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    I present to you all a break from me trying to mine political relevance from people who wear spandex and solve issues by punching.

    I am in Amsterdam, which has been surreal for me.

    But this bit is great to share.

    Following a thread posted a few weeks ago, I walked today to Lambiek, oldest comic shop in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. I stuck my nose into a room marked "bar" and ended up chatting with employees/owners Klass and Rich (and latter Abel - I hope I have the names right in my drunken state) as they worked away on the store web site and encyclopedia. They even shared some wine with me. I was introduced to some local dutch comics, which I said thank you for by spending money on those comics.

    I talked up White Chapel, Warren's communities online and may have convinced them to join up. I have permission to post pics I took, and in fact I need to send them those pictures.

    It was quite an experience and I will post pictures when I get home Tuesday, or Wednesday if I crash upon return.

    Oh, and Warren if you see this, they would love if you would send them a updated snippet or bio for your entry.
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2008
    Thanks for the update, J. Looking forward to the photos..


    (via mobile)
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    There is the store, I of course can't take a photo for shit it seems.

    Klass and Abel

    Look people who work there and treated me with great kindness!
    Thats Klass on the left, and Abel on the right. They told me this is the first time they have been in a photo together in 25 years.

    Klass and Rich

    Klass again, and Rich in back. The computers are the Lambiek encyclopedia of artists.
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    Here is the best shot I got of the store, for those who are curious:


    Down stairs is the store's gallery, it currently hosts to a government sponsored exhibition on racism. Gotta love Amsterdam.

    Gallery 1

    Gallery 2
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    WOW. And yes I was curious. Thank you for posting.
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    It hard to see from the previous shots, but Lambiek sorts all its books by artist.

    This photo may have been staged to highlight this. Maybe.