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    Saturday night open mic: a thing for venting. Tell me what you want, tell me what you hate. Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. And, in fact: tell me what art you make, if you make art. Do you write, draw, push pixels, dance, photograph, sew, model, sculpt, weld, sing, hammer, play, design... whatever... tell me what art you make?
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    I do, indeed make art: I teach high school, so I perform on a daily basis. I also like to do tie dye, batik, and take pictures. I used to do origami, but haven't had much time to do it recenlty. I also sing in my local choral society and at home and in my car when no one else is listening.

    I want . . . to be done with grad school and to have the self confidence that I've been hunting for my whole life.
    Day 317-Nostalga!

    I hate . . . some of the people in my life who think they know everything when they're really full of shit.
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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    I'm an aspiring writer and am focused on screenplays right now. I probably have a book in me and I'd love to write comics at some point.

    I finally got the nerve up to post my latest screenplay(Dedicated with as little ass kissing as possible to my main inspirations, Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison) for peer review on a website. I hope this doesn't violate the fiction posting rule because I really don't want the arse eels(and I have no problem with it being deleted if it does).

    Here's the link: Stellectic
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    I'd like to write for any medium that I can gain an understanding of. I've got comic scripts, audio dramas, a novel, and a few short stories being kicked around right now. Some friends have invited me to help them with an online fiction magazine largely inspired by Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, and I'd like to see where that takes me.

    Currently being led around D.C. by an old friend. Excellent day, all told.
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    I'm just recovering from a nasty cold - snot and fever are both ebbing away.

    I'm an artist - for a long time (since finishing my fine art degree back in 92) I worked in assemblage and collage, but in the past 2-3 years I've been working in Letterpress, Lino & Wood cut, and Book Arts/Bookbinding.

    At the moment I'm overflowing with creative ideas - I'm in the middle of a Book Arts project (which I'm also going to make available as a POD book through Lulu or similar) and I've got the germ of an idea for a web comic, which is something I've never done before. My day job leaves me so little time or energy, but I'm determined to do these things.
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    Greetings Whitechapel, I hope you are all doing well

    Arizona might actually become the 15th state to pass medical marijuana in the US. Cool huh?

    As I mentioned in my tumblr, 'I’m not going to celebrate just yet. Not that I would anyway, for me it would be a huge sigh of relief… not a celebration.'

    I hate being trapped in my apartment. I hate how my arms and shoulders hurt all the time now and I hate not being able to sleep. I hate spending most of every day with pain, pus and blood and I miss being that wild desert barbarian that always blew peoples minds. I miss walking from Tempe to Mesa in one afternoon and I miss my job working the docks at Robinson's May. I fucking loved that job.

    However, I love hearing things like... "Oh my god, you were that lannik? Your a legend! Best RP I ever had, hands down." and "Bro, you put things into perspective for me, thank you."

    My struggles have not 'robbed me' as I sometimes feel.
    I have good people in my life, I just have to remember that sometimes.
    That is probably why I hang out here reading and posting with you people when I should be doing my Nanowrimo... Doh!
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    why the hell did I agree to duplicate tapes real-time and hollow-out olde books to house them in? aarrgghh.
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    And I just refreshed the page, losing what I'd typed.


    This week has been pretty rough for me. My grandmother died on Wednesday after being pretty sick for a few years. While I did know she wasn't in the best of health, I had thought she was gonna live at least a few more years. That said, my siblings have been a pretty great support system.

    I also just started a new job, which I have some reservations about. I'm starting as a part-time seasonal sales associate with the idea of being able to be promoted from within to do some display art for the store/company. This was communicated to me in my interview and when I was hired. Because I'm starting sales, I'm not making much money at all, and I'm not getting great hours, so I'm pretty worried about cash. I need to start putting myself out there for freelance jobs.

    Things I want: my drafting desk to come (!); more friends in the city; the will to get off my ass and out of the apartment most days; more money at my job; freelance gigs; a scanner
    Things I hate: Lordy, Warren. Really? LONG list. I'll keep it at my habit of finding delightfully escapist TV shows and going through entire seasons of them in a matter of weeks.

    Things I make: I draw, I paint, I write sometimes and rarely let anyone see it, I push pixels, I design.

    An old photo that's pretty representative of how I feel right now:

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    Evening, Boss. I hope you and your family are happy and in good health.

    Tell me what you want,

    Fabulous riches.

    tell me what you hate.

