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    Trying to get this back on a monthly basis.

    You do a webcomic? Tell me about it here. Not more than one or two images, please, or else the thread takes forever to load. Don't forget the bloody link.

    Relax. There are only 9000 members of Whitechapel, plus god knows how many drop-ins who aren't registered members. Only around 2500 people per day visit Whitechapel on average. Except when it's busy, or when I run links from

    And they all want to read webcomics.

    NOTE: this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. We've done that before. Boring.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010
    As always, thanks for putting up this thread, Warren. Not just for the chance to shamelessly self-promote, but because I've found some excellent webcomics via this thread.

    So, hello again everyone. My name is Scott Springer and I do a webcomic called Angry Faerie , which I describe as "tinkerbell meets Dragonball (not Dragonball Z mind you). It updates every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and I just crossed the 100 strips mark a little over a week ago.

    The current storyline involves Angry Faerie trying to prove her mother is not the so-called Murder Faerie. This has led her to meet up with her brother, Artus, and her former best friend Brinda. Brinda has, with Artus's help, created a clone of Angry Faerie much to Angry Faerie's chagrin. At first it seems the clone could be the Murder Faerie, but well... that doesn't seem to be the case after all.

    Angry Faerie

    Angry Faerie
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2010


    It is a romance/adventure strip written by myself and illustrated by Chris G. Updates every 2-5 weeks on the network of webs. Suitable for all ages :D

    Here is a ultra-convenient blog post containing everything so far. Plz catch up on it!

    This episode is my personal favorite (no it isn't). Click to en-largenate

    Sometimes it gets colored!

    Thanks for your time and buy a shirt!
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    The Cattle Raid of Cooley, my Iron Age Irish epic, will reach its 100th page on Wednesday. Here's page 99:

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 99
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    Warren, thanks again for the thread

    Reservoir dogs is moving forward, week after week...

      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
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    Bong Otter
    A "weekly" collaborative comic by my friend Brandon Huigens and myself. Read more here.

    Edited to add: Thanks for doing this again, Warren. I always feel like a dolt spamming up the board with threads about my stuff.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    As others said already, thanks very much for this thread Warren. I have also found some amazing stuff through these threads.

    Part 1 of Will Couper and Morag Lewis' supernatural adverture manga KINK WALKER is still up on Weaponizer - part two will be following very soon.

    Kink Walker - Part 1
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    Webcomics week is the most splendiferous week of all! Thanks, Warren.

    Here's what's on my plate at the moment:

    Invisible, Inc. (superpowers/conspiracy) -- A reporter discovers supervillains took over the world a long time ago.
    Invisible Inc by Bankshot

    Reaping Profit (dark comedy) -- The world's greatest salesman convinces Death to take a vacation while he handles her duties as Grim Reaper, but literally runs afoul of Fate pursuing the woman he loves.
    Reaping Profit by Bankshot
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    Al'Rashad is something written by me and illustrated by the stupidly talented Davinder Brar before somebody (probably Warren) realizes how good he is and starts paying him to do what he's currently doing for free. Right now we're doing a page a week; the first "issue" (chapter, section, whatever) is very nearly finished.

    • CommentAuthorMeisterJ
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    I decided to document my life as a journal comic this past summer for 100 days, the comic updates Monday-Friday and when I remember and have the time I talk about the webcomics in my side bar on the weekends.

    100 Days Journal Comic

    Here's the page I posted Monday, November 1
    I was so damn giddy over this new mp3 player, I still am.

