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    I know that this forum is inhabited by many a noise/Industrial loving music brain. Wondering what thoughts were on Genesis P-Orridge breaking up TG again and if anybody had a chance to go to any of their recent shows.

    IMO Gen should have at least stuck it out for the rest of the shows. The guy has had a shitty couple of years but to fly back to New York and quit without warning seems way childish.

    This is TG in Bologna without him

    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010
    Wow. Didn't even know this was happening.

    P-orridge and TG and Psychic TV and TOPY are all things that are more interesting to read about and view from a distance than get involved with, really. Blowing comebacks is sort of traditional in this scene too.

    I think I'd forgotten about it all, or repressed it somehow for the past ten years or so. Might be time for a revisit. No one on the occult or magic(k) scene really even seems to talk about any of it anymore. Weird that I've only just realised that too.
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    TOPY finally changed to AIN a couple of years back, twenty years after P-orridge bailed on it. I think it's run out of California, and is presumably a shadow of its former self.
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    I tend to agree with Sleazy when he says that PTV and TOPY were always very sub-TG in terms of message and methods. IMO they became exactly what they were trying to mock i.e. a Cult of personality. And then P-orridge left and now it is just a cult.

    There first comeback was really in 2004 and they hardly blew it. IMO they are doing great with this one too, proving that GPO is really just unnecessary and they can still make enjoyable noise/music/art without him.

    I tend to not be terribly objective about things I love though. It's a failing of mine.