    The sociopathic individuals who've spent years looting our economy.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful.

    I watched A Serbian Film last night. It was horrifying, repellent and vile, featuring such images as the rape of a newborn infant and a man having sex with a spurting headless corpse, but nonetheless a powerful artistic work.

    And, in fact: tell me what art you make, if you make art. Do you write, draw, push pixels, dance, photograph, sew, model, sculpt, weld, sing, hammer, play, design... whatever... tell me what art you make?

    I'm a painter. I make large, loud, obsessively-detailed art which can take many hundreds of hours per canvas to complete, over the space of twelve to eighteen months. Right now I'm working on a composition based on the architecture of my new home city.

    There's an archive of my paintings here for anyone who's new and hasn't seen them before, and another collection of paintings and random archived photographs here.
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    BUNNY!! )#@&*(^$#%fu&%$#!@#ing@#)$*)(#$*&!KEWT GAH!!! We used to have rabbits - well my sister did. Three or four in a sequence. They have a nasty habit of wanting to run outside. Outside there's a plethora of critters that like to eat bunnies. Ah well. Adorablist of adorable.

    Little to rant about. Little to scream and dance about. Lack of money is closing in again so I need to get animated. Do something, sell something... but it's so much easier to lounge in bed with the laptop, listen to the wind try to knock the house down and sip some tea.

    For some people ambition roars away like a bonfire on a dark night. For me it seems to be barely embers that I have to constantly stoke lest they fade out completely. I have ideas aplenty about what I'd like to do but the drive to do it I have to invent on a daily basis. It's quite tiring.

    No theatre projects on my plate - in fact no real projects at all, other than NaNoWriMo, which of course is slipping swiftly away from me. I intended to write every day this month but it isn't happening. Laziness, chronic and unavoidable is owning me lately. But I do write sometimes. And I do dramaturgies or stage manage or direct plays when the opportunity presents itself. Have the idea to pursue voice acting. I need to stop waiting for the drive to show up and just make it myself. But see above for how "pulling oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is just a saying and not something people actually do.

    Dissippated. Somehow keeping thoughts coherent once they leave my brain has been a problem lately. Even I can see how my writing isn't making sense. Maybe this is what happens when a reasonably competent writer keeps to herself entirely too much.

    I take photos for myself, for fun, to remember. I sing along with the radio and dance when I can and don't give a fuck who's watching. That's all I got.

    Also, I'm learning Japanese. I suppose I could go into a rant about confusing "desu" and "arimasu" and why the hell anybody needs two alphabets and mountain of pictograms for one stinkin writing system. But eh...
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    Contracted a nasty virus last week, which fucked up my laptop and almost caused me to lose all my files. Recovered successfully, even if I had to waste my one day off in the process...have to work this weekend, which I wasn't that happy about either.

    Started reading R. A. Lafferty's incredible FOURTH MANSIONS though, which makes up for a lot of that. I'd read stuff by him before but this is something else. I can think of writers and novels that I think it resembles in certain ways (see Book Club thread), but it's almost completely unlike anything I've ever read.

    Other than that, I've been working on the first Mysterians record, which I plan to make available on Bandcamp in the near future (hopefully). I will have some new tracks up on either my Myspace or soundcloud pages soon, for a little taste of what's to come. Really happy with them. I've also been doing a bit of writing for my PhD but, alas, not enough.
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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    Just started 'The Young Person's Guide to Paganism, the Occult and Witchcraft.'

    Unofficial subtitle is 'The antidote to Silver Ravenwolf'. Already lined up some very good subjects for case studies and interviews. The synopsis and plan is sound.

    That's the closest I've come to art for the past few years.
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    Good Evening,

    Want / Hate and Art are smudged in hue & tone.

    I want a fucking book deal that includes film options, I want validation in every selfish which way possible as nihilism makes too much sense. I want the agent who has my MS to rip next week apart in her hurry to tell me she loves it. I hate beyond anything I can ever express the frustration and yet acceptance I have regarding the rejections from the few agents who have read it & said 'almost' - I hate the fact I didn't crack it, I hate knowing I bled onto the fucking keyboard - that I did my best - and failed to nail it. I hate the fact I want it so much. I hate all of it. But there is nothing else. And I know I can do better now. I hate the fact I sound totally loopy.

    And on a much more chilled out note, I also take photographs - done some cool rock gigs.

