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    It's Saturday night, and we are open for venting, incoherent shrieking, Proclamations and furious masturbation while speaking in tongues and firing yams out of your bum. And if you don't have any of that, tell me your name, show me your face, and tell me about your week.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010 edited
    My mate and I plus two girls (close friends of ours for ages) are expecting one baby. A girl, her name will be Rose.
    I'm the biological dad but the two mums will be the inner circle around the toddler, as agreed before starting it all.
    We almost lost her two weeks ago so we were scared, really scared.
    She's rather safe now because her lungs are finished but it's a bit too soon anyway.
    She's Expected in February, she was conceived last May 12th which is gonna be the day we'll celebrate her birthday if she finds it witty to be born on Dec 24.
    We first wanted to adopt a child since we got money time and energy to help a person to grow up in harmony but since we didn't want to hide from civil servants the fact we are a gay couple things went nasty very soon. It seems lying would have been a better idea but for us it was not an option.

    So there.
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    As of next week I will no longer be working for Northcliffe East Midlands. I can tell you as an insider that local newspapers in the UK, over the next five years, will become culturally insignificant and will fade into obsolescence. I should probably change my username actually. In retrospect it was a terrible idea to name myself after my alleged profession. But yes, I will be officially redundant on Friday. Luckily I am insured for unemployment so the house is safe for a year. Unfortunately this means attending the Job Centre once a week unless I can find a job before next Friday.

    I'm waiting on word from a place about a Web Content Editor job. The interview with them went quite well and I can only hope that the other candidates completely fucking fluffed their chances. They were meant to have come to a decision yesterday but the snow may have delayed this. I have also put myself forward for a six-month magazine design job. Not as long term as the other job but it is at least design relevant, which is the way I roll. I've found myself considering what my calling in life is recently. Journalism/design was something to fall back on because a degree in music would've gotten me pretty much fucking nowhere. I'm a self-taught musician and quite a proficient guitarist, now all I need to do is start gigging and get signed. Even then I won't be making much money because the music I play is too strange, but at least I'll be doing something that makes me happy.

    Maybe being unemployed for a year will be a good thing.
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    face today, urrgh
    body is still recovering from back to back beat downs. Last week I got a faceful of MCR. Their fans are not to be underestimated, they know how to get rowdy. I was like a wallflower in the back of the dance floor but ended up getting shoved into arm's reach of Gerard Way, haha. I haven't felt that near-death feeling since I saw NIN last year. So yeah, it was a great fucking night.
    Also I encountered this guy while coming out of the stall, what the fuuu--

    Wednesday I saw Faith No More's final show in the US. I went in hesitant. I love FNM but I felt like I was gonna go see some hollow nostalgia show. But I was not dissapointed and they put on the most intense performance. I stood through some opening acts nobody cared about, but when FNM came on the night became all about survival.

    Anyway, I got shoved once again to the front, so hard that I got the rail and grabbed on to some hook in front of the barrier for dear life. Had a couple crowd surfers land on me. when you see the security pointing over your head THAT is the signal that shit is coming your way. so cover your head!

    I didn't take this photo, but it was pretty much the same view I had all night ^__^

    I could barely open my mouth to eat after that night, haha. I am ready to just sit this month out and get moar sleep. And I really miss making Space Shark and want to get some new strips done by the end of the year.

    Hope the rest of WC is aiight. Take it easy, you crazy FUX
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    @Gekko - congratulations, best of luck.

    I can incoherently vent quite well this week. Weather kept me away from work for two days, which could have been great except I couldn't get the work vpn working and so didn't get much done - it's all going to hit Monday. May get stick for not making it in, but I don't think there was any reasonable or practical way to do it without risking ending up stuck in the middle without a means of going back or forward, and after getting stuc k earlier this year and crashing into a tree last year while trying to get to work - fuck it.

    Then all the lights fused, and it turned out that the fusebox had been bodged by some fuckwit in an abominable way - my partner nearly fried herself when she started poking around in it in the night not realising there were live screws sticking out.

