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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Merry Xmas.

    Last Saturday Night Open Mic of the year. Tell me what you're doing, tell me what you're planning, tell me how your week went. Speak now.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    That image just doesn't seem to get old.

    Trying to breach the avalanche of work to be done before the end of the year. I want to start my year with tons of projects lined up in a neat and organized row so they can easily be handled by my gullible schmucks awesome teammates.
    I just played the game Braid last night and it's irritating in how it's quite similar to a videogame project I'd thought up, only more awesome. Going back to the drawing board to make sure I'm putting out something unique and entertaining. On the plus side, my favourite 8bit musician (and this isn't biased because he's been my friend for the past decade) moved into my neighborhood last week and played me a little bit of the score he's been composing for the game and it's definitely lighting a match under my ass. I want this game to get made if just so I can hear what those 10 notes grow up to be.

    In the meantime, it's resenting social engagements because they're GETTING IN MY WAY and smoking the good cigarettes.

    Tonight I'm watching Pratchett's Hogfather as the beginning of a yuletide tradition.

    This is what I look like with an oversized moustache
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Uh, sorry. Still gobsmacked and near speechless from the pic.

    But my week was more like his than theirs.
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    Tell me what you're doing
    It is a nerd weekend for me. I have a new gaming machine built and I'm currently loading things and tweeking Windows 7. I also plan to see Tron tomorrow as I've always been a huge fan, even if it is a rather horrible story.

    tell me how your week went
    I'm coming to a head in trying to figure out whether my employers are hellishly incompetent or just think I will tolerate anything because the economy is horrible and people are desperate for work. I'll know by end of next week...

    tell me what you're planning
    I'm planning a trip to New Zealand by the end of next year. I may even try to move there, dependent on employment and the gravel in my gut. I'm told it is not easy to gain citizenship there, but few things worthwhile are easy to obtain. It was brought on after I mentioned it and they sent me this picture(It's rather large, so I'm only making a linky) I thought "Why not?" So we'll see if it's just a month away for the States or something more substantial.

    And the obligatory Photo. Good evening, Whitechapel...

    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Doing: I'm exhausted, and feeling even more anti-social than usual. So, I'm sitting around the house on a gloomy Oregon afternoon. Might go for a walk. Might finish watching The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford. (Which seems great so far. I DVRd it months ago, and yeah, it took that Yogi Bear parody for me to get around to watching it.)

    Planning: Getting ready for a Visit with family, and hopefully friends, next week. Dreading some sibling rivalry crap, and the effort of looking up old friends, one of whom is really ill and depressed. Am I stressing them out and screwing up their schedules by suggesting a visit? Oye.

    But you know, the whole Planes, Trains, and Automobiles thing has in the past proven to be an effective way of forcing me into Reading Mode. I'll be taking some graphic novels and anthologies with me.

    Week went: Stressful. I've been working against a deadline that turned out to be . . . flexible. So I've been busting my butt and filling out status reports for . . . well, not nothing, but it would have been nice to have known that I could have taken more time off this fall. As it is, I'm losing a few vacation days come the end of the year. This is my fault, for being such a diligent Type A beaver.

    And then there's the holiday shopping thing. Entirely self-imposed, since I could have gotten away with greeting cards and gift certificates.


    I'm in a slightly better mood than the above suggests.

    I did get something done today, finishing this Flick set about making fudge.

    Liquor in!
    There's something wonderfully alchemical about pouring coffee liquor into a pot of boiling butter and marshmallows. You can see the vapor boiling off that stuff. I bet I could have lit it on fire, and the smell would have been heavenly.
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    That looks like the sweetest napalm ever created right there...
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Tell me what you're doing: I am working on finally piecing together issue 4 of my magazine as work, school, and shiny objects have distracted me from doing so earlier. Ah the days of a year ago when I thought I would be able to do 6 of these things by now. Sigh.

