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    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2011
    @ All:Big respect for opening my ears up to some brilliant tunes i'd probably never gotten to hear if not for this thread.I've got some good memories of great bits of music that happened at raves,gigs,night clubs,festivals,parties etc so i will ponder on it.Excellent.
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    2005: graduated from high school. Found I had a copy of my friend's Queen's greatest hits in my CD book. Got my first car (a red Ford Ranger), and started to taste more freedom than I had ever before. Tried to see if I could get with a friend of mine's sister, thought she could be my first girlfriend, crashed and burned. Then one day, Freddie summed it up all up.

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    Here's my bit of music history...

    sellmeyoursoul loses his virginity.

    As a kid, I had horrible self-esteem. As a result I was highly unsuccessful with girls. It's hard to get someone to date you when you can't imagine why they'd want to. By the time I got to college, I was starting to face some of my personal demons, but that involved a lot of the shit around never having met my dad. So the idea of sex changed from "I want to get laid like all my friends!" to "I don't want babies and shit" which is kind of a mood killer when you're fooling around with a co-ed.

    By junior year, I was also getting fed up with the damn games involved with dating. I'd made the observation that "assholes" have way more luck with women. I'm a science guy and felt that I needed to do an experiment. So a couple of weeks after I'd turned 21, I went to my first party where I could legally show up with a six pack. A friend of mine had an absolutely gorgeous friend who was in the city for the summer and then spending the next semester in Spain. I decided this was the perfect chance to test my theory. She was the sort of girl who would normally have intimidated me into insecure stupidity. I didn't know exactly how to be an "asshole" around women, since I've always tried to be polite and respectful (I was raised by women after all). By accident, I ended up just being confident and ever so slightly disinterested.

    I don't remember who asked whom out, but we made a date. On that date, she made it clear that she was in town for the summer and not interested in "dating" so we were not doing that (and certainly nothing beyond that). Then we started fooling around. She was staying in a dorm without a phone so once or twice a week, she'd call me from a pay phone and we'd get together. Eventually, I spent the night at her place. We were rather heavily petting and it became clear I could totally have sex with this girl. Since I thought it was only because I was being an asshole (i.e. self confident you moron!) I lost all interest. The next time we went out, we ended up back at my place. We got to the point where I was half naked and she was all the way . I stopped and she told me that we could have sex if I wanted too. I told her I'd never done that and wasn't sure I was comfortable doing it then. She then spent the next couple of hours cajoling me. I agreed to have sex with her mostly because it was late and I was tired and had work in the morning. I was so not into it that it lasted a couple of hours and this song went through my head for at least half of it.

    There's more to the story (including probably the most inappropriate thing I've ever said to a woman ever), but you'll probably have to put a couple of drinks in me before I'll share all the gory details.