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    I am still working on the same projects that I have been working on for over a year. All three are nearing completion and I can confidently expect to release new work in January, February, and March. But honestly all of this stuff should have been done six months ago. On the upside, I’ve learned my lesson. Once this massive batch of “what was I thinking” is finally out the door I’m scaling down to smaller and more varied projects for at least a year, and hopefully several.

    The small projects thing is happening because I’ve realized that, as a type designer, I’m never going to really grow unless I can get past systematic design styles and methods. Systematic design would be fine if I could just be happy with it; it’s what made some of the best type so great. But I really feel the need to move on and get back to the fun stuff I was doing before I got hung up on design systems in art school.

    I’ve now sketched up over 300 logos based on the title’s of Shakespeare’s plays. From those I plan to develop 29 prototype fonts for conceptual practice and then finish all of them. To keep my left brain happy along the way I have two simple systematic projects that I can probably drag out for a few years, releasing the work in batches. It scares me that I’m starting to plan out years worth of creative work in advance. Oh fuck, I’ve made a system of system out of my plan to stop being so systematic…
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    I've been around all night long and only now I find the thread when it's Sunday morning. Go figure.

    Been stocking up on Moebius and Druillet.

    Got the Polish edition of Moebius' Aedena/Edena (whichever spelling you prefer, the original's titled Le Monde d'Edena) for slightly over half the price (and still shrinkwrapped). It's a beautiful double hardcover edition, a total of 400 pages. Still waiting for my second purchase, a book with short stories (including Arzach and Is Man Good? stuff and some others), also in Polish.
    As for Druillet, I got the Dragon's Dream's Lone Sloane/Delirius book Dark Horse's edition of Nosferatu. Both are sadly smaller than the originals (and Nosferatu is even comic book sized, which is slightly depressing) but hey, at least they're in a language I can READ!

    Both (and Stokoe's Murderbullets) have rejuvenated my need to draw so I've been keeping up with the sketchbook drawings and have just doodled two short comic layouts (and wrote an outline for a 20+ page tale).

    I decided to do away with attempts at "month of writing/drawing" approach and will just try to work daily, no matter what. Using December as a warmup so I can hit the ground running come January 1st. The goal? One page of art for every working day and at least one (preferably two or three) for every free day. That's for b&w comics, not sure how I'll approach color stuff yet. Maybe go with "one page spread across two days" on working days and one full page on off days?

    Meanwhile, back to drawing strage dudes and dudettes in the sketchbook!

    Also, I hate my work: 12 hour shifts for a full week straight? OVERKILL! Next week it's all night shift, then a week of 12 hour shifts and then two weeks off (unpaid, since I'm on temp contracts so I just don't get mine extended and MAYBE they'll send me a message to go back on the 3rd, maybe not).


    I better not get sick or anything... *goes off to grab some vitamins or something*


    Also, this is my LAST TIME talking here about wanting to draw comics. NEXT TIME I either bring in the goods (actual pages) or I shut up about wanting to draw!

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    Huh. I just got a photo gig for Monday (at Times Square?). That's pretty fabulous.

    I'm kicking myself for not thinking of advertising myself as a designer/photographer for hire to make people's tacky family Christmas Cards.

    An old friend of mine seems to be plotting some (hitherto unknown and vauge) machinations for helping my life. All I know is he's plotting, and it's somewhat illegal. *shrug* I've got no problems with that.

    I've been going a bit tumblr crazy. I've got my regular tumblr where I post my own stuff... but I felt I should be sharing some of the wierd oddities I come across, and posting and spreading the work of people I think deserve more visibility, so I started another one for various miscellany: diplopic. I'm making an effort to find work (especially from folks here) to post, instead of being just another reposting blog.

    And THEN I started a tumblr for my wacky research into psychological and medical issues, spliced with my own anecdotes, observations, conclusions and such: psyckly. Thus far, it's mostly focusing on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Mommy Dearest indeed.