    I also truly hate the fact the UK economy is shot to fuck & that house prices are beyond ridiculous.

    As for something filthy strange and wonderful - Gary Barlow in the Take That popumentary on the telly right now said they were just '5 guys who came together in a gay club in Manchester.'
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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    @Dorkmuffin - Sorry to hear about your loss Caroline. Keep strong

    Evening Captain Ellis of the Essex Auxiliary Air Force....

    Well it's Saturday night. My wife is out with a couple of friends having several drinks (good for her) and for another weekend i'm stuck at home with the kitteh. It also doesn't help that i'm still trying to shift a low grade cold and sore throat which has sapped my energy and the will to live. Lots of low swinging moods of isolation and anti social behaviour....

    So this week has seen myself portraying one of the drones from the Matrix, except that nothing happens to me. Ok, well that's not true as i did take part in a short film on Sunday. I played an "aggressive english football fan" who gets to beat up the lead character. The script was rubbish but i was allowed to ad lib, so i screamed a lot at the lead calling him "A fucking arsewipe muppet" and a !Lanky streak of piss" before i hit him. Yes i accidently punched him in the face when we were practicing our positions when the filming would start. On the plus side, they didn't need any more fake blood for the rest of the shoot. I also didn't read the whole of the script as i also had a full on kissing scene with the lead actress in the final scene. Luckily i acted like a trooper and a professional, but you should have seen the look n Siggas face when i told her what happened. She's so understanding. The film is being premiered in 3 weeks, so that'll be an interesting watch....

    The rest of the week has been spent listening to lots of music and writing columns and music reviews. Thought that the newspaper has badly censored cut several paragraphs from a live review i did. This meant a rather passive/aggressive e-mail as to why they did this. Of course it was apparently just a fuck up when it was being uploaded, so they felt sheepish and i felt like a complete dick. Hurrah for everyone!

    Oh and i fixed my sink today after watching rugby. Grrrr now i feel like a man!!

    Everyone have a good evening. You're all lovely (wibble...)

    And here is something wonderful. A pic of me promoting my friend Aðalsteinn's tape from a couple of weeks ago. He makes lovely noisy music. He is the creator here...

    just a couple of Bros chillin', getting their sweater vest vibe on....
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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010 edited
    Evening all, hope you're all good or getting there.

    Vent? Hah! I have looked around and seen a few things and i am not particularly impressed. The universe is cruel and arbitrary, if it has any kind of sentient creator then it is most likely one which would take pleasure in pulling the wings off flies. The only goodness and compassion there is is that which we put there ourselves and there is precious little of it. You may take that as a hint.

    ...well you did say vent.

    Me? a lot better than i was but still pretty rough and creaky, certainly well enough to get away with a little alcohol and caffeine now and then. Working my arse off to refill my coffers so i can have a bit more time off next year. If i don't drop down dead first. Doctors again on monday and this time i have some small hope they might be getting somewhere.

    Art? Well i suppose there may be some art in squeezing a large lorry into a space only slightly too small to fit, without touching the sides. Other than that, i play little tunes to myself but nothing i'd be happy to inflict upon anyone else, not at the moment anyway. I take the odd photograph now and then, some turn out better than others. More of a clueless chimp with a camera than a photographer, sometimes frustrating, often great fun. Writing? Yes, i'm up to something there, though with work the way it is it's hard to find free time when i'm awake enough to think clearly. Hmmm, excuses. Tut! I should concentrate more on all the inspirational scenery i've been driving through these last few weeks, from golden autumnal landscapes to bleak subterranean concrete hells. Oh yes, i've got a few ideas, but they're worth nothing until i pin them to the page. We shall see, time will tell.

    And i hate self portraits, at least, ones of me. So, by way of an offering to the Lord of Eels and very small hippopotami,

    I love saturdays
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    Tell me what you want,

    I want my life to become so filled with splendour that everything that taints my experiences in childhood, adolesence, adulthood; my relationships with family, romance, sex, friends; my fuck ups and those of others that have betrayed me; my health (or lack thereof); and the countless doors of once promising future opportunity I've missed out on from the aforementioned troubles - I want my life so amazing and wonderful and filled with fabulousness that it will actually ECLIPSE the doom of my life thus far. I want it to all be worth it, or at least... I'd like it if the now could be good enough to at least put up a fight against the past.

    tell me what you hate.

