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    The year is 1998 and New York is under 80 feet of water. Captain Arthur Gram and the crew of the F. Scott Fitzgerald have come to the city in search of the mythical
    Koi of Hungwa, an artifact rumored to be the key to the ultimate weapon, a machine powerful enough to create a tidal wave the size of the Himalayas, or an Earthquake strong enough to leave a crater as big as the Grand Canyon. Captain Gram and his crew must find this weapon before it falls into the wrong hands. However, they are not alone in their quest. Gram’s arch nemesis, the rich and flashy Alexander Grealish has also come to the city, and brought with him a crew of deadly thugs known only as the Yul Brynners. They too are in search of the Koi and will stop at nothing to get it.

    The New York City of Atlantic Ghost Empire (A.G.E.) is a dangerous and violent place. The Gallo Clan, once the most powerful family in the city has split into two warring factions. El Gallo and his clan of Hasidic Samurai control ‘Midtown’ while Jimmy Mack and his army of warriors control ‘Downtown.’ Gram must fight his way through a civil war in order to find his prize. And what about the mysterious Squid people who live below the waves and terrorize the citizens of New York? It seems they too have an agenda, one that threatens the life of anyone who dares to stand in their way. If Captain Gram wants to find the Koi and save the world, he has his work cut out for him.

    How do you save the world? One step at a time.

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    THE SECRET KNOTS is still adding new tales of artists and other strange and solitary people.

    The Secret Knots

    Thanks everybody.
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    Hey there, My name is Cheese Hasselberger and I have been running the print books, House of Twelve for about a decade. Earlier this year we launched a new anthology series through Comixology's Comics app. for your iDevice (or now through the web). Each bi-monthly issues features an array of international indie-comics creators stretching their wings into the digital format, using the unique story-telling possibilities of the app's 'Guided View' technology to it's full potential. Contributors include: Fred Noland, Nick Jeffrey, Sam Henderson, Miss Lasko-Gross, Darryl Ayo, Dave McKenna, Kate Laour, K. Thor Jensen, Cheese Hasselberger and Rafer Roberts.

    The first two issues of House of Twelve Monthly are available now, the third in about two-three weeks.

    Here are some samples from the last exciting issue.

    Cover by Cheese Hasselberger

    by Kate Lacour

    by Miss Lasko-Gross

    by Dave McKenna

    House of Twelve is available for $1.99 from Comics! by Comixology for your iDevice or through the web. Mature rated.

    If you are in New York I also host the New York Comic Jams, which for nine years have been gathering comic artists together, getting them drunk, and forcing them to draw together. The next one is this week: Thursday, November 4th at 7 pm — Jack Demsey's Pub, 36 west 33rd street, downstairs. All are welcome. Check out the above link for more info.
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    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    Hi, Warren & folks of Freakangels. My name is Dean Stahl and I create a webcomic called Headlocks and Headaches. It's based on mid- to late '80's era pro-wrestling. I try to keep it fun and wild in scope. I also try to keep to a Thursday only release schedule.

    Latest strip
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    Some great stuff here. I'm going to drag out seamonster again for a plug. It's a complete 130 page story about... some weird guy? I can't remember. I made it, anyway.
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    Wow, great stuff again. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

    For those that haven't seen it...check out:


    We are most of the way through issue two. I expect December or January for the next issue. We publish as money allows and as speedily as possible given the fact we all have day jobs.
    • CommentAuthorpkeiselt
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    There's some really neat stuff here! Thank you to Warren and everyone for sharing.
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    Hello - thanks for the thread, Warren.

    Roachwell is a webcomic written by me with art by Iain Laurie. It's sort of a surreal comedy horror done in an episodic format, and was brought to a viking funeral conclusion a few months ago.

    You can read the lot at Here's a wee taste:

    RoachWell 17 Maniac Cop Rehabilitation Program

    The final strip makes very little sense if you've not read the previous ones. It's pretty experimental, with encrypted dialogue, Gaelic romance and pop-star aggression. Roachwell has been featured in Hive, Yuck! and New British Comics where it was also translated into Polish. Apologies for the format and click-to-embiggen requirement. Hope you like it.

    You can also see a whole bunch of my other one-off comics here at:, mostly oddball comedy. One of the best aspects of doing this sort of comics is the excellent underground comics artists I get to collaborate with, most from Glasgow / Edinburgh and also further afield. Check them out!

    Spectrum Is Red CCollins Oct2010

    Thanks all.
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    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    This is my comic, Nunchaku Man. It's about a comic book artist who meets a living, breathing Nuchaku Man.

    Ian Hales

    P.S. And thank you, Mr. Ellis.

    Part of a Balanced Breakfast!

