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    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    Because, really, leaving the house to do Chrimboshoppery is so 1999.

    G'morning Whitechapel. I was gonna complain that it's cold here, but I think Warren's buried under continuing end-of-times blizzards so, y'know, my 50F/14C weather maybe isn't... that... bad. How's everyone doing?
    • CommentAuthorStiabhD
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    I've a question about the FreakaAngels travel mug (and I don't know where else to put it).
    Does the plastic it's made from contain any Bisphenol A? I ask because I've already tossed two similar travel mugs that turned out to have it and I'm assuming that the FreakAngels mug is a rebadged generic design. Albeit an awesomely rebadged design :)
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    I've moved to the same county as Warren, but still just maybe within the boundaries of London (by dialling code, if not by post code) and I can tell you that it's warmed up a lot and most of the snow has gone, so don't let him tell you otherwise.

    I went and ordered the signed HC of the next FreakAngels earlier in the week, and I've been using my FreakAngels map bag on a daily basis recently.

    I've calculated this month I should have enough cash to last until pay day. Next month, probably just enough to last until the 17th when the rent is due, which wouldn't be so bad if my wife wasn't expecting a baby on the 16th. I have too much to do at work, and I'll have time off for Xmas and 2 weeks off when the baby is comes. All in all, it's not helping my blood pressure.
    • CommentAuthorfa4ever
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    I saw the words, "No, this isn't a skip week" and felt overjoyed for a few moments before my hopes that they would update the comic later in the day were shattered quite thoroughly. :(. I should go away for a few weeks so I can get a bit of a buffer and read a comic or 2 a week, leaving a few. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to be here again thursday night staying up waiting for it to update. Cool merchandise though. Wish I had spare cash.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    Did I mention that I got an FA field bag for my birthday? I did, it is awesome, I'd highly recommend.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    along with the freezing temperatures we've had all week, as well as the blizzards on monday, it looks most likely i'll be out of work by christmas. there are a few internal things to apply to, but the company attitude is pretty much already that i'm being "outplaced", which is an interesting euphemism...

    anyway, still need to pick up book 4, i did have it to buy in LCS when it first came out only to notice that it looked like someone had used it to wedge a door open.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    I am finally recovering from my Mongolian Nose Flu and have had my last day in the shit-pit that is the office until after Christmas. Later I shall be going Chrimbo shopping because FreakAngels gear isn't really suitable for a 1yr old baby niece. In 15yrs time though....
    • CommentAuthorMarcus
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    StiabhD, if the mug is not made from epoxy which is unlikely, or polycarbonate which is a clear plastic (dvd. cd's) then it should be fine. According to Wikipedia you get most of your dose from thermal paper cash register dockets.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    FreakAngels gear isn't really suitable for a 1yr old baby niece.
    Those field bags are pretty roomy, a 1yo might fit if you cut leg holes.
      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010 edited
    This week I went into a room with three faculty expecting to get shown all the ways in which the plan of research I want to do for my doctorate is flawed and reminded of all the ways that my knowledge is inadequate.

    Instead it turned out to be a very pleasant chat about how well-written and exciting my proposal was.

    So now I start the long, slow roll of candidacy, having upgraded from "student." In other words, I've officially "mastered" science, and now I must get on to "doctoring" it. Er. As in, doctorate, not fabrication.

    Also, in light of the idea that The Master has some degree inadequacy feelings, I can see why he's always unfriendly to The Doctor. Oh, look, cool things to buy!
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    As a Canadian, it always makes me to laugh tee-hee when you Continental types get a little bit of snow and it becomes an argy-bargy of drastic proportions. You people don't know what snow is. London, Ontario got more than 170 cm of snow in four days. That's about five feet. Of snow.

    If they'd trust me with a credit card, I'd buy your lovely wares. But they don't and if you'd ever met me, you'd know why.
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    "Also, in light of the idea that The Master has some degree inadequacy feelings, I can see why he's always unfriendly to The Doctor."

    Well played, sir. Well played.
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    Dang. I was hoping the excuse for the skip week would be something along the lines of "In solidarity with the students of England who've just had their educational futures fucked over by their government's decision to triple their annual college fees, we FreakAngels collectively declare that this week there will be no business as usual."

    Ah well. If we're talking FA shwag, any chance of a Kait/Quincy erotic side comic in the near future?
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    As far as weather goes, here in Houston, TX, to me at least, it's still t-shirt weather in the daytime, and hoodie weather at night. But then again, I grew up ten minutes south of Wisconsin, where there had to be a minimum of a foot of snow on the ground to cancel school. Here in Texas, freezing rain causes everything to shut down. Which is fine by me, because I'll be outside enjoying not sweating my balls off for a couple of months. I miss the snow, for about five minutes, when I get nostalgic about holidays. But then I walk outside in December wearing a tshirt and jeans and get all happy.
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2010
    I never like intermissions, they only keep me longing for the next epidose for more than an already way too long full seven days...

    Weather here was within reason: temps rose a bit so all the snow is gone now, but everything is wet instead of white now. :-(
    Health: ok. Work: ok too I guess. Next week I will be doing a nightshift. But I will survive.
    In the meantime, like I said already, I am dying from curiosity of what will happen in Whitechapel. There are many questions to be answered, and I do like answers.

    btw: Warren and Paul: great work, I really like what the two of you (with a lot of help of a great team) are serving us. High quality work in every aspect.
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2010
    @John wrote
    ...As in, doctorate, not fabrication.
    Yeah, keep that for your fallback plan. *snerk*
    • CommentAuthorkatrina
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2010
    I am new to Whitechapel, but it seems like a regular thing, telling everyone what the weather is like where you are and what you are doing.

    Well, here, it's kind of hot outside. The most our country gets toward the end of the year is the occasional typhoon. After reading your posts, I kind of understand now why there are so many foreigners on our beaches come December.

    I am waiting for e-mails and phone calls. If I don't get them, I have no sources for my articles, because everyone else seems to be on vacation already. No sources means that I'm screwed for the rest of the year. That isn't much longer, but it would be nice to end the year on a good note at work.