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    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2008
    Went to bed coughing up a lung.

    Woke up with a twitch under my left eye that wouldn't quit.

    * * *

    Tonight's story (<em>let's see, what can I recycle</em>) -

    - I'm going with <a href="">'Bricks'.</a>
    <blockquote>In answer to Geoff's request, <strong>'perhaps on one of these occasions you can tell me a story about a robot... named Geoff... who is totally badass and likes to kick rocks into buildings'</strong>.</blockquote>
    It's an odd thing. I never know what to do with requests for robots and wallcrawlers, I always end up botching the job horribly with phonetic Shakespeare and 'character studies'.

    I suppose I'm not the right geek for the job.

    Off I go to find dinner.

    - Z

    <em>This is where you tell me I have no understanding of robotics or Asimov's laws. </em>
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    Eyetwitches suck.