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    Long time to chat, guys. Did you know I keep getting traffic from the thread from back in May?

    The comic is named Yes You Can! It's an action comedy in fantasy setting. Our hero, Cherry Berry, is the daughter of the world's most feared and reviled witch. Can she find her own way in the world without getting lost in the shadow of her mother?

    Here's today's page.

    I can only pee if you can't see!

    Website here. There's different content depending upon the day, but the comic runs Monday and Wednesdays. Hope to see you all there.

    Thanks for the soapbox, Warren Ellis.
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    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010

    A comic I do with my friends about a house we lived at. Not completely garbage, promise.
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    We do an all ages comic called Think Weasel!. It's about a Weasel and his Mrs and their adventures at home and work. We just passed our 300th comic and we hope you'll come by and check us out!

    This is a hand drawn comic with shading done on a Cintiq. It's occasionally in color. We update Tu and Th.

    Think Weasel! Painting Weasels
    • CommentAuthorSeno
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010
    Greetings again Whitechapel,

    Please head over and check out OFF CAMPUS, a thrice weekly drama serial along the lines of an American television sitcom. With swear words.

    Today's OFF CAMPUS

    Cyrus Mortazavi
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010
    First, a great big hearty thanks to Warren for letting us show our stuff here. Second, I feel almost like I shouldn't get to post, since I'm not the most vocal Whitechapel member. I tend not to have much to add to most discussions, plus I'm kind of shy and I usually forget to check in on threads even when I do post to them. But I'm still going to put my links up, because I have no shame.

    Also, I have more than one webcomic on my site, two of them finished and one of them recently started. If I'm breaking some kind of rule by posting multiples or links to completed comics, let me know and I'll edit this down appropriately. Ok, so:

    Among the Silver Stars is one of the completed ones. It's 54 pages and features a man who, from the ages of 8-12, was taken to another galaxy by a mysterious group of alien scientists who would age him to maturity, give him superpowers and send him out to adventure on their behalf. After each adventure, he was returned to normal and sent home. The story is about what happened to him once it all stopped and he had to grow up without the one thing that made his life bearable, and what happens once they finally bring him back, years after he'd finally gotten over it. Drawn by Ariel Iacci.

    The Twilight of Magic is a completed 8-page comic about the death of the last wizard in an age of high technology and the legacy he leaves behind. Drawn by Ozzie Rodriguez.

    Agents of the Round Table is an ongoing new comic that updates in 6-8 page chapters every two months. The first chapter is up now and the next is due some time in December. It features the two agents and their quest through Nazi-occupied America to retrieve the stolen Excalibur, thereby saving the life of the King and preserving Arthur's global Pax Britannia. Also drawn by Ozzie Rodriguez.

    And that's my contribution to Webcomics Week. Hope you all enjoy, but even if you don't, please let me know what you think.


    -Chris Wichtendahl
    • CommentAuthorAlotron
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010
    What-ho! Better late than never I suppose... I do the weekly curio that is Faraday the Blob:

    Magic Eye O_o

    There are some amazing comics in this thread, folks - keep it up you talented gits!
    • CommentAuthorgrimm773
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010
    This is a very, very cool thread. Definitely some great stuff. Here's ours:

    The Sisters Grimm is a sci-fi rock opera that follows the misadventures of a punk band set against the backdrop of a Martian revolution. Written by Dave Pauwels and drawn, inked and colored by Nicolas R. Giacondino, The Sisters Grimm takes place on a colonized Mars in the year 2339.

    24th-century Mars is a planet in the midst of political turmoil with civil war looming. Mining strikes and ice riots have caused the corporate-government authorities to tighten their control on Mars’ dwindling resources. Various revolutionary groups, such as the Martian Liberation Front, answer by launching attacks against the monolithic Combine Security Forces. Mars is a powder keg waiting for a spark, a spark that will ignite the entire planet…

    Enter the Sisters Grimm - a struggling band with no particular political views or interests; the Sisters inadvertently become symbols of the Free Mars movement. The band is composed of front-woman, guitarist and song-writer, Vikki Grimm; Taryn Vexx, the band’s haughty bass player and scion of one of Mars’ oldest aristocratic families; and Samantha Darkness, frenetic drummer and some-time exotic dancer when the band can’t score a gig.

    The Sisters Grimm
    • CommentAuthordonboody
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010

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    I do a couple of webcomics at I write Orion the Hunter and write and draw Belter. Here are the latest episodes.

    Orion the Hunter Episode 45

    Belter Episode 7
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    I'm not going to lie... to be perfectly honest I have no clue where this web-comic is going. But, it exists so I am posting it to share with the world. I've just finished two more installments that will be put up next week.