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    Doing: Trying to stay caught up with everything. And not go broke from the presents/bills/etc.

    Planning: Surviving Christmas is a start. I'm fairly certain that I'm not going to get any of my personal projects until after the new year sometime.

    How week went: Generally good. Went to a tea party at my neighbors. Ate at a vague relative's today. This morning my mom and I watched some guys scramble to get back on land after setting up for ice fishing much too early in the season. Apparently the lake freezes over nightly and then during the day the ice breaks up and is pushed by the wind until the ice has frozen over sufficiently to stay where it is. And it's only been freezing over for a week or two by now. Other than that, it's been quiet.
    • CommentAuthorJECole
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Recovering from a nasty case of the flu which knocked me on my arse for four days that I'm combating with an aggressive course of antibiotics.

    I feel like a bloody zombie, and I haven't been able to write or draw in days. Pisses me off no end.

    I would kill for a glass of single malt whiskey right about now.

    Fuck, I would kill for a few hours of bloody lucidity:(

    *edited for clarity
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    I got a whole point to myself in SFX Magazine's "Fantastic Four Reboot" wishlist. So I did a lap of honour around Fobidden Planet* because now thousands of people have the opportunity to see in print that I want demented spectacle and space gods in funny hats.

    * not really.

    Compliments of the season!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Made tons of cookies today with the wife, ate a ton of sushi for dinner. The semester is finished, so I'm going to spend some time this weekend catching up on some Thomas Dolby related concepting work for a really cool subproject that I want to share with you, but just can't right now. Story of this year for me, but I certainly could have worse problems to deal with.
    Here's my official holiday card, filled with manifesto and right angles and Constructivist energy. Have a good holiday season, all. Hugs to all, more to some!
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    oh my god, guys. the last 24 hours have been a bumper crop of awesome. i got a new personal best in tetris, and my first ever pair of combat boots, and the most amazing present-from-a-sister ever, and unexpected praise for some recent work i did, and it's not even 10pm.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    I had an eye problem recently. Seems to have cleared up but still.

    My sister got in contact with the family for the first time in twelve years (? Might be a bit more) so that's ... um ... interesting. When asked what I would say to her when I finally saw her, my answer was "Where the hell were you?" What else can one say?

    Happy Festival Time or whatever. I'm off to get DRUNK and I'm so not joking. Peace out, y'all.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    I had a good week. I bought a car, I turned 31, and I drank some good beers.
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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Doing: just got home from watching Tron and Walk Hard
    Planning: to see Tron Legacy in 12 hours
    Week went: smooth. The only thing of note that I did was send a 2CD compilation of bands from my town made in 1997 to a girl in Texas.
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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Evening, Interstellar Rasputin of the Series of Tubes and/or Webz
    Tell me what you're doing, tell me what you're planning, tell me how your week went. Speak now.
    Another quick week. All the napping this month has made the days fly by. My windshield fogged up like crazy this morning on the freeway but I didn't die on the road so I call that a win and I'm ready to stay in bed for the next 24 hours.

    Also I was doing some x-mas shopping this week and one of those kiosk skanks at the mall grabbed me and I ended up buying expensive shit from her. She wasn't even that cute. Felt pretty pissed and victimized after. This made me realize I have been distracted and have forgotten what I am about so I turned to George Carlin for guidance and it all started coming back to me. I've been too nice and gentle and it's just not healthy. Time to get angry again and fuck shit up :D

    anyway, I am planning to just draw moar Space Shark going into the new year, and I don't know... I hope this coming year is finally the one where I sack up and get myself a table at a comic show, I dunno what the fuck for. But yeah, lot of great, amazing events happened this year along with some stupid-goddamn-piece-of-shit events. One way or another everything balances the fuck out, ha.

    Take her easy, Whitechapel. Long live the Batman. Get angry and make shit.
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    So I've spent the past year casually dating this girl. About three months in I fell completely head over heels in love with her. And because I suck at life, things ended between us on Monday. So I've spent the past week in a perpetual state of near total emotional breakdown, where I've been able to keep it together, barely, at work, and then immediately fall apart again as soon as I got home. Culminating last night with me drinking two glasses of red wine at the office christmas party, grabbing a bottle of rum on the way home and drinking about half of it in under an hour, all on a mostly empty stomach, and then calling her and leaving a couple of voice mails before vomiting. Thankfully she did call me back, and we talked for a bit, and I'm in a slightly better place than I was about the whole thing, but I still hate my life. She's the love of my life, and I can't have her, and while she still wants to be friends, and I want to still be friends with her because I want her in my life in some capacity, the thought of seeing her but not being able to hold her or kiss her or smell her hair just hurts too much. And apparently that was part of the problem, because she didn't want to be needed the way that I need her. And I tried really hard to stay somewhat aloof, but I only seem to have two modes: Perpetual loner who doesn't need anyone, and is content to just do shit by himself, and needy, possessive, emotionally dependent crazy guy. I was thoroughly in the first mode when I met her, and switched to the second some time in June, and that's when things started to break (except for a period in the summer right after I broke my shoulder in a bicycle accident, where things seemed to be going fantastic between us).

