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    Phew, just made it. Better late than never I guess.

    And my addition to the list is Cuckoos Wear Black. The story of Richard and Julie. Thriller, drama, suspense - hey I'm no good at these classifications but it's here.

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    Cuckoos Wear Black
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    Little late to the party on this one...but...

    I write a comic called Spy6teen, which was a former Zuda contestant that we decided to relaunch under our own power-- particularly in light of the fact that Zuda no longer exists.

    It's a fairly mainstream/pop comic about a high school girl who moonlights as a super-spy. Tonally, it's a bit of a love letter to the early 2000's comics that got me back into reading: Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible, and Warren's work on Planetary/Authority-- (although, I consider us an "all-ages" book, so not quite as violent as The Authority...)

    We're only 16 pages in thus far, but we're formatted as a print comic-- so, 6 weeks from wrapping our first issue. I'll be looking at wrapping 'er up into a fancy "digital comic" once we're done.

    I think we're one of the few "full team" webcomics around-- with (in my opinion) a really solid creative team. Our artist is a fellow from Hawaii named DJ Keawekane , who has done some indie work for a comic called Pono Loa. We're colored by Lisa Moore, who flats for Marvel, and lettered by Brant Fowler of Comic Related fame...(ok, maybe not fame...)-- Rounding out our cast is DJ Kirkbride, who was one of the editors for Image's Popgun anthology.

    Oh, and I'm the guy that runs the Comic Book Script, even if you hate the writing, at least you know my scripts are formatted nicely.

    We're all honestly having a blast making this comic-- I hope that enjoyment shows in the reading!

    Here's two pages:
    Page 1--
    Page 1

    Page 15--
    page 15

    Pages update on Monday-- and I do a rambling blog on Thursday...Thanks very much for taking a look!
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    Hello fellow procrastinators,

    I present to you a webcomic with...

    A dry, ironic, urban sophisticate; a cheery and spacey party-girl; a child prodigy no more than ten... and they're the bad guys. Villainy follows their exploits as they battle superheroes, mingle with high society...

    ...and try to do it all without disappointing their superiors.

    It's penned by my good friend R. Lex Eaton, and I (Amy Bernstein) illustrate it. The comic hasn't debuted yet, as we're still building our buffer, but we're expected to have it up and on a once-a-week update schedule before the end of the month at . I recommend keeping an eye on the Twitter, as updates and progress will be announced there.

    You lucky fellows get a preview of what's to come.

    Image Hosted by

    Many thanks, Mr. Ellis, for giving us this opportunity!
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    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010
    A short story called dxRe8 dxRe8
    Thank you for the space.
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    Hello, I'm Rick Griffin and make a little gag-a-day comic about animals who do things animals usually don't do like talking, using complex tools, making puns and behaving like teens at times.

    So if you like this (and can stand protagonists more quirkily hued than anyone in Garfield) you might want to take a look at Housepets!.

    And thanks, Mr. Ellis!
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    HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling follows rookie grappler Dick the Bastard as he learns the ropes from embittered former Galactic Champion, Mad Doc Crockett. Wrestling's status as the most popular bloodsport in the 31st century has turned the prison system into a factory designed to pump out new talent, and if Dick the Bastard wants to get himself out of the slammer and into the big leagues, he and Doc are going to have to crack a lot of skulls.

    Vaguely interesting side note: I changed the size and resolution of the strips around page 70 and haven't gotten around to resizing most of the old stuff yet, which is why #55 is noticeably larger than #81. EXCITING STUFF.

    HEAT 55: Special Man-Pain, in which Dick the Bastard and Ron "The Con" Gould battle Los Gordinflones Negros in tag team action.
    HEAT 55: Special Man Pain

    HEAT 81: (Un)Lucky 13, in which Dick the Bastard, adopting the gimmick of Richard the Lionheart, makes his first appearance in Galactic Wrestling
    HEAT 81: (Un)Lucky 13

    Thanks for taking a look, and thanks to Mr. Ellis for the opportunity for shameless self-promotion!
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010

    I just wanted to tell you that I just read World of Hurt in one sitting. I couldn't stop reading it and marveling over it. Exceptional work.
    • CommentAuthorLaburrini
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Hey ho!

    Life Ain't No Pony Farm is the name of my little webcomic.

    It's a semi- autobiographical, but absurd comic strip about a cartoonist living together with an elephant, a mushroom and a pony.
    I'm updating Mondays&Thursdays in English&German. Right now, there are some very cool guest strips.
    Thanks, Mr. Ellis!

    A 3D Experience
    Logic Police
    • CommentAuthorRobOfWar
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    W-w-w-way late to this party, but all the cool kids usually are. Right? Right. The Unstoppable Force is a mix between print/web about some of history's greatest banding together, outside of their own time periods, to become super heroes. We're working on our first mini-series now. Check it out!

    The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1 p13

    The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1 p14
    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Fractal Friction is a collaborative webcomic about Jamie, who inadvertently ends up helping to save the multiverse. We are now half way through the last arc of the first chapter and just when you thought it was safe to enjoy your gammon and chips...

    This is page 45 from a guest artist, Dan Cornwell:

    Fracual Friction page 45