    From October 22

    ~Cooking, cooking, cooking~
    Thanks Warren :)
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    Hey, Gang -

    Some of you might remember the Hero Happy Hour comic book, created by myself and Chris Fason? Now, the gang from the Hideout Bar & Grill are back as an all-new webcomic. Updates are every Tuesday and Thursday, with a bonus "sideshow" comic called Double-Shot & Chaser every Wednesday. We kicked off about six weeks ago, so now is a perfect time to belly-up to the bar and catch up. The current arc features art by Grant Perkins, and the Double-Shot & Chaser strip features Fason. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Check out Hero Happy Hour at

    Posted below is page one...
    Hero Happy Hour - Page 1
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    I do a comic called Hope For The Future over at It's about magic, conspiracies, and the encroaching apocalypse, although sometimes, not much actually happens, as on this page:

    The Bottle Page 8
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    My comic is called Beardfluff and it’s basically surreal observational comedy. It’s not quite a journal comic but sometimes the main characters are caricatures of my and people I’ve met. And it features facial hair, so it’s all good.
    History fail
    • CommentAuthorJEFFSJ
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    Jonny Subconscious. Here or here. New strip every Monday.
    • CommentAuthorMattSowers
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    Hey there,

    I saw Warren's post about this on Twitter, and figured, what the hell.

    Take a look at Code Name: Hunter It's a weekly (updating Mondays) comic book/graphic novel. There's already over 300 pages publicly available (with another year or so in the buffer).

    (Cover of the current issue:)
    Code Name: Hunter - Issue 9 - Cover

    And an interior page:
    Code Name: Hunter - Issue 9 - Page  4

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    Many thanks, Mr Ellis!

    The high concept pitch for my series, Omnitarium, is Charles Dickens' Assault on Precinct 13.

    A period horror, it tells of the capture and execution of a mass-murder in the 18th century. Nearly one hundred years later, as a group of guests arrive at the mysterious Pentansley Gaol, something is trying to cross over from the afterlife to our world.

    Told in four chapters, the series already has the entire first chapter up, and most of the second one is there. Written by myself, it contains art by J.C. Grande, and lettering by Bernie Lee.

    Click here to go to the website.

    A page from the series
    • CommentAuthorgreglmercer
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010 edited

    Crash On Planet Infinity!! is done by myself and my internet pal John Abbott. It's a humor webcomic updated Mondays, based around our mutual love of shlocky 50's and 60's spacefare sci-fi films. The gist is that the U.S.S. STARFUCKER crash-landed on Planet Infinity, an uninhabited (maybe) planet unknown to the rest of the galaxy. Four survivors, conveniently color-coded, try their damndest to survive.

    We just started a few months ago! Please be gentle.

    Comic 3 - The Most Narrated Game

    Also my name is Greg L. Mercer, new to Whitechapel in general, but a big fan of Warren's work. Nice to meet you all.
    • CommentAuthoriSteef
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    Hi everybody, here is a link to my (not so) weekly webcomic: click

    You have to move youre mouse over the pictures in order to get the full comic. It has Gnomes.

    My (not so) Weekly Comic

    My (not so) Weekly Comic
      CommentAuthorDan Goldman
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    I do RED LIGHT PROPERTIES all myself; it's about a small real estate office on Miami Beach that specializes in "previously-haunted homes" they exorcise and list for victims of foreclosure. The family-run firm is headed up by Jude Tobin, a schlubby shaman who uses massive amounts of hallucinogens on a daily basis to enter the spirit world to convince the ghosts to leave the premises, and his (recently) ex-wife Cecilia Matos-Tobin.

    I've already finished the first novel-length (200pgs) volume of the series this year, which was serialized on Tor's site (and yes, it's still up there for free)... but the story doesn't end there.

    After dealing with either too many or too few people in the mix working with Tor, I've decided to move the series to its all-new RLP site with new weekly stories coming every Tuesday starting November 16th. The first OGN will join the new stuff (in multiple languages) after New Year.

    In the meantime, plug into any one of these feeds to stay in touch while I roll up to the relaunch:

    ---love---> d!
    Dan Goldman
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    I do a web-comic called Adrastus. It updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and is an ongoing story comic about a girl named Sarah Bryant and a giant robot named Adrastus. The comic's been going since April and we're coming up on 80 pages in the archive.

    Chapter 3 cover

    Page 78

    Thanks to anyone who stops by to check it out!

    EDIT: Oops! Forgot the link! Click here to go to the Adrastus site!