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    Anyone besides Warren on Diaspora?
    I'd like to see how well this works.
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    I'd like to see how well this works.
    Apparently, for most of us at the moment, it's not. The general issue appears to be that we can send add requests, but we can't actually confirm ones sent to us.

    That said, the beta build is currently not being supported directly by Diaspora, but a 3rd party host group of sorts, from what I understand.
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    On my current experience, Diaspora isn't going to be fit for purpose for another couple of months. If they stay coding hard, and if they don't run out of money. Which is a shame, because if they do fall apart, people will think that no-one can challenge Facebook...
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    Yeah, I finally read the post on the front page. Wretched turn of luck there.

    Maybe they can pull it together. (It is Alpha software..)
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    I'm bitching to myself about knitting and crocheting and various crafts. Mostly at how silly and idiotic I feel while making my first crochet'd potholder.
    I've been able to send/confirm requests the past few days; though the pod seems to be down a lot in the early evening, it seems to work best for me in the morning or rather late at night. Even on the best of days seems a bit slow; I've found being patient is the key.
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    I have no idea what that is, yet.
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    Ever hopeful that something will eventually replace Facebook...
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    I have friends who are evangelical in their opposition to facebook so I'm hoping they might come at using this.
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    Nothing to see here.. oi
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    Able to approve people today!
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    If they rely on volunteers to host pods and don't invest in their own official infrastructure this is going to fail no matter how nice the software itself is.

    Opening the thing to the public in Alpha was probably a huge mistake. Everyone I showed it to came back with dismissive derision at the uselessness of it. Explaining what an Alpha was to them did no good. Almost everyone I know who even knows about Diaspora has already written it off as a bomb.

    I like the paradigm. I think it could be very nice. But I think the devs may have hopelessly botched it at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    There was a really promising project called Chandler a while back that wound up in a similar muddle. Nobody really seems to know how to make an appealing decentralized system.
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    Osiris seems to be in a similar boat

    ( however the pods are supposed to be self replicating and redundant,
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    Anyone figured out text formatting for it?
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    I like the idea and hope it has the legs!
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
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    I think a super interesting possibility is hosting it on your own server (possibly a future Fantastico one-click?) and having your own domain for your own indivdual, private pod that goes straight to your public profile, while still providing you with that private, aspect oriented privacy controlled back end letting you connect with other diaspora users is kind of a neat thought, especially if eventually enough control over profiles is given so that it can be used with some flexibility and personalization. If that makes any sense.

    Also, the Diaspora team have already said that they will be providing a public hosted solution making the end product be a sort of situation. I dont remember if they planned on having basic/premium accounts or whatever, just that they aim to host an 'official' sort of thing anyone could use.
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    Explaining what an Alpha was to them did no good

    Alpha doesn't mean "broken."
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    I'm there. hanging, plotting, skulking, the usual shenanigans.
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    Because I hate Facebook. Heh.
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    Only just got the signup to work properly last night. Have to actually put some info there and see if I can drag a few of my compadres over from their Book of Face addiction.