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    I have a lot of feeds, I try and trim them, but they always seem to spring back, sprouting new, fresh feeds, consequently, I get terribly behind, and then have to utilise obscene amounts of time catching up. This is fairly important to me, I don't generally read news or periodicals or such and so, RSS, which I was quite late to, is a good source of information for me, however, with so much stuff, good bits, highlights and such often go unnoticed for long periods. This got me to wondering...
    Remember in Transmet, when Spider is having his TV scan for him, and its just there in the background, spouting info till he hears a keyword and asks for more detail? Would it, or indeed, is it possible for an article of software to perform such a function? There is obviously voice recognition software on PCs and macs and indeed phones, and maybe toasters, which would allow interaction without necessarily physically having to click through, so I could go and do other, possibly more "important" things with my eyes and hands, whilst still getting my info? Does anyone know of software that could audibly peel through a list, and stop, and go into more detail at request, if there wasn't such a software, would there be a demand for it?
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    I don't think there's such a thing. It sounds like you want something to read your RSS feed to you...?
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    Pretty much. Headers unless told otherwise. The theory being that you could have it sift whilst your attention had to be mostly elsewhere.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2010
    I've been thinking a lot recently about what a "RSS DJ" service would be like. I'm a big fan of the news/weather/sports/talk/pop radio *format*, I just don't like the actual music they play.

    So my ideal would be some sort of semi-automated DJ-avatar would play music from my playlist, and cut in relevant data from my RSS feed, including messaging and email, in an intelligent way. Instead of my inbox dinging every time an email comes in, it would be like:

    [music block from playlist]
    [DJ-bot]: Aaand now it's 10 minutes past the hour, and here's your news and traffic. There's nothing in your Priority Inbox, two people have confirmed they are attending the 9:00 meeting. And now, from the New York Times, an article about the latest breakthrough in science...

    What would be even better is if the DJ would actually pause and respond to voice prompts, so it would work in effect like the Wii's News slideshow:

    [DJ-bot]: Annnd now here's your headlines. In Mumbai, protests continue.
    [me]: Read that.
    [DJ-bot]: In Mumbai today, protests continued over the ...
    [me]: skip to next

    ...and so forth. And then when the information block is done or I tell it to quit, it goes back to playing music.

    But I'd settle for a service that just emulated the standard 1-hour programming block, cutting in traffic and news headlines that were truly localized, every 10 or 15 minutes.
    • CommentAuthorjonah
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2010
    Dragon Naturally Speaking?

    It's pretty close to what you want. It does text to speech, speech to text and you can use it with any program on your computer. It's not gonna be the smoothest experience, but it works.

    I tried it using it for a bit, but I found I'd rather use my ears for listening to music most of the time.