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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010 edited
    Saturday night open mic: Tell me of your week. Tell me something of your future. Tell me what the name of your autobiography will be.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    This week was our ten year wedding anniversary, which was lovely. We had foie gras for the first time!

    Now we're cleaning for this Thursday's Thanksgiving feast--we'll be doing the sweet potato recipe from "Shivering Sands".

    My autobiography will be entitled "One Life, Furnished In Early Dubstep".

    This will be the cover:

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    This week, tonight in particular, marks the close of Paper Memory, a dance-based multimedia performance by The Pillow Project, a group for whom I am a videographer and technical designer. Attendance has been mixed, but reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and involve words like "brilliant", "breathtaking", and "visionary". We're pretty happy with it, too.

    My future, hopefully, involves something approaching a full first draft of a novel.
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    Tell me of your week.

    Painting our new apartment in Toronto. I'm using a different three colour palette for each room; my better half says it's like living in one of my paintings. I think she considers this a good thing.

    Tell me something of your future.

    Premature death and a lavish funeral.

    Tell me what the name of your autobiography will be

    The Scruffy Man With The Paintbrush.
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    Hi Warren.

    A strange week, ranging from employers that drive you insane to lovely bouts like today, when it's actually warm enough to go outside and enjoy the day without a jacket.

    The future is going to be grand, with me completely out of debt and possibly a few grand in savings. Plus I'm playing music out with friends again, trying to create an outlet for fury and thoughts that should be shared with everyone.

    My autobiography? Hmmm. Probably something on the lines of "Like Kilmer, but Not".

    Sporting my new hat and a Stone Brewing IPA. Cheers to you all, Whitechapel.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    i've had a haircut, some cake and a near relationship killing fight.... now for batman

    my autobiography will be called

    Noisemonger: you think that was something? wait 'til you see my other life
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    Tell me of your week.

    All work no play makes jack a dull boy (repeat to fade)

    Tell me something of your future.

    Tonight my 2 French flatmatettes are holding a sizeable soiree in honour of their return to la patrie. Within 2 hours we will set out to a local establishment that proffers loud music and watered-down alcohol. And by "proffers" I mean of course "jams them relentlessly into every unsecured orifice until your brain bleeds". Within 7 hours we will return to our flat with something less than 400 people in tow, I hope it's less than 400. I don't feel confident enough to predict anything beyond that. I will attempt to provide an update later, if I'm still alive and have the use of hands, eyes, brain and laptop.

    Tell me what the name of your autobiography will be

    "Oh Hell No"
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    This week I've been helping out my friend at Plan B Books. Met Mark Millar, helped organise a drinking gathering at said shop this Friday. By 'help' I mean I threw in some time suggestions.

    Dunno if I have much of a future.

    My autobiography would be called 'Why Isn't Anyone Reading?!'. The exclamation point is important.

      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
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    Just finished my thesis proposal. That was a little piece of hell.

    Autobiography: "What Was He Thinking?"

    Incidentally, epitaph and last words also.
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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    Ah my week was non productive, but OK. This time last Sat. I was in a hotel room in Waltham, MA. The wife and I went to the Rose art museum, and Sunday went into Boston and hit some museums there. Then I got lost trying to get out of Boston. Not for long, thankfully. A wondrous weekend. The week was full of annual training for my job, and long boring tasks of car, and household maintenance.
    My future: More art.
    My autobiography: Right now, I'm thinking of titling it "Wingnut".
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    Had another week of mostly standing up at work and sitting at my desk...tried to find time to do some writing and research for my PhD and work on music. Am in the process of mixing some pieces and finishing up tracking some other ones for the forthcoming Mysterians record. I also convinced an artist friend of mine to do the album cover, which I think will be really good. Here are some rough mixes on soundcloud. Put them up earlier today.

    I hope the future will involve me successfully negotiating the rest of the recording/mixing/mastering process, as well as finishing a couple of essays I've planned, as well as at least two chapters for my thesis.

    So far, the title of my autobiography would probably be "An Underachiever's Guide to the Universe"
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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    My week has been boring and stultifying. I have no money, everyone is out of the City doing other more important stuff, and things have been very quiet on the writing front (Possibly because i've written up everything that i've been asked to do). So i've been catching up on some movies and TV shows (especially now i've got access to UK TV channels and the BBC iPlayer). Am off to see RED tomorrow with Sigga, so it won't be all bad.

    Then yesterday i received some shattering news from a friend back in London. Another very good friend of mine and a former chairman of my old rugby club has been arrested and is currently on remand for numerous VERY serious sex offences involving children. At first i thought it was a very bad joke until i contacted some old friends in London and had it confirmed, and that the evidence is very damning. Everyone is totally shocked and emotionally destroyed by this, including me. We were very close (i served on the committee in the club with him for two years), had been on numerous trips with him and he was a very popular guy in the local area. I spent today trying to get my head around it..... but i still can't. Jesus!

    It just points out to me that you can never really know people deep down. Ever.

    A future thing is that i've made the decision to travel, by hook or by crook, to the MCM London comics expo next year. It will be the first comics expo i'll have been to. I haven't told Sigga about this though... yet.

    As for the title for my Autobiography...

    "Tek it oot back an' kick the fook oot o' it!
    Bob Cluness: A man and his derp..."

    Might use this pic as the cover....
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    week=fubar/emotional armageddon
    future=grim meathook
    autobiography=do not resuscitate
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    Autobiography: "Just Touch It."

