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    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2008
    smokestack lightnin'

    This was the only complex in my area that was salmon coloured and apparently coal-powered. I don't really know what was in there, but it gave me chills thinking about it. My hometown had two of those, almost exactly the same, only one had a giant R on top and was the only remaining structure from the old factory that had been there, and the other was in Rocky Mountain Labs. The latter was always talked about like they used it to burn old contaminated specimens*mice*. The lab still exists, but they've installed a T4*T3?T2? I can never remember lab classifications, the kind that lets you work with Ebola, and is basically an above-ground submarine environment* and most of the old buildings have been demolished. I fear I may one day hear about my hometown on the news because of an Ebola or Typhoid outbreak.