    I'm going to be incredibly selfish this Christmas and just avoid my family altogether. It hasn't really meant anything to me in years, and this year especially I just can't go through the motions for them. I'm going to try and go camping up Mt. Pinos by myself, but there's a pretty massive rainstorm that's moved in and is supposed to last until Thursday, so it's possible that the campgrounds will be closed due to snow.

    In the good things column: The promotion and raise that I was promised back in fucking APRIL is FINALLY going through on the 31st. But they'll only retro the pay increase through the month of December, which is pretty lame.

    This is what I look like today.
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    I just got home from Christmas shopping. seven hours in two malls and a shopping area in the city and I ended up getting two things for myself and a whole heap of frustration on not being able to figure out what people I know would like. But my stuff is nice. A shirt and Two-Step. Thumbs up to both. Tonight will probably be an episode of Star Trek and an early bed time, as I'm going to try out boxing lessons for the first time tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it!

    For the holidays, I intend to stay in shape, go on snowy hikes in Muskoka, where my cottage is, sort out what I'm going to be doing for 2011. This year was an AMAZING step in the right direction. Now to keep walking.

    This week was amazing and busy. Got a surprise invite to see Priscilla Queen Of The Desert again, which was hilarious. Watched an advanced screening of Tron which was full of pretty lasers and had the office building Christmas party where I gorged myself on ungodly amounts of fancy cheese and discovered that smoked salmon and salami do indeed make a good combination for a sandwich.

    Also I sent of a few print orders from the one-day half off sale, which is always great. It's interesting, with the cost of printing and shipping, I really don't make much from those orders. But it's more important to me that someone loves my work enough to want it hanging in their living space. Great feeling and it makes me happy that I can provide something for them.

    Oh! I also bottled my home brew! Proud moment for us all.

    Right, I should probably start watching Star Trek or something. I shall leave you with my officialish holiday greeting card that I took just half an hour ago.

    See you all in 2011.

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    Doing: Digesting bangers and mash and Delirium Noel. Admiring my 2 foot tall apartment xmas tree I just decorated in a very short time. Basking in repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

    Planning: A peaceful Christmas with absolutely no family. A not so peaceful New Years with old friends.

    The week: A drunken few days in Aspen. Had to get a tow over Vail Pass to get home to Denver. Got stranded a night in tiny Frisco; crashed at hotel run by Eastern Europeans that had an impressive spa/sauna installed in a room. Sinking feeling an ulcer is moving in.

    Here is a picture I made of my cat in Tron:

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    Hello, World.
    Just got done from a nice decent shift at work, as business has picked up, and I feel satisfied with things, as if things are settling down into the land of How Things Should Be.
    I also got to a higher level than 86 in infinity blade, killed the bad guy, and feel pretty happy for having found a fighty game that I don't suck at. I got to open some Christmas presents early (yays!), and it's been nice seeing old friends who ran off to college come back with their amazing stories, which seem to involve the phrase 'biomedical engineering' a lot. I can't wait until my art classes start (uhm. Yeh. I'm geeked about a class on art business which will do a good job covering copyright laws. I may be insane). Most of my Christmas shopping is done, now all that's left to do is housekeeping.

    Today I'm rather happy, because my mom learned how to update her iPad's OS ALL BY HERSELF! Huzzah! I am so proud of her, for being able to set up an ipad and update it without needing me to be right there. She's been also reading her manual for it, I think, which is also cool. And she still loves it, so that bank account eating fiendish tablet is probably the best (early) Christmas gift I've ever gotten her.

    I have food, caffeine, and I'm ready for the holidays.
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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Job interview for a job I'll probably get but don't want (will have to take it if offered or else lose the unemployment benefit as despite some other opportunities which are quite promising they're not certainties but taking the job will probably mean these opportunities can't be taken), boxing, brewery birthday party, costume hunting, shaving off most of my body hair and having my body painted for said costume, own birthday party, being soundly mocked for romantic failures. My week in a nutshell. Oh, and I suppose lots of exercise but that's really a given.