    Been an okay week. Busy at work, but in a good way--getting things done, days going by quickly, Christmas holidays (importantly: a couple of weeks off work, food and drink stockpiled upstairs) looming in the middle-distance.

    Roughing out some pages this weekend. Pages for a serial starting the next issue of Murky Depths, some long-overdue pages for a project with Oldhat (of Whitechapel.) Fun work in both cases and it's going well today, so I'm pleased with that. I'm in a place with my art where I can look at what I've done and finally think "that's going to look alright!" as opposed to "oh god I have no idea what I'm doing and I hope nobody finds out." Just practice I suppose. Should get a chance to take part in the Remake/Remodel later in the week, last week was a lot of fun. Strange how something so throwaway (meant in the best possible way--a bit of fun) could net so much interest and have such an influence on the last couple of years of my (art) life (I took part in the Black Angel remake/remodel back in Jan '09 about a week after buying my Wacom...was surprised by the response and had to take art seriously for the first time.) So, thanks for that.

    Watching Mad Men for the first time. Have four seasons lined up on the hard drive. Great show. Makes me want to buy a few sharp suits for work and install a drinks cabinet next to my desk.
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    My week has been one of terror trout flu, I knew I shouldn't have made the bat joke ;) . Had any of my personal engagements been business engagements I'd be a broke freelancer.
    Actually, I am a good employee only getting sick in my own time, not the bosses time.

    For past two days a lot of jabber has taken place and sadly not enough drawing. Luckily my deadlines are still a ways off.

    Except for Nanographicmo; the doom it brings looms over this week. (Good thing I've my finished script and 24 penciled pages and some inked ones too)
    All the other participants of the doomtrain are very succesful/productive. check out their work on the tumblr (I've linked it to archives so you don't have to wade through tweets)

    Rough page from my comic:

    My autobiography will be titled thusly:
    "What she said' and I was like; What?"
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    Week was okay. In an attempt to save money, I've started taking a thermos full of coffee and lunches to work. I found out I'll be going to Ottawa for less than 24 hours on photo business. Something about veterans and an award and something. Should be fun, plus I've never gone on Via Rail before.

    The future is going to involve more shoots and some experimentation. As some may know, I've been feeling stagnent artistically, so I'm going to combat that by messing around with my camera for a bit and seeing what happens.

    "Photos, Fetish and Ray Noble" might be the title of my autobiography, I think.
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    My week:

    Continued healing from tonsillectomy. Continued use of heavy painkillers. Lots and lots of hysterical crying and hopelessness. (The full lengthy explanation is here, and that anyone read the whole thing and responded has been terribly touching.) It's impressive, really, how hysterical I can be while on codeine and percocet.

    I'm wondering if Ireland might offer opportunity and education for people willing to stay and not flee to greener pastures in Europe like so much of it's population is currently doing. I'm half Irish, my great grand parents being immigrants to America.

    My future:

    Is grim.

    My autobiography:

    "SKIN BONE HAIR FLESH: A Tale of Genius Squandered, Potential Wasted, Pain Ignored, Hope Destroyed."

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    Tell me of your week.

    Busy busy busy. Work, practising with the new band (and just how weird is it to have practice sessions twice a week, huh?), a couple of RPG sessions, and setting up the apartment. Room #1 is A-OK, room #2 is a mess. The kitchen is slowly but surely becoming functional.

    I've also been spreading brain capacity on the next album, and a typical process is as follows: "Hmm. Compounded prime number time signatures? Wait a minute, isn't that like a cryptosystem? I'm in some fucking trouble here."

    And look, I'm thinking about making some sort of pop record, and so of course I've been spending my days listening to inscrutable modern chamber music.

    Tell me something of your future.

    People will swoon, applaud and throw monies at me. Possibly underwear. Possibly mine?

    In all honesty I just hope to travel and play music. And meet people. Food is nice, too. (And beer.)

    Tell me what the name of your autobiography will be.

    To borrow from RAW:
    How Did My Karma Ever Land Me Here?

    Hope this finds you well.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010
    You know, it's funny; I'm the kind of person who actually imagines having an autobiography and I've probably dreamed up dozens of titles for such a thing over the years; now someone asks and I'm blank. Something will come to me by the end of this post.

    My week... busy. You know how you (i.e. Warren) have written at times of various work as "whoring?" That's what I've been doing this week. I have yet to figure out how to earn enough money as an independent designer (but I really don't want to go back to having a full-time, "real" job) so to pay my bills I occasionally go work for The Man on a temporary basis. This current stint could be a lot worse; it's very dead-end work but the people are nice and in many cases even appreciative.

    Meanwhile, as per usual, as soon as I commit to something like this, all of my own clients come out of the woodwork wanting something also. So I've been working morning, noon and night. But that's okay.

    This week I received the welcome news that this splendid map which I designed some months ago, and hoped to turn into a self-promotional project, has been printed up in large numbers and will be handed out by the local comic store beginning next Friday.

    In the future, I will move away, once again. Somewhere. Details are hazy. I will write at least one book. And something will give, eventually, regarding work and money. Either I will make more money as an independent designer, or I will give in and get a job. Or some third option, though I'm not sure what; in any event the status quo will not last another five years. That seems safe to assume.

    Okay, autobiography. I will probably recall five better choices by tomorrow, but tonight it's going to be titled "Strange Harbors." Because I have definitely found myself in a few, in the course of this life so far.

    Peace, everyone.