    I finally gave up on my Nokia N97 last week, the thing was badly scratched, so I'd bought a new housing off the web, but typically, it turned up with a german keyboard and the front camera missing and I ended up destroying the phone in the process of trying to mend it. So as I'm a hopeless smartphone mark I bought a new N8, and so far it is a thing of utter beauty, I don't even mind the OS that people seem to be moaning about. It is my new shiny baby and I love it a great deal.

    But alas, I'm a physical wreck, shambling around in layers of old clothing, my heel is splitting, have constant heartburn and I seem to have grown hugely unfit. Maybe about to die.

    And the news continues to get more and more stupid. And sad. Sad and stupid.
    At this point I just want to hibernate in a warm, dry bunker with several years supply of food and no way in for the outside world...

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    For the last month I've been working behind the counter of a videogame store and wondering how I could be sufficiently retarded to think this would go well with everything else I do. So I announced my resignation for that reason, and also because I either don't get along with bosses, or my boss is an insane control freak whose blood boils upon seeing the stapler five inches from the place it's supposed to be. She tells me every five minutes that I have no sense of organization whatsoever, usually while I'm logging the day's rentals and sales with the neatest handwriting I can manage on three separate documents, or after seeing me re-arrange all the three hundred games in chronological order and equal spacing.

    She's also an evangelist, which is a little joke the universe plays on me regularly. My parents are religious, the first person I fell in love with was religious, and now my first boss is religious. All of them at some point or several talked down to me for being one of those filthy, immoral atheists who are responsible for everything that's wrong on planet Earth and also on Mars and some asteroids. My boss went one step further and, after saying she likes me less for being an atheist (yes, in those words), she told me I'm prejudiced against religious people.

    Sadly, my contract says I have to stay for another twenty days. My fantastic sense of timing also led to all this coinciding with a GIGANTIC special issue of my webcomic PITCH BLACK. Special editions are tipically much longer than usual strips, but I got a bit carried away on the script to this one and now it's, oh, three or four times larger than the previous edition, which was almost 90 panels long. And now that I've updated PITCH BLACK's art style to a more detailed version of it, I'm getting seven or eight panels done on a good day. And on the middle of all this I get a regular fucking job because I am a moron. At least the comic's looking better than I'd expected, and I hope people will like it when it's released in February 2016.

    I'll probably go back to working as a receptionist at conventions, because that's an every-now-and-then job that lasts one to five days and pays quite well. In fact, that I stopped this for a minimum wage regular job behind the counter of a videogame store hints quite emphatically at my rotting mental faculties. The most I can say for myself was that I needed the experience and also I never expected it to last long anyway.

    My hair seems to be returning (so hopefully the bald spots on the upper corners of my forehead were caused solely by two-year-long stress) and the usually devastating depression symptons are coming and going in manageable doses and are, apparently, fading. Depression led to me failing two years at high school. I caught up with that and graduated a week ago, at twenty years of age. So I've been doing well recently.

    But that "sleeping" thing still doesn't work properly, of course.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Congratulations @Gekko! From the brief photographic glimpses we've had of your world and your friends, it looks like a beautiful circle of creativity to grow up in.

    Cheers and a wonderful life to Rose!

    My week has been good. I'm really moving now with plans for 2011, and the Occasional Bitslice is rolling along really well, with a surprising number of subscribers and some engaged and interesting feedback. I'm on a weekly schedule with it now, a new one going out every Wednesday. I would not have guessed that an email newsletter started on a whim would be as interesting and fulfilling a project as this has turned out to be. So thanks everyone here who signed up and emailed me replies!

    I saw an opera with a gorgeous friend, devoted a larger than usual amount of time to creative thinking, got a handle on something important at work and may be finally stepping into the next phase of a better life. So, excellent week.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    today, we're getting heat. we went without it last winter. other things we didn't have last winter, but do have now: furniture that is not borrowed, a mortgage, and the internet.

    i am terribly excited. things have been so bad for so long that right now, listening to my husband and my father-in-law beat on radiator pipes, i have nothing to vent about.
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    Congrats Gekko and best wishes.

