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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010 edited
    Hi there.

    I like to listen to podcast and interviews with my favourite artists and writers.
    I found some and wants to share it here but the ultimate goal is to have access to your recommandation in the matter, so please fell free to paste a link in this thread.

    I only found this one with Warren Ellis in, it's about Crooked Little Veins.

      "The Sound of Young America"

    is a public radio show about things that are awesome.

    -Scott Mc Cloud interview, there is also a TED conference conducted by him

    - Art Spiegelman Interview

    - Harvey Pekar Interview and yet another one with him

    - Adrian Tomine Interview

    - Daniel Clowes Interview and another one with him.

    - Brian Michael Bendis Interview

    - Brad Meltzer Interview

    - Neil Gaiman Interview

    - One about (and not with) Jack Kirby

    - One about the Comic Book Censorship in the 1950's

      "The Bat Segundo Show"

    is a cultural podcast in tenebrous standing.

    - A Charles Burns Interview, here's another Charles Burns one (you need to scroll down a little bit to see it)
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010 edited
    There is "Word Ballon with John Siuntres", wich is a podcast dedicated to the comics.

    Since this show is specialized, interviews tend to focus on one aspect only of the interviewed work. it's interesting, no doubt with that but i enjoy more when the guest talk about his life, his point of view on various things and of course his work but in a general way who can be specific too i don't know how to explain. I'd like to hear Ed Brubaker speaks about his whole carreer instead of just Secret Avenger you see, but i would like to hear him talk about Sleeper for quite some time too. The perfect podcast is very long and don't need to be about the comics who just came out.
    Sorry if i'm not clear but for those who did not get it yet my native speaking is not english !