    Generally, I hate that I've been trying to find people to write me letters of recommendation for art school, and the only responses I've gotten are "you write something, and I'll sign it." Granted, I can't afford the application fees for all the schools i want to apply to, so maybe I shouldn't mind.

    Right now, I hate that my uvula has continued to swell. I hate that all summer long I hid away from the heat again, and as soon as summer began to cool and my ability to be OUTSIDE and ACTIVE returned, so did my lyme disease with headaches and joint pain and ooodles of painkillers... and that this ABSoLUTELY PERFECT autumn weekend of 60-65F has me a tonsilectomy zombie.

    I also hate that these Lyme painkillers that I've been on (barbituates, and something similar to morphine), even though I've been taking them less than half as often as recommended, have totally decimated any effect that this liquid codiene is supposed to have on my lasered throat flesh AND the uvula that has continued to swell, which is beginning to remind me of those "drop me in water and watch me grow!" things you buy in dollar stores....

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful.

    Filthy and strange? This probably fits:

    laser tonsilectomy

    Not so wonderful, I suppose though.

    um. Peel a clove of garlic, cut off the scratchy end, sew a piece of thread through it for a pull-handle about 8 inches long, tie it off, and VOILA! You've got the best cure for yeast infections of the lady parts! Just poke it on up there for a night! There! That's filthy, strange, and wonderful! Yay for healthy genitalia!

    And, in fact: tell me what art you make, if you make art. Do you write, draw, push pixels, dance, photograph, sew, model, sculpt, weld, sing, hammer, play, design... whatever... tell me what art you make?

    Me. I model, photograph, write, draw, paint.

    I am working on new sites (but I hate making websites) for my different work, since my current one is waaaay outdated. I've been relying on Tumblr for now.

    Sorry you've been having such a time, Dorkmuffin. Maybe once my throat heals, I'll come visit the city.
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2010
    My tenth wedding anniversary is this week; we're taking a weekend in Myrtle Beach to celebrate.

    I write. I have several short stories and am writing scripts for two comics intended for the web.

    I'm fuckin' exhausted.

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    @Dorkmuffin - condolences to you.

    Vent... Another tense week. Not coherent enough to vent about anything in particular. Work, domestic stuff, physical hopelessness, commuting, the evil vindictive fucks in the government. My eldest daughter (8) isn't having a good time at school - she's not made any good friends, if any, during the term she's been there and she doesn't seem to be getting on that well with her teacher. I'm sure she'll be fine, but I worry about her, she seems very sensitive and subdued. Both my partner and I had our confidence crushed by crap teachers and I don't want the same thing to happen.

    What I want: Above all, energy and mental clarity. I hate feeling like my brain's stuffed with candy floss.

    Filthy strange and wonderful: If my partner gets pregnant again I'm 'allowed' to buy a Fender Jaguar.

    Art: Yes. I photographise and make music.

    Singularity Jones - Ultramarine.
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    What I want: I'll admit that I'd love to get more attention when I post shiny things, but I also remember that I'd have to be better about consistently posting stuff, become a better artist, and comment on other people's stuff more. And really, the attention isn't that important. Though it would be rather nice if I could sell some prints when I'm finally able to do that. And of course I'd love to go back to Florence.

    What I hate: Car expenses. Usually it's a non issue because my car is fairly fuel efficient (at 18 years old). But right now I need to get some gov't paperwork stuff done, which is expensive, and then do some salvage body parts ordering so I can have a less rusty car because here in WI that's a bad bad thing with the salt in the winter and all. And there's some other repairs that need to happen someday and oh look! I think that's at least a months worth of pay going down the drain.

    Filthy, Strange, and Wonderful: I've been collecting feathers and I've got two frozen birds that were found. I've been thinking of getting one of them (a kingfisher) preserved to use as a model/reference and using the feathers and skeleton from the other. Except I know just about nothing about that sort of stuff. It also feels a bit odd but the anatomy and everything is so fascinating.

    Art that I make: Drawing is my first love. I've been drawing from the point that I could clutch a pen/crayon/pencil/etc and put it on paper. I also do photography, printmaking, collage, and mixed media (transfers and drawing together). I've done some painting, but it just doesn't do much. Maybe someday I'll get better at it and I'll get at a point where it comes naturally and feels alive, but right now it doesn't really. I've also done some found art/collections sorts of things and I've done some mask making.

    An old photo from when I had long hair:
    fun with mirrors3