    My name is Derek. Mark my words: "Kim Jong-Il is the new Ceiling Cat."

    At one of my day jobs this week, the one that involves poking people with needles to make them feel better, we had a free clinic for artists, dancers, musicians and writers.
    It was cool since those creative types don't usually have any money. =p

    My band 5>1 is playing this show one week hence:

    I'm really hoping this band called the Time Traveling Assassins is not just a schtick, but a straightforward denotation of their provenance.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Congrats, Gekko!

    This week was pretty fun. On Monday I was in Ottawa shooting a commendation for a client and spent teh rest of the week back home editing shots from said shoot. It was pretty fun to go on a business trip, but it would have been nice to have seen more of Ottawa.

    And now today is my 26th birthday! From the family I got a home brewing kit, so today was spent making a dark ale with a basic recipe. My baby is now in the fermentor, where it will be for 8-14 days. Here it is: waiting

    And now I'm off to dinner with the family and after that, drinking with the friends. I'll see you folks later tonight!

    As for a pic, here's one I took last night:
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Still unemployed. Still depressed (although now that I've called it out, much easier to deal with). Going 'home' next weekend to be hugged a lot and celebrate holidays and make final packing/travel companion plans for Super Awesome Wedding Trip. Realized I don't have room in the luggage for all of the personal luggage, so would like to leave a bunch of it here. Not like it's going to evaporate or anything. Just cuz I won't be around to feed it.

    Also, have become magnet for cold critters (just like all of us in the wintry world). And am cranky with the radio choices of fundamentalist church, football games, bad music 1, 2 or 3 and the occasional blip on NPR that tries to make up for it. Have decided that whether or not grad school pans out, will move to place with flat land and maybe a river and some live music and familiar cost of living.

    Hope all are well, WC...
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Week went quickly. Productive at work, meaning I've been finding bugs in software, which doesn't endear me to folks who want to get the thing out the door.

    Other than that, a mixed bag. I learned that the lump on the dog's leg wasn't cancer; also just heard that a ancient aunt passed away. I saw her in a nursing home last winter and it was horrible; a once burly woman -- she was a Pinkerton store cop -- reduced to a shrunken caricature. RIP.

    Did my first Skype video chat session, with my parents and sister at the other end. Pretty cool.

    Creative juices totally dried up. Or, I should say, my creative energies that make the juices flow are at a low ebb. I always come up with ideas for situations and characters, but I'm feeling zero of the holy fire it takes to get it down on paper.

    On the other hand, I'm totally cranked on making candy for the holidays. As soon as I'm done here I'm going to candy up some walnuts. Later, they'll go into rocky road fudge.

    I don't have the energy for getting out the camera.
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    @Gekko - Congrats!
    @oddbill - I've really enjoyed The Occasional Bitslice so far. Keep 'em coming!
    @oldhat - Happy Birthday!

    This week was pretty big for me, as it involved the official launch of a software project I've been working on for the past 6 months:
    The Magnificent Playlist Producer

    It's a Windows application I wrote in response to Warren's blog post about the difficulty of assembling The 4 AM. Essentially a mixtape creator, it lets you build a playlist (from pretty much any kind of audio files) and export the whole thing to a combined MP3.

    Playlist Producer

    I've released it as shareware, and now need to adjust my headspace from programming/web-development mode into marketing mode. The biggest thing I'm struggling with is the line between "getting the word out" and "shamelessly spamming"....

    Anyhow, I invite anyone here to check it out if it sounds interesting to you. (Warren -- I sent an email to your gmail account regarding using it for The 4 AM if you ever choose to make new episodes.)

    Also this week: I finally got glasses, which now enable me to see when I drive, and I picked up a spiffy pocket HD video camera (Kodak Zi8) that I'm having loads of fun with.

    Overall -- an excellent week!
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010 edited
    Take 2. Need to make this quick because if I get any later as a Brit it would be cheating to do this on sunday.

    Name: Adam (Presumably you don't want the whole thing)

    Face: Have a new photo but had issues putting it up from Flickr and am unused to putting pictures on a forum since I stopped using the pic hosting site with the yellow frog mascot.