    Also I am wondering if there will be anything exciting or fun tonight outside of watching either Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire, or Soul Eater. Wondering more if this won't also be how I ring in the New Year... so generally I am trying to get work done to fight off any depression. It's cheaper then alcohol.

    tell me what you're planning: I am planning on finishing up the two big projects of this year, the aforementioned magazine, and my web show Zombie Conversational so I can prepare for some new things. I'm also planning on spending the week between holidays that are free from job to do a simple comic by myself, I now have a working scanner and art supplies I can do something I am sure. Other than that, I plan to poke at artist friend to finish working on the script I gave her a few weeks ago, finish up new script for her, find a new job, and come up with new film ideas. This year I accomplished a good amount, but I want next year to make this one look like practice for bigger and better things.

    tell me how your week went: there was a lot of snow and ice. So much damn ice that I got two days off from work, which is good because I do not like my job, but bad for I like the monies job gives me. Monday oddly enough gave me a single day that I felt proud to be working as a paralegal, I wrote a great response to a motion the asshole opposition threw our way, and I did it all myself, without any legal training or knowledge. We also won that motion and two others I wrote on this week which makes me feel even better. If everyday there was like Monday I wouldn't complain one bit, sadly my boss is insane and lazy. Oh also I finished finals this week, very simple, no school for nearly three months.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Evening there Warren

    AS i'm typing this Sigga is trying out our new 1Tb Media Centre Hard Drive with episodes of Dangerous Housewives. At last we now have a storage area for all of my DVD box sets and obscure 80s TV programmes and films. She also told me my Xmas present. A years subscriptions to wire magazine. While that doesn't sound christmassy, Wire costs about £9 an issue in Iceland, so its fair to say that she's being a bit canny by getting me this.

    thankfully the hell of Christmas engagements and parties are more or less done with and we're now waiting until Wednesday so we can fly to the UK to spend a week at my mums place. Ahh civilisation, with proper food (sausages) and something to do on boxing Day. and Snow. It's bloody freezing in Reykjavik, but there is no snow at all! the UK seems to stolen it all. Bastards.

    Also by being my general cool self, i have now officially patched things up with my Father in Law after not being on speaking terms with him for nearly 6 months. It would take far too long to go into the whys and hows on here, but it was causing a lot of tension an melodrama amongst Siggas siblings. But they now all think i'm great and wise and stuff. Suckers.

    I've also agreed to take on a third job, which i may have done while out drinking last night. After the new year i will be... a doorman at my local bar! I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for as everything i know about being a doorman i learnt from "Roadhouse"....

    I just have a couple of small music reviews to do before Monday and that will be me for this year. And it certainly has been a strange one.

    Everybody be cool y'all.....
    • CommentAuthorelricj
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    I'm currently relaxing, about to play a few games of League of Legends, then do some reading (working thru Stieg Larsson's trilogy).

    my week... well, the last couple weeks have been plagued with on/off tire issue on my car - first they claimed it was corrosion, then rim, tonight they found a tiny little nail, that "barely" pierced the tire. I wish i lived somewhere I didn't need the damn thing. on the upside, friends took me to Tron:Legacy last night. You already know how the film goes, it was still fun. Grabbed the soundtrack and that's quite good actually.
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    Tell me what you're doing:
    I'm at work, (as usual), on my lunch break. Last day of the quarter, starting tomorrow, I actually get to have one half of the weekend off! Get to spend time with my ladyfriend. She moves in this spring, and things are looking good.

    tell me what you're planning
    Bought a Wii Fit recently, seems to be the only thing that motivates me to exercise, and mostly by guilting me into it and humiliating me for being overweight. It works. Planning on losing at least 5lbs every month to start, and see how it goes from there. I'm on a good start.

    tell me how your week went
    Woke up this morning with sex. Can't beat that.

    Also, sent out Christmas packages this morning, since I won't be seeing any family or even my daughter until after holdiays are over.

    Recently aquired free VIP tickets to see Flogging Molly. Ever since I stumbled in on a free show they were playing in a bar at a Crystal Method concert back in '96, I've been a fan. It'll be nice seeing them for free again. Taking as many friends as I can drag along.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    This last week was alright. Lots of time with family, which has been largely pleasant for a change recently, and got to spend the day with a really great friend of mine yesterday. Tomorrow is more family stuff, a somewhat annual christmas event about an hour away. My father will be driving me, my little brother, and his girlfriend there and back. Therefore I will drink all of their alcohol.