    And THEN I started a private tumblr that's a place for me to write to somebody I miss terribly. Things are broken between us, and I can't write emails, or call... but I did send along the url and the password. In case he wants to read. I don't know if he will. I guess it's like a blog version of letters in bottles. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic.

    Here's a crappily tweaked out-take from my Lynch/Spiderman attempt. I've not taken any photographs of myself since then.


    It seems I am thus far successful in my plans to grow back my natural blonde hair, and natural monstrous eyebrows.

    Anyone free on Christmas Eve? Or Christmas? I'd like to go and see Mummenshanz in NYC for my birthday. Or that play that Teller wrote. Or James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave in Driving Miss Daisy. Tickets are over $250 apiece, though! Or The Addams Family with Nathan Lane and Bebe Newirth, at $361 apiece!! Waaaant!!!
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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    Finished work for the year now. All the insane deadlines that happen in the year you launch a videogame meant that there was little chance to take more than the odd long weekend, so it all mounts up and gets dumped onto December instead.

    I really don't like snow, and for most of the ten years I've lived down here in Guildford we've been free of it (it's the South! It's not meant to snow here!). Needless to say getting a second significant dumping of it in the same year has left me miserable.

    And my hot water is buggered. And cause of the snow the plumber hasn't been able to get here to look at it.

    As for the 24th December being a poor birthday to have, mine is the 25th... I think I turn 34 this year, I had to actually work that out, weird that I didn't instantly know how old I was. Hmm.
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    @ Flabyo - gosh, we're practically the same age! I.... keep forgetting that I'm turning.... 34? Yes, I'm turning 34 as well. I've got that habit to think about how old I'm about to be for so long that I start to think I AM that age. Or at least, the certainty gets blurred. Then again, I was trying to think of what year it was recently, and I thought it was 2003. The notion that it was 2010 was suddenly quite shocking.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    I got nothing this week.
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    Hey, the post arrived!

    As did the postcards I sent my parents from my trip to London. Eight days ago.
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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    @trini - Cheers. It means a lot.

    On the Sunday Morning read-thru of Saturday Night, everything looks ok, doesn't it? We Whitechaplains have got some problems... some issues... but we've also got plans, and projects, and some amazing shit coming down the pipeline.

    Chins up, fellows.

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    Afternoon everyone. Man it's cold up here...

    first of all lets get the greeting and salutations out of the way....

    Gekko - Congratulations man. I'm sure you're going to be a great daddy to the little ball of joy!

    Robin - Happy Birthday! I certainly hope that it all went well....

    Taphead - Your DJ'ing exploits sounds like a rather bizarre dream i keep having.

    Radioguy - I´m so going to try that piece of software!

    Ok i'm feeling a little slow today. I went to my Wifes Xmas party at work last night. The food was lovely (reindeer fillet with Honey and thyme anyone?), but i positively HATE these things as you almost never know anyone, people just spend their time yakking about nothing important or stuff you don't get, and the music is also really awful. I managed to last until midnight until Sigga practically ordered me to leave as the tears of boredom seemed to be bringing everybody down. So i went to the pub instead and danced to some music. Also there may have been armed criminals with guns, but i will need to check that out first. Things got a little blurry.

    We both also got paid and the cupboards are full of food and nice things. Oh and Sigga is getting a nice christmas bonus, so that's the presents sorted then.

    Right now i'm just continuing the writing. I got a big boost of confidence from my friend, who is a REAL journalist and stuff. She has stated that she expects me to be able to make a living out of this ind of thing within the next 18 months. That sounded wonderful but a little scary. I also found out that when i first started writing reviews, a lot people thought i didn't actually exist and that my name was a pseudonym for an Icelander instead. That is a little eerie, but still kinda cool.

    OK back to my cups of tea and music reviews. Keep up the good work you lovely people....
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    To everybody who said gongrats, thank you from the deepest of my heart.
    I really mean it.

    (and by the way, Rachael, if there's something you obviously are not, it's intellectually deficient, har har har. You are one of the most finest characters I've ever come across (most of them, mind you, happen to gather here by the way)