    Week: Has been a good week for me. Parents are away this weekend. I have had my first taste of real work and find it strangely addictive especially since it is mindnumbing but hard reppetitive labour. Even so. It feels good to have worked but now I need to find more due to only temping. Can't slow down not after having tasted what it's like to be a usful and grown up-ish human being. Next week will hopefully be all about sorting this out and hopfully I can start being productive.

    Would like to take this oppertunity to thank Warren and WC as a whole for providing inspiration and motivation and stuff. Thanks for being there/here.
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    @oldhat Happy Birthday. May it be full of Ellisian level debauchery.

    As for me, I have come up with a new fiction scheme after seeing people's TinyLetter things. Hope to start that in the New Year once I nail down the plot.
    But before that I am going back to what I started on the ROTOR thing suggested years ago. All I need to do is corral one of my web savvy friends to make me a site on the (free) cheap.

    Right now, I'm drinking beer and watching Vertigo. I have also learnt that drinking beer then eating sherbet does silly things to your breathing patterns and encourages hiccups. So I won't do that again.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Congratulations @gekko! Happy birthday @oldhat!

    For once I can't say the week has been squandered as I've been shoving as much Japanese into my brain as I possibly can while still keeping on top of the wikileaks story and keeping an eye on Washington shenanigans regarding tax cuts & unemployment pay. The Japanese study is a big like trying to down all of Thanksgiving dinner in ten minutes or less. I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and chew or I'm just going to toss it back soon. The news... well not too long ago I thought I should try giving cynicism the heave-ho. But somehow that's not working with my regular consumption of news. More and more Assange sounds like he's a mad social scientist, running an unethical experiment on the world with no control group and only the flimsiest thesis. Lots of friends love it because they somehow equate embarrassing the government with a process to end war. I don't see the process bearing out, but I can't say that I think we would be better off not knowing that the US bombed a Qatari encampment and the Qatari government was all to eager to take the credit, or that the U.S. is pushing a strict copyright law in Spain, or that other Emerites are going along with American foreign policy in the hopes of scoring drone jets, let alone confirmation that China has been hacking American Web sites & services (including official state & defense apparata) and that American embassies secured spies among state bodies in other countries, notably Germany.

    See, in the end I'm an infojunkie. Which sounds bad when pronounced aloud. Never mind. I'm still not sure if it's a good idea, really to expose all this. Secrets aren't inherently bad. Bad action is bad. Well, I guess the historical lesson is that it's not the sin that will bring down a person, but the coverup. See ref Watergate, also Al Capone. Still. The whole thing leaves me very... conflicted. And while I dig for more information and turn over the ideas of authority, influence, diplomacy and the benefit or foolishness in relegating power to an elite body... I don't study. Argh.

    When I don't do these, though, there's been some sadness creeping around. I at least know that it's attracted to stress. The more stressed I am the more that shit comes in, creeps up my spine, insinuates itself into my joints, slows me down till I can't get out of bed and I lose days to watching videos I've already watched a dozen times. Doing what I can to not give in, which just goes back to studying.

    The only people I've seen have been classmates, family and my ophthalmologist (left eye was fucked at the beginning of the week, but the new drug is marvelous; I may have more or less normal vision again in a week). Haven't seen any friends in...a long time. Realizing that tipped me into a darker place for a while. No one calls or writes. It's not even a thing, really. With the Twitter & facebook we tell ourselves that we are keeping in touch. And with the holidays we're rather busy anyway. I don't blame them, I haven't thought about trying to make something happen in months, my own self. But once I recognized the loneliness it's been sitting lightly on my shoulder like a very well trained little lizard.

