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    No pen-portraits. This is ART ONLY. Posting just a bunch of text, or a scribble and a vast number of words, will get the thread closed and your account banned.

    NO MORE PHOTO-MANIPULATION "art". I'll just delete them. People have been drenching recent threads with several pieces at a time that they've knocked out in photoshop in 2 minutes with no thought at all. I consider this to be taking the piss.

    I will allow original photography.

    No more than ONE submission by any one person in any one REMAKE/REMODEL.


    In 1975, while promoting the New York Dolls, Malcolm McLaren got some people from DC incapably drunk and walked off with a two-year license on one of their properties. Went back to London, changed the shop name from SEX to SEDITIONARIES, then said, "here, Viv, you reckon we could blag fifty grand off someone to make a fillum?"

    1977. London. You have been tasked with producing the poster for Malcolm McLaren's JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

    What does that look like?

    You have one week. Begin.
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Tears of joy (and fear, too).
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Jesus. My era of music awakening coupled with a massively screwed up convergence of influences. (although if I could pick, I'd choose McLaren doing this during his "Duck Rock" phase...)
    Right. Thinking cap on...Great one, Warren.
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Oh, gods... my Head!
    Hey - was Paradax in the Justice League...?
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    Hey - was Paradax in the Justice League...?


    (Nice try.)
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Oh my tatty tartan bumflaps! Do i wanna see what this turns up? Yes i do!
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010 edited
    Oh you hit me right in the coming of age years. I remember screening posters just like this in graphics class, figured with a 50 grand budget they're not going to have big time printing.

    EDIT BY WARREN: while it certainly took a bit longer than 2 minutes, it IS just a Photoshop collage. Link to it preserved.

    edit from Fred: Well thanks for not bumping me out completely. It is Photoshop, I got into what I remembered doing back in the late 70's, and trying to reproduce what I used to do with stat cameras and film, not thinking about the rules. Bummer.
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    ....Oh wow. This should be fun to watch.
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    Well played Mr Ellis, well played indeed.

    And excellent start from FredG!
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Thanks Audley Strange, not sure if any one younger than their late 40's will get why I went this way, however I should never underestimate the class of people here. (and not to pat myself on the back too hard, I love the idea of Mick Jagger as the Flash)
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    EDIT: I'm sorry, but that's a two-minute Photoshop job. -- W
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2010
    Another irresistible challenge. Our Mr. Ellis certainly knows how to make the art monkeys dance.
    Malcom McClaren Justice League movie poster by -3-
    (Paradax joined early in the next decade.)
      CommentAuthorEd Sludden
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2010
    Punk Rock Justice - EdSludden
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2010
    @ Ed

    VERY nice.
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    Well, I had to look up McLaren, which was a long, strange trip of links. That he was going to make a film from an Alan Moore script is interesting, and his last words are probably the best ever...

    Ed Sludden: Love the upside down "S" shield.
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    Batman Says No!
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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2010 edited
    @Brian, while I'm amused by the idea of Nina Hagen as Wonder Woman...dude, two people just got their posts taken down because it was a photoshop job.