    Tonight I have to finish up some christmas postcards to mail out monday. Probably wont reach anyone by christmas, but whatever. I tried D:<

    Saturday Night Open Mic (11dec10)

    So long 2010. I hope 2011 is more awesomer.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Was woken up in the middle of the night by an unbearable pain in my lower back. It's stayed with me, so I didn't get much done today, other than read and watch dvds. There was snowing of apocalyptic dimensions earlier, so I would have stayed in anyway, I suppose. Probably would have done something other than going from the bed to the couch all day, though...I didn't feel all that bad about it, I have to say. Finished a track with which I was really happy last night, so I didn't feel a lot of pressure today. Had a bit of time to study for my PhD, as well. Shouldn't be complaining really.
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    It's all a chaotic mix of OK and FUBAR at the moment. I don't quite know whether I'm coming or going anywhere. There's snow outside. I'm supposed to be stacking shelves in a supermarket for three days next week. The Inland Revenue have sent me a large sum of money in overpaid tax, which I wasn't expecting and am very happy about, given that I've been spending money like water over the last few weeks. It's a kind of get out of jail card. I have to be incredibly disciplined not to go and blow it on a new Fender Jag. Am also watching some thing on Discovery about two guys doing up a Triumph Stag, and am starting to lust after a classic car...

    But work's been hell, am way behind where I should be, will get quite heavy after Christmas, I'm fairly depressed and my partner seems to be too... Eldest daughter hasn't had a good time in her first term at her new school, have a sense her teacher is trying to knock her down all the time - apparently she was told 'you might think you're the cleverest in the school but it means nothing if you can't work in a group', I agree she needs to learn to collaborate better, but Christ, I had a teacher pull some shit like that with me when I was about 12 and it killed my confidence totally for the next 10 years. She's also really struggled to make friends. I worry about her, not sure what to do without making it worse.

    If I can get through next week, and if the snow holds off, we'll be in the Cotswolds for Christmas with my parents and sister. Which will be nice. If the snow carries on, we'll be stuck here, which won't be quite as cool...

    Have a wonderful whatever it is you'll all do...
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Hello Warren

    Currently ruminating a review of 2010 and slowly realising I lost all the superawesome self confidence I had gained right after my stroke. Where did it go? No clue. Why did it leave? No clue either.
    It's like I was a fucking ray of sunshine for quite a while and poof, gone.
    Would fix this with a 6 months sleep if I could, but I can't.
    Luckily I hate feeling that down - I even hate talking about it right now - so i know I'll fix this. 2011 sounds good.
    For now, sleep.

    Merry xmas y'all.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Good evening,
    Doing - Currently having an existential crisis. Happiest I have been all week as I am thinking... Inspired by being exposed to some great questioning of the relationship between fictional characters & their creators, something I'm interested in & amusingly, with life imitating art, it's a very similar topic to the one I was writing about earlier today. Fictional constructs, reality. The role of the reader, and how far (or how sweetly) that is manipulated.
    Week - Busy, cold, oceans of snow fell and life has just been full of conflict, people's ego's, wading through everyone else's stress levels, highlight was spending time with a dear friend yesterday, yet shit as her mother is battling cancer. I sat and watched 'It's A Wonderful Life' earlier this evening with Tyra, sobbing into her fur, that film is worth six months therapy. Started a tmblr blog, got pissed off about ethics, Assange and the apathetic lack of decent journalism. Failed at communicating.
    Planning - I haven't sorted out New Year's Eve yet and am not the least bit bothered this year. I'll deal with it the day before. I plan champagne and getting drunk, the context and surroundings are the variables. My planning energy is all tied up in writing. Do intend to see Catfish, if the snow melts. Sometimes plans are the best way of ensuring things go wrong. I'd like to plan not to screw up, but that won't happen. See - no point in planning.

    Sunday morning edit:
    MERRY XMAS everyone. Sorry for being utterly miserable last night - hope you all have a great holiday season however you celebrate.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Merry Christ!! Mas (Sorry, Glukkake made me do it.)
    Anyways. mixed week here. Nothing exciting to report. Reorganzing the studio, getting shit ready for Xmas... Tonight I am working, and have a terrific headache, and have had 4 hours of sleep. I shall go sit in the house living room, and read Ship Breaker, and hope no one goes into crisis. Hope I can get a little more sleep tonight and get rid of this headache. My only plans at this point involve sleep and lots of it. And redoing my kitchen next month.
    And, oh yeah, look like I'll be missing the lunar eclipse Mon night/Tues morning., since it'll be snowing her. Bleah.
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    Started a new job, got the best apartment I've ever had (it comes with a labrador retriever), and listed my childhood on eBay as part of my move-out. It's going for a good price, but I'm happier that it's going to people who are going to really love it.

