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    @256, good point. I do still see redeeming qualities in local news (reporting of great fuck-off incinerators being built near residential areas, keeping their respective councils in line and ensuring they don't get away with bloody murder, etc) but the vast majority of it is just useless filler now. I consider myself lucky that I'll be out of that waning, shitty industry very soon... even if I was forced out by even greater cuts. Time to get into a better industry/career.
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    @Gekko: Congrats and may the birth be simple and healthy!

    @Andre: Ouch. Regardless how frustrating the people around you are... we like you quite a bit! You'll get through it.

    @Oldhat: Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your weekend has been/will be all sorts of fun.

    @StefanJ: "I always come up with ideas for situations and characters, but I'm feeling zero of the holy fire it takes to get it down on paper." You're not the only one. I've been trying to teach myself to force myself to start working on projects. Can't say I've done all that well, but maybe I'll get better at it. Maybe you too? I hope so. That sort of exhaustion is very difficult to get out of.

    @razrangel: *Hugs* Don't worry about whether you can or can't do it. I've found it just makes it harder to do. If you can find some encouragement, take it. And no matter what, there are people who care about you.

    @256: I'm crossing my fingers for you. :)
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    @Oddbill: thanks for saying that, it's really good to hear, er, read. *sniffle* (I'm NOT crying. Just got something in my eye. You jerk. thank you.)

    @Trini_naenae: thank you }:>
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    (Photo recycled from SPIT)

    So, clearly I was at a friend's wedding this week. It was a nice, vegetarian affair. And I won't lie: It felt great to get compliments about my looks, mostly because I'm usually a disheveled bastard (though, for some reasons, only drunk people seem to truly appreciate the awesomeness of my bow tie).

    Next week, I'll be enjoying heading to Nerd Prom Singapore (note: not what it's actually called), where I'll get to meet Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca, Ivan Brandon, Giuseppe Camuncoli, David Lloyd and Alex Maleev! I'm actually more excited about this than pretty much any gig or concert I've been to this year.
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    Hi guys!
    I've succeeded in learning how to crochet. Sorta. As I wrote in blogs, this involves a lot of swearing and makes my fingers tired. I swear knitting was a lot easier to learn, even though everyone has told me crochet is easier (yet no one I know IRL, despite being able to say its easier, knew how to crochet..we all can knit. haha)
    Work hours have been cut, so I'm back into winter crafting mode, which means also knitting (something I'm a bit less horrid at than crocheting), reading, drawing and whatnot. I might be poor at the moment, but hell - There's still a lot of stuff I can do.

    I'm sorry I haven't been that chatty online lately. I've just felt distant, and I've been spending more time in the Outside World, crafting and doing the introvert thing. Sorry if I worried anyone!

    As usual, I hate winter. And yes, Winter's come up to where I live, and we hired a small adorable child that escaped some hallmark card to come help shovel snow on bad days. He's too little to do a lot of work, but every bit of help....helps. And he really does look like he escaped from some greeting card world, where saint Augustine's devil-children have never set foot, and all kids do is behave.

    The kitties also hate winter, and this year the outside kitty's decided she likes the inside a lot more than she did last year; so both cats are inside (and shedding) most of the time, and demanding that I pet them most of the time, leaving my belongings covered in cat hair .... most of the time.

    Hope you're all having a decent week, and the Holiday Hell hasn't gotten to you. As for myself, I haven't quite been driven insane by Holiday music, but we all know it's only a matter of time... :)
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    @razrangel: :D

    Picture, from a couple weeks ago, but I still like it very much. Even if it's blurry.

    cut in two

    Venting: There are always things I can vent about. My dad continues to be an ass, but that's nothing new. I've found that a certain Artist/Album on my ipod has been triggering memories of taking my mom to the hospital because of her crazy memory blackout for a night. While talking to my mom about it, and my dad's incredibly lack of emotional maturity (or his utter emotional stupidity), I was wondering if there were guys out there who were better/different than my dad, or if his behaviors were normal for men in general. Seems like romantic relationships/marriage just isn't worth it. Interesting to hear my mom actually agree with me on that one. She also was thinking about other people she knew and was wondering about their marriages and if theirs were better or not, and if it was her or my dad who was responsible.

    Was particularly exhausted this week. Do no like that. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, and this weekend one of her friends was supposed to fly here to spend the weekend and there were plans ordered around that. Yesterday morning, we found out that the friend wasn't clever enough to buy the tickets in advance because she didn't have money, and thought that if she looked up the info and had it on hand, she could buy the tickets a couple days before. Yes. Really. Needless to say, my sister was very disappointed. So my mom and I have been trying to make things extra fun to make up for the not so clever friend that doesn't know the basics of buying affordable plane tickets.

