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    @mojokingbee Very nice!
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2010
    infernal twins

    Got stuck on a plot point for nanographicmo. So I just drew.

    @easelfish: Thank you. :)
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2010
    Waaah! Gomez makes me want to go back to Spain. (Yes even though that's Madrid in flames, the architecture reminded me of how beautiful it is there.)
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    The Foreigners

    More here
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    I like that Paul, now I need to know the ending.

    Cheers for the comments, I'm sure a 200 page graphic novel would only take me about 12 years to finish.
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010
    Character design for a personal story

    Plus the comicbook resources sketch for last week

    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010
    gzapata, the Calvin - Captain Marvel strip is AWESOME!
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010
    @emonster- haha Thanks it got a lot of attention this week at cbr though apparently talking tawny doesn't look like that. I saw a Jeff Smith pic of a regular tiger on his shazam book so I went with that instead of anything else.
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010 edited
    @thanks a lot Paul for the nice comment! im glad you like it : )

    @kperkins, wow! you have a very good visual memory... yes, that´s one of the gates to the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) of Madrid & its inspired in a famous photograph from 1936. The poster originaly says "They won´t pass!" (¡No pasarán!), but the flames have burned the negative part changing a statement of intent into a fatal historical fact (Pasarán!)

    @gzapata, hahaha! i love the Calvin comic, very funny : )
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    @gzapata nice on the Captain Marvel

    Some Thor action:

    Thor by Kevin Mellon
    • CommentAuthorALE
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010
    @Kevin meant to get back at ya on the Oct thread (thanks for the comment), those sketches are tight man.
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    In October's Artist's Thread I uploaded a couple of Illustrator/Photoshop designs I did for poster concepts for the movie project Freelancers. Since then photos were taken of actress Som (she played the ex-gangster mom character in the Thai action movie Chocolate), who is set to play the lead assassin character in the Freelancers movie. So I've now created this teaser poster design using Som's photo merged with some Photoshopped textures to create a creased-up, weathered background to the poster (I've gone for a bit of a B&W Sin City look)

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    4"x6" miniature that I made about a week after my father's death.

    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010 edited
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    @Ken miller Nice work!
    @NeilFord I love your line work
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    @Kevin and Pupato- thanks

    @Kevin- love the thor. I'm glad the new costume has caught on. I love updates of costumes but rarely do they stick around or become the standard. While Kirby did a great job I'd been wanting an update for quite a while now

    @NeilFord- great job I love how that turned out
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    james warm up sketch

    James warm up sketch. :)
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Nice one, Yskaya, nice and loose.

    Here's a quick look at a style that I'm using for a project that I can't show you guys just yet (and I REALLY want to!), so here's this:
    • CommentAuthorJigsy Q
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Working to tone my colors down a bit. I tend to color very brightly and I'm trying to curb that

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Looks like you're on the right track, Jigsy Q... Nice.