movies and literature, I ended up writing about comics creators for a Portuguese comics festival and also my own short comics.

    This is my blog and this is a photo of me from many years ago (haven’t changed that much).