    I mean, is it really too difficult to grasp that you don't plan to visit your friends until you have money for the plane tickets? I figure some people are just inexplicably stupid. Interestingly, I had a somewhat similar experience in the beginning of the year (I was trying to plan a trip a couple months ahead and my friend who I was hoping to stay with couldn't see why I felt it was so urgent to figure things out with her).

    And right now I have a nasty sinus headache at the bridge of my nose and between my eyes so I've been inhaling steam in hopes of loosening up the gunk in my sinuses. Ow ow ow.

    As for the non-venting part of my week... I've been working on forcing myself to work on my creative projects. The exhaustion has been making it particularly hard, but I think eventually I'll be able to work on stuff consistently. I was giving a former crush advice on girls (Which girl to go for, basically) and later on when I asked him about it, I was pleasantly surprised that he went for Cute instead of Stunning, because Cute was intelligent, educated and had a good personality. That coming from a guy who can usually get any girl he wants... it was really nice. The idea that being incredibly beautiful wasn't a requirement for him? That a girl like me just maybe maybe could have a chance with a guy like him? Wow.

    I think this is it for now.
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    @Gekko - Holy AWESOMES, and tons of joy & happiness
    @oldhat - Happy b-day, present to follow
    @sgrsickness - YEAR OF THE BEARD

    Hello, Warren & al.

    My name is Risto, and I have this drinking problem where I try to pour rosé (nod at the naming convention, there) bubbly directly into my pineal gland in hopes of idunnosomethingpositive?

    My week has been filled with debauchery, and tonight I think I became the DJ for a women's roller derby team. Their theme song vacillates between Electric 6's "Gay Bar" and LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls", and on the latter note tonight's after-bout party (after getting their/our heinies kicked by the London Rockin' Rollers) featured the following:

    - "The award for the best team-spirit boosting goes to Sniff Poppers! Where are the fucking ice cream coupons?!"
    - A game of "Point At Two People", in which you point at two people in a crowded bar. There are no steps after this.

    Hope this finds you well.
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    @ Gekko - Hooray! I will be.. um... wishing for your child, since I don't pray. Here is some information that may lessen your fears:

    I am someone who was born three months premature, weighting 2lb 3oz (a little under 1kilogram). My parents were told that I'd a 5% chance to live, that if I did survive I'd likely be blind and severely intellectually deficient. I lived, and was reading at a fourth grade level when in the first grade. So there.

    I also have the staggeringly craptacular birthday of December 24th, I applaud and support your decision to celebrate your future child's potential birthday at a kinder date. I've had only one birthday party in my life. It was in 2003, held on the projected date of my birth (March 24th), and it was amazing. Something I'd never ever experienced before. Having a day that most children get to have devoted to them as instead a day where everyone gets to open presents is psychologically rough on an 8 year old.
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    I'm the one on the left. My friend Zach and I showed up at an event wearing the exact same thing last night, all the way down to the guyliner. This sort of thing happens to us enough that people are having trouble believing we don't coordinate our outfits.

    Met a girl last night. She's in medicine, but looks like she's in a band or somesuch. We geeked out about horrible things, like parasites (on my part) and children with their chests open and their hearts exposed (her). I am, naturally, quite smitten. So this is the cue for @lx to pop in and tell me she's crazy, which is the usual course of events for me taking an interest in his female friends. He hasn't been wrong yet, of course.

    Last Friday I worked a few hours at Pioneer Courthouse Square here in Portland, before the Christmas tree lightning ceremony. I got off at 3 pm. At 5:40pm a guy parked a van with six barrels of what he thought were explosives by the edge of the Square, directly behind where I stood when I worked the tree lighting last year. Then he went to the train station and tried to detonate it all with a cellphone, only to discover — whups, fooled you! It was an FBI sting the all along! So that was odd. Then I worked 16 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday, went drinking with Joss Whedon's brother and some Dark Horse staffers on Tuesday, confirmed I'm almost definitely probably surely for Brian Bendis' comics writing class starting in January on Wednesday, went to a strip club and then got abducted by pirates on Thursday (one of the pirates asked me very nicely not to go home with his ex, as it's only been two weeks and the wounds are fresh; I acquiesced)... and then met the lady yesterday. Next week isn't looking much slower. What the hell kind of December *is* this?

    Because your eyes are slant and slow, Because your hair is sweet to touch, My heart is high again; but oh, I doubt if this will get me much.
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    Lost a couple of months, and not in an interesting or entertaining way - Ray Milan had it better than I these past couple of lost months - back on the horse, as it were, with a new living/working situation, now in the "nicer" parts of the Tenderloin in San Francisco - pics to come soon - aside from this, now have a renewed drive to Get Shit Done. And no, no pic of me at the moment....
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    I purchased "I, Robot" on blu-ray for $5 on Black Friday, and I'm about to break the three laws all over myself.
      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
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    I quit my job.