    Attempting to work out how I can make Christmas not suck for myself. Somehow I need to avoid the obligatory church attendance with family and the totally unnecessary early morning trip on the 24th to where Christmas will be held because apparently many things need to be done. Fucked if I know what actually needs to be done up there that can't be done elsewhere while avoiding the early morning. Also, why do people have to make Christmas stressful when it really doesn't need to be?
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    I'm sitting on the couch with a cat on my feet, something babbling on the TV. My head hurts a touch cause I'm tired, drank, and made myself do a little more socializing then I needed to try near a Holiday (I saw Santa tonight. I didn't have a flask on me.) My neck is stiff. I'm looking so forward to a nap.

    I'm not in planning mode. I made half the presents I needed to, I need to make more, but probably make up some kind of Pagan Christmas that happens i the middle of January so I don't feel I'm in trouble for not getting everyone's gifts prepared. I plan to drink, eat peppermint sticks, be a poor-ass fucker, get a few x-mas presents, and not to be the least bit hard on myself as I create almost nothing in January, aka the month of hibernation.

    My week was incredibly dull. I enjoy work being quiet, but my brain was so scattered, promises kept falling through the swiss-cheese of my brain, I tried to make up for it by looking cute, but I hate smiling when I'm not in a good mood. I did some re-organizing of my cave, slept iffy, and was very pleased to be able to keep my house much warmer this year. Its cold, but not like last year, things worked out slightly better heat-wise.

    I will be hiding from everyone till this Christmas is over. My phone will be off. Then whimper because I wish I could have the free food without all the drama and emotional SWING of the Holi-Dayz themselves.
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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    'Mummy, why was the man in that lorry shouting and waving his arms like that? He looked very upset. Was it because he was going so slowly?'

    'Well Timmy, i think it may have been because lorrys don't usually go down hills sideways like that'

    We have had a little weather here.

    It is now half past five in the morning and i'm off to Peterborough in a little white seven and a half tonner.

    I must like it, otherwise why would i keep doing it...
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Working retail puts a real damper on the holiday spirit. Been teetering on the edge of going into full depression mode for a couple weeks now, and it's not being helped by the extra work of keeping a bakery ready for Christmas. Very tired, and ready to get out of this month.
    Thinking a little about last year's posts around this time. How I was so adamant about starting to do something w/ my life, and I've failed. Still in the same job, still having the same emotional problems, still haven't even got caught up on all the medical shit I need done. I'm not promising anything anymore.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    @David Lejeune - I feel your pain. I had a "love" that went bad. 27 years later - she looks like her mom. Don't let this consume you. Sometimes things happen, and new better relationships can start.

    Daughter had her last day of preschool this year Friday. That's a win. We did a kid's birthday party this morning and it was so charming. The party boy's mom is from Sweden and pretty cool. They had a lady "clown" in Tinker Belle drag and it worked for the kids moreso than Spiderman would have ... The boys were entranced and polite...

    Our Franco-Japanese friends left for France and our Yankee-Japanese friends came in from Japan. We put out an invitation for the tot's 5th birthday next month. We even bought a Hawaiian getaway for us this March. I rarely indulge but as we're a bit richer now even post job loss (it's complicated). I'm going to salt some ready cash away to surprise the wife and escape to Japan as well - shhhh! it will be a a surprise. I have a cunning plan.

    We do Christmas by eating at a fine restaurant for dinner as we're Buddhist Jews. I've an awesome Ultraman goodie package for my daughter she isn't expecting. She totally has been bitching that 8 days of Hanukah aren't enough. So why not?

    Off to bed ...
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    The week was a bit stressful. Finals week at school, and I'm a procrastinator. Luckily I had no big tests this semester. But I had art projects. Oh so many art projects. I don't deserve any better than a C in sculpture. I didn't finish a thing. But after talking to the professor, I'm pretty sure I'm getting an A-. I'm filled with guilt and happiness. We both know I bit off more than I could chew with my final conceptual self portrait (a Barbie-like doll with my proportions), and no one else finished with our limestone carving either, but still. I could have done better, and I know it. That A- will be my lowest grade, perhaps tied with math. Still, I should have done better.
    Mostly I've been distracted by this newfound boyfriend thing I have. It's a different sort of distraction than I'm used to. A better sort, probably. As I rode home today my mom asked me a few questions about him. She asked what he did before coming to school. I mentioned that he worked for his Aunt that grows medical marijuana in California, and painted houses among other things. I did not mention that he found God through an acid trip, or that he's covered in tattoos, or that the only reason he goes to church is he wants to get into BYU for cheap. Still, she doesn't want me to be exclusive. No surprise there.
    Anyway, the best part of my week was the morning before last when we slept in until 11 despite everything I had to do. If I told any of my family or most any of my friends that I'd slept in a boy's with him on multiple occasions they would be extremely worried and make me feel incredibly guilty despite the fact I didn't do anything. So I'm telling you instead. It was lovely.
    Plans are mostly this graphic novel I've got in my head. And some other art pieces.
    Right now I'm going to watch a movie.
      CommentAuthorMild Maynyrd
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010 edited
    Mr. Ellis... Whitechapel'ers... hello.