    Twining with the loneliness is the realization of some fear, a slippery cold knot in my belly, that I'm just making shit up and hoping it all works out. Which is how I normally work, except that this goes beyond me. I don't just need this to work - this whole reinventing myself and my career - because I've been unemployed and useless as a human being but because I'm weighing other people down the longer I don't get up on my own two feet. It was ok to try this and that when I had money all those years ago. Now my mom has the largest portion of my debt (she payed off my credit card - see, I'm useless) and while that's nice because I don't owe her interest, I do owe her repayment. She hasn't given me a deadline, because she's kind, etc. But the guilt is inescapable. And what if something goes wrong for her? Then not only is she screwed because of the $$ she put out for me, the rest of my family - my retired dad and two brothers who live with us while they attend college - will be in trouble. I can almost handle feeling like deadweight. Well, not exactly, but I was getting used to it. But the new plans I've made, studying Japanese & voice acting and pushing my translating abilities ahead of copy writing & editing, need to work. They just have to. I'm terrified they won't. I'm scared to death that I was right in saying I'll never be employed again.

    What if i've lost the ability to be employed? I can't even get myself to go to sleep by 3am. Most days its a ridiculous fight to get up before 10am. sticking to one endeavor that doesn't have a deadline is just about impossible. I can't whip myself into shape, how can I hope to convince an employer I'm a solid investment?

    Fuck, fuck, fuck I just have to push forward. I've taken to pronouncing much of my Japanese out loud as much to get used to the rhythms of whole words as to drown out the continuous mutterings of my superego.

    My room is a mess.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Have finally decided to see someone about being A Bit Fucking Mental. Talked to a doctor yesterday. Next up: Referral.
    Wish me luck, WhiteChapel.

    I can tell you as an insider that local newspapers in the UK, over the next five years, will become culturally insignificant and will fade into obsolescence.

    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    @razrangel - I have been in the place you are now, I know absolutely the ugly slow panic of feeling like you've fallen off the train everyone else is riding, and no idea if another will ever come along, and being beholden to family for debt, and the way that dependence undermines a sense of self-worth. I know that so well.

    I just want to ask you to believe that there is no such thing as a useless human being. Human beings aren't made to be used, you are not measured in value against your usefulness.

    All of civilization is an amazing trick we play, where we all give each other things and somehow that all adds up to more than it seems we had to start with. Just stay engaged, keep putting action and intention out into the outside world, and something will happen.

    Employability is a bigger thing than whether you can land a corporate or clerking job. Some people can't fit in that kind of routine. Some of those people who don't fit are quite successful. Just keep doing, and be fearless, and you'll see.
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    Turns out I'm too drunk for Vertigo.

    So I have moved on to the last few episodes of The A-Team season 3. I love this show in a wholly unironic way.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010 edited

    I havent shaved in a bit. I dont think Ive let it grow this much ever, and I dont think Im gonna shave for a while and see how it goes :S
    Saturday Night Open Mic (4dec10)

    Hello Whitechapel. My name is Cameron. I doodle comics with the talent of a five year old :3 I send them out through here before they go elsewhere. I'm working on my 3rd ~30 page minicomic. This one will be partially in color (Each has short stories in them, so some of the stories will be color, but probably not all just yet). I also have them for sale on storenvy, which is pretty nice (I prefer it to etsy, but etsy gives lots more random passer by sales). Storenvy allows for sales to be made by people without storenvy accounts (and depending on your paypal account type, they dont have to have a paypal account, either).

    my week... hmmmm...

    It was sorta boring. I doodled comics alone in my room. I applied for some more jobs I probably wont get. My best friend for the last 3 years still wont talk to me. Last we spoke was on sunday, we texted a bit. She seems mad/upset with me, but says otherwise and wont really talk to me. It kinda super hurts. Living in the desert for a year and a half didnt leave me with many buddies, but she was there for me. In the last year or so specifically I think I sort of started to think of her as a sister sort of, and now Im not sure if we'll ever talk much anymore. Im hoping sometime before christmas we'll hang out, but i dont know. I made her a comic for christmas >< she had mentioned briefly previously that she wanted me to make her one, so :s

    Living with my father has been alright, but I feel disgusting that I'm not on my own still. Back when iw as working and paying rent and sleeping in the living room of a small shitty apartment occupied by two people that I didnt like I had more self respect :/

    Now I need to go by some coffee D:<