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    It snowed today. Big, fluffy white flakes, lightly covering the ground. Over coffee I was told there were 3 inches of the stuff piled up, about a half hour north. "Enough to snowmobile on!" someone said, before refilling his tall coffee. With most of the leaves gone, it made the world look frosted; as if winter'd been here a fair bit of time, and we had been nothing but daydreaming fools to conjure up something as frivolous as summer.

    It snowed today. The neighbor's cats curled up on their chair, together, for warmth and comfort, wanting to come back inside their home. I don't understand why their owner doesn't let them inside. They aren't bad cats. Just inside cats, befuddled by the out-of-doors and clinging to what's familiar. They spend much of their time sleeping on the chair outside, and staring at the door. They've been outside for weeks at this point, but still seem fed. At least they seem to know where their property is, and to stay out of the road. No point in calling animal control - the cats look healthy enough and they won't step in for clear cases of abuse, much less for two kitties left outside.

    It snowed today. But you don't say it out-loud, or it will jinx things, make the snow come worse, horrible storms and wind and ice. So you gesture, or you spell it out, unless you're brave. Superstition clings in some areas. Or habit. We all know the winds don't come because you say it. But we try not to say it too much anyway.

    It snowed today and the snow stayed upon the ground most of the morning, before vanishing into the earth, my plants turning yellow with the damp and the cold. The grape vine froze, and I said goodbye to summer.
    • CommentAuthorbumnote
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2010
    it'd be nice to say hello to the bloody thing every year or so

    yours sincerely

    pasty englishman
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    I suppose by now you've earned bonus summers, too.

    "Dear summer, please send me ____days/weeks/months/years of happy sunny weather with ocasional delightfully warm showers".