    I'm wearing a Santa hat and eating Jameson whisky truffles. Life's alright tonight. Still restless, still hungry, still angry, but yeah: merry christmas, or whatever's lighting your nights.
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    Hello Mr Internet Batman, hello fellow cohorts and miscreants.

    First week of unemployment finished and in that time I was interviewed (and attended a second interview) for a job as a Marketing Assistant... which I turned down. Shit hours, shit annual leave entitlement, shit pay packet, shit industry. As soon as I found out the hours I tried to grab a higher wage to no avail. I'm not going to grab the first job that comes along just because it's convenient. I can spend some time sniffing out a job that I actually want.

    I got a few leads from a freelancer about possible layout/design work. I'll follow those up next week. Hopefully 2011 will be better than this shitty year. Nothing would make me happier than working from home and earning exorbitant amounts of money. We'll see how that turns out.
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    Day 12 of the Flupocalypse. Not nearly as exciting as I thought it might be. That, combined with lack of sleep, has pretty much resulted in complete lack of productivity or drive to do anything. If it's the same thing I had in September, it took 3 weeks to work through that one.

    A friend sent me a bottle of this:

    Balvenie Caribbean Cask

    ...Which I pretty much can't touch until my body can properly appreciate it again. I'm going to be really annoyed if I can't tap that by NYE.

    That's about the most exciting thing going on with me right now (not that Single Malt Scotch isn't exciting). Well, I've got a custom brush pack that I'm putting out for free for Photoshop, but that's waiting until I'm actually feeling productive enough to finish out the tutorial, so that probably doesn't count.

    I would kill for a good burger right now.

    Thanks for the congregation space, Warren.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    It's been raining for a couple days and I tuned in my Nujabes station on Pandora in hopes of listening to some trippy sampling from the likes of MF Doom, DJ Krush, People under the Stairs, etc. But it's pulling from a somewhat more R&B corner of hiphop. }:/ drowning it out is my mom yelling at my BB. Comes down to he's a spoiled git and I'm with her on the yelling. Problem is, because *she* trained him to be a spoiled git the yelling is fairly pointless. Y'all think you might know someone who is fundamentally incapable of realizing he's done something wrong, but my BB takes the fucking cake. Piss... I don't want to talk about that.

    Reset: It's raining. It's a week before Christmas. I'm broke. It's been mostly quiet around the house, but it's getting noisier because mom is now on vacation and people are getting into the holiday tizzy of shopping and parties etc. [Pause for phone call with friend. That was nice. Committed to giving her a ride, but I miss her and can hang tomorrow with cool peeps. Could be far worse.] So as I said I'm broke, and there are holiday events. I live far from them and I drive a gas guzzler and, oh yeah, gas prices are spiking. Really, really not sure how I'll fit everything in to the third of a tank of gas and remaining $5 I have.

    I keep going back and forth with classes, workshops, coaching and demo sessions for getting a move on with putting together the ground work for voice work. Not sure what is the best avenue, everyone insists *their* class or workshop or whatever is the best/most important. I can't begin to pay for any of it but my mom will help. And I feel like such a heel that this is the way it's gotta go. I'm practically middle aged for fuck's sake. So if I can't even wipe my own ass without help then I have simply got to make sure this business gets done in the most efficient way possible. *shoves down yet another panic attack*

    Party tonight. Good peope, good everything, particularly excellent whiskey. Of course I have to slalom through aforementioned rain and of course holiday traffic, which is always severe. So the party is the reward for not dying. At least I have some wine I can offer so I don't show up empty handed. And maybe I can even think of how to answer "so what have you been up to" that won't make me sound like the lazy bloodsucking jerk that I am in the hour and a half it'll take me to drive there.

    Oh also, shocked & amazed that Don't Ask don't Tell was finally repealed. It's a bummer that the Dream act failed, but my cynicism of the Senate such that I started today assuming both would be voted down. So I'll whatever victory I can find.