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    Anyone going to Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds? This is the second year it's run (EDIT: or not apparently!), and all reports say it's a great convention. I didn't go last year, but the organisers I've been talking to this year seem to be really on the ball :) I'll be around signing, sketching, selling copies of Signal and Freakangels, and on a panel about Digital Comics at 10:30. Hope some of you can make it!
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2010
    Am hoping (work allowing) to attend the Saturday convention.

    I've got a copy of signal that needs signing...
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    I'm going to try and make it on the Saturday. Just need to find some people to ferry up, to split the cost of petrol and parking with, so I can afford to drive up.

    @Sneak046 - I'll also be at Novacon this weekend, in the bar (it is in Nottingham this year), hopefully without having to pay to get in, because I'm not interested in the panels.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2010 edited
    @Ginja - DOH - I totally forgot 'bout Novacon! Thanks for reminding me - I think I'll try and blag my way into the bar also..

    When are you going to be in town? It'd be good to catch up over an ale or two.

    ..and I might be in touch about that lift and petrol money divvying ..
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    Heading all the way up from Rome for it! (I normally live in the US, but I'm in Rome for classes.) I also have a day to kill in town beforehand, so any suggestions as to where to meet up/drink is appreciated.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2010

    Depends where you are. If you're in central Leeds (near the Fab Cafe and Millenium Square venues), the Angel off Briggate is the best pub in the centre and it's cheap as chips. Could also try the Whitelocks or the Victoria Hotel. The Angel and Whitelocks are just down from Thornton's Arcade which contains the best comics shop in Leeds, OK Comics!

    If you're in LS6 for the Hyde Park Picture House venue, the Brudenell Social Club is a diamond live music venue although extraordinarily changeable in quality. There aren't that many good pubs that way, although Headingley and all its bars is a hop and a skip away, chock full of tottering fake-tanned pashmina-toting students as it is. If you do end up in Headingley, go straight past all the bars and up the Otley Road to the Arndale Centre, where there is a great little bar called Arcadia, which serves a superb selection of continental beers. There's also Brett's, the best fish and chip shop in Yorkshire (if not England) nearby.

    After all that ... I'm not even going. But hope you have fun!
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    You seem to know Leeds. Any ideas where to park cheaply all day?
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    This is extremely helpful. I'm going out to dinner with a friend of mine near the train station, so I'll try Angel's for that. Thanks! Any suggestions for what to do after 10 p.m. in the city center?h

    (Also, I will probably pop into OK Comics, despite the fact that I'm going to a con the next day.)
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    I'll be there! 3rd visit out of the 4 years it's run. Just a really great Con, even just for a wander around.
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    Saturday night for meetups/drinking sound amenable?
    • CommentAuthorBevis
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2010
    I'm going to be there. I only live in Manchester so I'm getting the train across in the morning and staying overnight so I can have a beverage or thirty. I've not got a table or anything but will have some copies of The Dead Queen Detectives to sell, but mostly I shall just be seeing friends and finding new stuff. It was a great time last year and sounds like it's just getting bigger and better this year.
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    Argghhh! I've been every year ... but not this one because in my infinite wisdom I picked these months to go 'on the road'. I can't believe I'm missing Paul Duffield ...

    But yes it is a *great* convention, albeit located across the river from the city centre.

    @Ginja: you can park at the University on Woodhouse Lane all day for a fiver. Its then a fair trek through town to the con centre but you could end up paying over the odds elsewhere.

    And yes, the Brudenell, diamond it is indeed.
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2010
    A combination of work on Saturday, and endemic lack of funds means I'm gonna be missing out again this year...

    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2010
    I'll be there!! And I do believe I'm on a table next to you, Paul. wooooot! *hug*
    It's a fabulous event and I'll have copies of Dragon Heir: Reborn there too :)
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2010
    Hello @Ginja. I've never had to park a car in Leeds (lived there as an impoverished student innit) but I believe there's parking by the Kirkgate market in the city centre. Don't know how cheap it might be, though.

    @ebullientsoul I would say Hifi or Wire are the two safe bets in terms of clubs. If you fancy just a bar, Nation of Shopkeepers is good fun if posey. Sandinista used to be quite good but can be quite hard to find. On that subject, if you're planning to visit the Angel, it is really hard to find even if you're looking for it. It's down a wee alley by the Fat Face shop.
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    I don't think I'll be there either. But if any of you see the Verityfair/Factor Fiction/Girly Comic stall do take a look at their stuff.
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    Con was great. No exaggeration. I went to three panels and learned lots from each of them.

    Phonogram dance party, however, was the highlight of the day/24 hour span, between dancing, talking to random people who said hello who are now friends and high five-ing Kieron Gillen for NaNaNaNa. Oh: Best purchase was Signal. I didn't know I needed it and was initially disappointed (less than 20 pages?), but the intricate layout and vivid colors made up for it.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I ended up falling asleep on Thursday night after getting in at no joke, 3 a.m., (thanks Jet2!). Even though I'll be in the US for the foreseeable future, it's hard for me to think of missing Thought Bubble 2011.