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    I have never really been into horror movies. I really dug 'The Orphanage' that came out awhile back but generally I've never really understood their appeal.

    However I just saw an Aussie movie tonight called 'The Loved Ones'. There is some twisted disturbed shit in that film and me and my mate found ourselves laughing at the whole 'What the F...' of it all as we turned our heads from the screen in disgust. It was a great.

    So was wondering if anyone here can recommend any decent horror pics? Either horror movies that defy conventions or are a fantastic example of the conventions properly executed.
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    That's a rather broad question and leave a lot of room up for the matter of individual tastes and preferences. As you might guess,there is a world of difference in story-telling sensibilities between something like 'The Orphanage' and a slasher movie like the 'Saw' franchise. (FWIW, I love the Orphanage and can't stand most slasher flicks...)

    If you liked the Orphanage, I'd probably recommend Guillermo del Toro's "The Devil's Backbone" as something that would be good to move onto. It's nicely atmospheric and blends the lines between drama and horror quite well.

    For something a bit more frenetic, you might look up the Spanish zombie flick [REC]. It's a first person POV, fast zombie movie...but it runs like a roller coaster in terms of pacing and energy. Not terribly subtle, but it earns its jump scares and has a nice bit of suitably creepy moments.

    Two others to toss out there:
    -'The Host': a Korean giant monster movie. Mixes comedy, acton, and horror with equal measure. Well acted with a good script makes it a very strong and fun watch.
    -'Let the Right One In': the Swedish vampire movie recently remade in the US as 'Let Me In'. Again, strong acting and script are an essential component here. Ignore the remake and stick with the original.
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    I'll second the [REC] recommendation.
    I would also suggest Neil Marshall's The Descent and Kubrick's The Shining.

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    There is some twisted disturbed shit in that film and me and my mate found ourselves laughing at the whole 'What the F...' of it all

    I recommend Evil Dead 2

    (Don't need to see 1 since, 2 is a more unhinged redo of 1)
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    pontypool was a surprisingly creepy film. Almost the entire film is shot in the basement of a church that has been converted to the local radio station of a small town. There's a blizzard that is keeping most people from venturing out. Strange reports begin to filter in to the 3 people that run the radio station. Also, the main character has a voice that is just incredible.
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    The last Horror film I remember *really* enjoying watching was The Devil's Backbone, as mentioned by Manglr
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    Second "THE HOST" Just watched it a couple weeks back and it's very good.
    FUNNY GAMES is horror of a different sort and you might like it.
    Ever see THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE? It's quite good, too.
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    The original Night Of The Living Dead
    Nightmare On Elm Street
    Return Of The Living Dead
    Near Dark
    The Blob (80's remake)
    The Sixth Sense
    The Mist
    Dawn Of The Dead remake
    28 Days Later
    28 Weeks Later
    The Video Dead
    Paranormal Activity
    The Thing (John Carpenter's version)
    From Beyond
    and for sheer awfulness Galaxy Of Terror (it features Erin Moran aka Joanie from Happy Days getting raped to death by a giant maggot)
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    Event Horizon.
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    Shocker. Wes Craven tried to create another franchise as successful as the Nightmare On Elm Street series with this one, but instead gave us unbridled hilarity. Features a young Mitch PIleggi (Deputy Director Skinner from The X-Files) as Horace Pinker, who is totally not the same as Freddy Krueger because he uses the power of electricity rather than the power of dreams to kill people from beyond the grave.
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    I'm disappointed in you, mention NoES and you don't mention Carpenter's Halloween?

    I'd also throw in there Hellraiser.
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    To be honest I thought Halloween was kind of lame. The Thing is Carpenter's best work IMO.

    Yeah, and Hellraiser. It was nice to see Clive Barker getting to direct his own story.
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    For a very shlocky, popcorn horror movie, I'd recommend Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell. It might well serve you as a nice light appetiser before the afformentioned Evil Dead 2.

    If you're in the mood for something a bit more gritty and understated, I'd recommend Shane Meadow's Dead Man's Shoes. It's arguably more of a revenge drama than a straight up horror, but it disturbed the shit out of me. In a good way.

    If you want something that's just raw and fuckin grimy, then the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is worth a look.

    Seconding The Descent, and if you want a comedy take on the same theme, Dog Soldiers is a nice companion piece.
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    Lame? Man, that movie got four stars when it came out. That's a classic right there. (Although I don't disagree with you re: The Thing).


    Dog Soldiers was one of the few Sy-Fy channel monster films I enjoyed.

    I'll also throw out there In the Mouth of Madness for some more Sam Neil horror.
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    I'll second Pontypool as well...(almost had that on my list) want an odd take on a 'zombie' film...that's it.
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    @ manglr & neomen - I know the guy who wrote the novel Pontypool was based on (Tony Burgess, a helluva guy and a helluva writer. I'm also somewhat acquainted with the director, Bruce McDonald). Yeah, it's a good movie.
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    Cannibal Holocaust? I hear that's pretty horrific.
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    Cannibal Holocaust is banned just about everywhere because of the many real animal mutilations and killings featured.
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    Available for rent here in Toronto!
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    available here too!