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    I am of the understanding that some of you never watched Bravestarr as children, and that is why you are terrible people today.

    Bravestarr by Brendan McGinley

    Bravestarr's J.B. by Brendan McGinley

    And playing with cover ideas for Reaping Profit.

    Reaping Profit by Brendan McGinley
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    Heh, my friend Ken was the model for the villain of the show. Filmation was a fun place then. I've scrapped the original idea I had for my JLA piece ...
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    Sweet Jesus, look at all this stuff.

    P.S. Any mention at all of Haunted Tank warms my black heart.
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    I know this thread's ripe for the end-of-month kill in short order, but I figured I'd throw in a couple few quick pieces done with a web program I just stumbled across yesterday:

    (4 of 6) ~1min quick sketch #art starter piece. There's ... on Twitpic~1min

    (6 of 6) ~4min quick sketch #art starter, the only one other ... on Twitpic~4min
    (This is a larger piece than the first one, you'll want to click on it for the actual details, as TwitPic's icon doesn't do it justice.)

    (ETA: I putting this one up via flickr, as I want to give a better look at the detail.)
    Armor chest piece and helmet starter art. ~4min, using a mod of a web app called Harmony.

    As this particular mod of the web app is on someone's personal site, I'm not going to post the link here, as I don't want to cause their site to collapse from traffic. The core program is something called Harmony, which may also possibly what parts of DeviantArt's Muro program is based off of. If someone wants the link to this mod of it, contact me privately, and I'll send you the link.


    That said, I have a suspicion that next month's artist thread will be even better. Well done, Team Whitechapel. Well done.
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    Long Live The...
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    Welp, here it is: my last-ditch hope at getting even CLOSE to the semi-finals of the Gorillaz Evangelist contest. If you are so inclined, please Vote For Her; if not, please vote for ANY design that is remotely of quality, as I must candidly admit that some real tripe got into the semi-finals last week. I suspect some persons may or may not have rigged the system.

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    @Seantaclaus - What an ace app! - here you go 3 mins of aimless scribbling,-
    Harmony Elf thing

    It just needs an undo button or releasing a photoshop plug-in and this would be Mega!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010
    In case anyone's interested, you can see my entry to the Gorillaz "Draw the Evangelist" contest. It's kind of cool to watch it draw itself.
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    @stsparky -- Tell your friend Ken he can have as many beers or a Tex Hex sketches from me as he wants.
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    @staticgirl- thank you so much :)
    @BattGuano - cheers! Yes, the PIAT was a sort of steam punk weapon I guess, eh? Never thought of that, but it totally is. Spring-loaded bomb launcher. My Pop told me that when he was trained on a PIAT for WW2, that it was "quite a bear" to cock and load (225 lb spring), heavy and awkward to fire. If anyone ever got more than one round fired off in battle they were considered a war hero ;) You had to get so close (30 meters, minimum) to the Panzers in order for the round to penetrate the armour, and there was always the possibility the round would be a dud (and then Panzer would turn and annihilate the whole unit) ;)
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    @Rooth - at least it was marginally better than the "glass bulb full of nitro" sticky bomb.

    @Seantaclaus - had another fiddle with harmony, this damn near drew itself-

    mozzie thing drawn with harmony app
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    @BattGuano - Yeah, it's a pretty impressive little web app. I'm going to fire the link off to NeilFord and see what he can make it do...

    (Click for much larger version if you want a closer look at the detail.)

    Fantasy melee weapons, a little over 5min in total, if that, using Harmony.
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    Think we all had a shot of this earlier in the year, it seems better though. Not sure if it's been improved or just because I have more RAM now - it felt a lot smoother. Still bloody hard to control!

    Those axes look cool, dunno how you kept them tight, i could hardly make it stay on screen. :)

    Harmony 2
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    that's a fun program. Did these in Harmony after seeing these last few posts.

    Harmony 1 by Kevin Mellon
    Harmony 2 by Kevin Mellon
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    @Neil - thats a quality image, not tried colour yet, the pickers a bit awkward @Seantaclaus - I don't know how you got such clean details, love those axes @KevinMellon - yet another wildly different style and really classy

    I'm easily impressed but I do like this app

    I hope I'm not hogging this thread but I did a few more bits, all a bit random but I think thats why I like it,-

    Harmony sketch - rocket man

    Harmony sketch -nobbly thing with odd legs

    harmony random ship things