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    Meredith Monk's Dolmen Music
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2010
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2010 edited
    @ Frenchbloke- THOSE SONGS ARE WINTER. Spent many cold hours there myself nice selection

    I remember being nearly homeless and destitue in the winter of 2005 when all I owned was a discman Diamond Dogs, Young Americans and Let's Dance. Those sounds always remind me ( although surprisingly fondly) of those lonely cafes and snow filled streets. Haven't listened to Bowie since but somehow this made it's way into my life just as the winter started this year.

    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2010
    I'm big on the Weakerthans and Sundowner in the wintertime;
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2010 edited
    Got to be Al Green 'Lay it down' from the relatively new album from Al. Brilliant and what winter is good for:

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    @ Frenchbloke

    Seconded. Add:


    (the last one purely because it's the highest quality... also it's just the music that matters, the lyrics are pretty much incidental to winter).

    Winter is grim up north.
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2010

    This is an obnoxious fan video, but the music is intact. George Winston's December album always started playing in my house around this time of year. Some of it was traditional Christmas music, some of it was his own, but it's all really really soothing. The above video has his composition "December" and his version of "The Holly and the Ivy" with a really silly slideshow.
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    However, NEVER, ever listen to The Residents Eskimo when it's cold as you will feel colder. And scared.
      CommentAuthorAdam Witt
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    In terms of full albums, you can't go wrong with YELLOW HOUSE by Grizzly Bear, or this year's HALYCON DIGEST by Deerhunter.

    HOSPICE by the Antlers is another one, but that comes with a warning: it's a cripplingly depressing album. Absolutely gorgeous, but it'll freeze you in your tracks.
      CommentAuthorEd Sludden
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010 edited
    I really like this version of 'The Snow it Melts the Soonest' by 'freyacat1992'.

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    Something a little different - Do They Know It's Mithras? from English Heretic is "possibly the first occult charity record". A thirteen minute drone/field recording combo with a Mithraic ritual entwined. Come for the Difficult English Electronica, stay for the magic!
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    For the past 11 years, an ever-expanding lineup of friends and musicians have gotten together annually to get drunk and play ridiculous versions of Christmas tunes for charity. I flew out to Washington DC from Seattle this past weekend to play the show, which included everything from Baby It's Cold Outside to a funk version of Little Drummer Boy. The house was packed with drunken fools dressed like all manner of winter-holiday lunatic. So for me, beloved Winter music includes songs we play every year, like these:

    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2010
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    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2010
    Quite a bit of Vladislav Delay.

    (The break/switch at 5:00 is glorious.)