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    Mike Townsend here. I'm a writer of stuff (including comics, but damn if my artist friends are less productive than me). I'm mostly doing screenplays these days. I'm also a musician. Here's me with my bass. It was taken last spring, after the "I'm fucking sick of all this unruly hair, it's going" sheering. At the moment I'm in the "damn it's cold outside, give me all the insulation I can get" scruffy phase. If you want to hear the sort of music I'm to blame for, is the place to go. I don't think I have any fiction on line anywhere. Perhaps my lazy ass director friend will get around to shooting the short I wrote. The date for the shoot was the weekend before Thanksgiving 2010 (US Thanksgiving... all others are pale imitations, even if they happened to have come first!), so I'm expecting that sometime between not bloody likely and never.

    Mike Townsend

    Cheers y'all!
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    i'll say hello again, since i haven't posted here in quite sometime, so, hello again!

    i'm currently an unemployed student, seriously considering going to culinary school so i can go out and get a job in the real world already. instead of shitty, meandering part time jobs, wasting time while i struggle to pay attention in class.

    i'm also an emcee, and my group has just released an album, which i posted about in the musicians thread.

    other than that i'm pretty boring.

    oh, i used to work at a porn store.