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    I see here that everyone loves the coloring in this episode. I personally love the sky. Looks like a photo. Wow, Paul, you did fab on this one, mate! I am hoping that the next is a lot more action packed. I just got into this series and I ended up devouring the entire thing in a couple of days... My family (those pesky ingrates!) has no idea what I am talking about now Ha! Poor them.
    I am glad to see the good people of Whitechapel having a fine and glorious morning. They don't even know what is about to happen.. tho neither do we. Looking forward to 0115 now... Friday please get here quick!
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    Kudos to Paul and team--the use of photographic textures in FreakAngels is so beautiful and distinctive it's gotta be groundbreaking, right!? The consistent color pallette is the glue that blends it all into a seamless surrealistic wonderland I want to live in (well, except for the mind-control and flooding and whatnot--but the fresh bread looked nice). Thanks for a visual stunner--can't wait for next week!
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    To respond to people asking about the sky, it's half-a-photograph, half painted. I first made it doing a different illustration, and the photo turned out to be too thin, so I painted parts of the left half in. I reused it here since it was just what the script seemed to be calling for :)
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    @RanRan - not such a reveal, we see Luke blathering on about it during issue 4.
    • CommentAuthorRanRan
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2010
    @Ben Klumaster- Ah, really? I will have to reread if I am forgetting things! Heh, and 'blathering' is the perfect way to describe Luke's mode of speech.
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2010
    Stunning as always ^_^ And awwwww, Arkady and Connor
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2010
    Something's gonna happen . . .