    What I'm doing:

    I'm at home, sitting on my couch after a night of work work work. My girl is passed out beside me, her legs curled behind my back and one hand oddly twisted up behind her head. It looks insanely uncomfortable. She's a heavy sleeper though... I could probably blast some "Reign In Blood" right now on the house stereo and she'd roll over only slightly, to an even more uncomfortable position. Me, on the other hand, I wake at the fucking drop of a skin cell. Some Iron Man show from the 1990's is on the TV; something involving The Mandarin giving one of his rings to MODOK after becoming enslaved to some band of ruthless Middle-Eastern thieves. Now he's going around the globe collecting his rings or something. I dunno. The glow of the X-Mas lights is my favorite thing about this time of the year. I turn them all on and shut off every single other light. They provide a nice ambiance. I'm a fan of low lighting to begin with, throw in multi-colored lighting and I'm all for it. I was just hopping on my laptop to post my 2010 mix on here, and a couple other places, and e-mail it to some friends who I know will enjoy it.

    What I'm planning:

    I recently made the mistake of officially starting the first draft of my first ever novel. HA. It's a tall mountain to climb, but I've been through much, much more challenging things in my life and I'm better for each and every one. It's probably too bold of a concept, and I probably don't have the chops to pull it off, but dammit I'm gonna try! I don't want to explain it fully here (that would take waaay to long and I feel it should be unknown to the reader); I will say it involves the realization that I'm an "eternalist", the String Theory, human history, "control systems", and some guy called "Mr. Eight"... tell me about it. I was reading an interview with Burroughs while doing pre-draft 1 research, investigating exactly how his process worked. I don't think I can attack a novel in the conventional way just in the sense that it isn't how I work. Luckily, the concept I'm shooting for doesn't necessarily punish a more unconventional process; in fact, it might be built for that. I'm also putting something together for submission to resident stream-o-conscious rap guru Texture for his mag version of Weaponizer. Musically, I just finished those couple mixtapes, along with my second B.I.G. remix album this summer, so I'm probably taking some time off to write before digging in for my third solo album, hopefully my first full length, as Mild Maynyrd. When I get into creating an album, or a song, it just fucking consumes my life. Everything else gets put on hold like an addict of uncut junk. For now, the novel will be taking up majority of my creative time.

    How my week went:

    A little insane. Just a little. I manage a pizza joint over here in the middle of North America. Long story short, I was working the other night with this Rastafarian dude (hell of a guy), just him and I, and the bastard got held up at fucking gunpoint. "Gimme everything you got or I'm gonna ice ya", is apparently what the guy said to him right off the bat, pointing something at him from under his jacket. Rastaman couldn't believe what was happening, the only thing he could think to say was, "what??". Well, this just pissed off the robber more. So he pulled out his piece, just a little I guess, and flashed Rastaman his gun-metal. You know, that dull but somehow shiny black gun-metal? That was enough for Rastaman to throw everything he had at the guy immediately. So he grabbed it and ran. Funny part is, besides the guy using "ice" as a kill/shoot synonym, Rastaman watched him run the whole way... all one block to his parked black Caddy sitting nicely under a street light after sundown. So Rastaman records the plate number and the make, and calls the cops immediately. The culprit popped up in their system right away. Two days later (after Rastaman had to go downtown to finger the guy in an old-school dark room/light room lineup) he was arrested. They say people do desperate things during the holiday season. A local bar I live probably 3 miles from was also robbed at bar close a couple days earlier. Some crazy dude waited 'til everyone was good and drunk and waltzed in there waiving a fucking .45 around threatening to off anyone who didn't do what he said. I was pretty damn paranoid after Rastaman got robbed. He was obviously very shaken up and I sent him home immediately. I kept the place open for a bit longer, but found myself looking over my shoulder constantly in the back-alley and re-locking the doors repeatedly like a first-time tripper.

    So yeah, that was interesting.