    11 years selling books to people and I've had enough. It was a simple job, and I love books - but It was slowly eating at me.
    I've many plans though. I've got mad crazy creatures to sew up and sell, art work to work on, a haus to re-invent. Scary enough, my Husband is all for it. I love him for it.
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    @Gekko, congratulations!
    @Oldhat, Happy Birthday, and may your beer be dark and delicious.

    So binding your chest kinda hurts.
    BUT I walked around and did things and had fun last night while doing so, though, and didn't have any problems until the morning after, just a bit of uncomfortableness as ribs resettled. A toe dipped nervously into new waters. It went really well, although I doubt that I 'passed'. I need to make calls about seeing a head shrinker of some kind, to get this whole huge ball rolling.
    Pictured is me pushing the giant ball up the hill in a stylish sweatervest.
    Had to double check that it looked okay.

    The rest of the week was honestly pretty blah and boring and useless and all I can think of is how fun last night was. My ears are still ringing from seeing the only tejano-punk band I've ever heard. Piñata Protest are some pretty cool guys. HEY, HO! VAMANOS!
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    @ Brandon Cyphered - Beware. You can't edit posts once the thread is closed.
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    Home from the office Christmas party, which was a blast. Feeling pretty good about ourselves, as we're the 33rd fastest growing software company in America this year. So yah.
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    Last Friday I worked a few hours at Pioneer Courthouse Square here in Portland, before the Christmas tree lightning ceremony. I got off at 3 pm. At 5:40pm a guy parked a van with six barrels of what he thought were explosives by the edge of the Square, directly behind where I stood when I worked the tree lighting last year. Then he went to the train station and tried to detonate it all with a cellphone

    No shit? That's trippy stuff. If it helps temper the mental clouding of the specter of death though, the FBI is actually playing these tricks on Muslims basically all the time

    Gekko - beautiful story, best of luck

    Oldhat - happy bday for sho

    Taphead - congratulations on debauchery

    Me, having great fun with the novel, which goes along well, but bringing 200,000 words to final draft status is rather more work than I am capable of understanding, seem to be halfway there though. There is a probably momentary peace of mind that possesses me here at the end of the project, to know I will have finished before ending my third decade the first science fiction novel to spend 80% of the time pondering christianity and sex, maybe? Bought me mum an Air which was pleasurable, I never buy things

    Dayjob goes along, breezy but stimulating, however I also spend large stretches of time gobsmacked by process flaws in our service system, such as it is, vagueness intentional
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    @Rachæl Tyrell — Thank you for the heads up!
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Thank you for having me, Dark Jedi Master Ellis

    happy b-day Oldhat and congrats to Gekko on the new person entering your world... and to the others who are taking new directions, new jobs, new hobbies. I dig open night. Cheers to you all

    tonight is sponsored by Dr Whiskey

    why were all the best remake/remodels and other cool things to do- all happening during Nanowrimo?
    I mean come on! /end rant

    last year I got the book but I was sick and I could not focus to read it. It got shuffled away, buried under mountains of procrastinated projects, fossils, old DvDs and/or junk.

    I got reminded. I put on a haz-mat suit. I fought evil reptile beasts and then I emerged with this...

    Its delicious and I intend to actually finish it now.
    ...reading it, not eating it.
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    Same as it ever was. Nothing ever seems to get better (though that's probably not helped by my feet-shuffling as far as getting into therapy or into a new and exciting career). My life isn't going bad, it's just I can't seem to be happy w/ it.
    And, damn it, I can't seem to shake the thought that maybe I'd be happier if I (and those I care about) could handle polyamory. I don't want to elaborate, I just have nowhere else to get this thought out w/out feeling like I'm a bad person.
    10-26-09 032
    (Why, yes, this picture's a year old. Still feels appropriate, though.)
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    even fake guns threaten the cowardly ...
    I'm happy for Gekko and his family. A family kids are wanted is good. We'll hold you and yours in our thoughts.

    Just had a lazy happy day with the family & our Franco-Japanese friends with their twin boys and darling two year daughter - I gather I do not manage suave ... the not-santa beard disguise is still holding. ... Tot is showing some appreciation for Hanukah candles - and thankfully has stopped bitching about wanting a Xmas party. I won't kill a tree for anyone imaginary this year.

    I got fired from a job I had for almost 5 years two months back. I suspect different culture was the biggest problem. And somehow I had more funds anyway. Life is staying odd.