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    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Doing: Sorting through photos from one of the best events I've been to this year. FC had some photos in a gallery show here in LA, and it was close to my home, so I went. Only planned to pop in, look at the photos and leave, but in addition to some frankly amazing urban exploration photography the gallery space itself was brilliant, and there was a lineup of bands playing that just genuinely killed. I ended up staying several hours, talked to several of the photographers, took some unfortunately shakey photos myself (trying not to use a flash in a dim environment was a mistake) and got home late.

    Planning: Put a deposit down on a new apartment, I'll be moving at the end of January, just a few blocks north of my current location. I'm really looking forward to it as, though my current building is good, the neighborhood is grim and the fire station down the street keeps issuing forth engines to plague my peace. I'm sure I wouldn't mind the sirens if I was ON FIRE, but so far have been fortunate in this respect, so the blaring and wailing is less welcome. The new place is in a much nicer building, but it is smaller, and I'll need to shed a lot of stuff. This is good, as I want to shed stuff anyway, and now have the needed external motivator.

    Meeting with a friend on Monday to talk about a possible partnership in a software startup as an on-the-side thing we both hope might become a real income. I'm not fully mentally invested in this right now though, which could be bad news. We'll see how the gears move after I talk to him.

    That would be one front of a three fronted attack on 2011. The other two are a short lofiscifi film, as I've been yammering about that for a year now and need to just jump in and do it, and a fiction writing self-challenge, to put out a (probably awful) short story every week. I need to get a head start on that and I'm already behind.

    Did a bunch of work on all these fronts a week ago, but have stalled again in the run-up to the holidays.

    It's possible I may have a date in January. As in, taking a girl out to something. This has become a rare occurrence, so may require some planning as well.

    Week: was good. Low key at work. Rainy and cold, which always lifts my spirits (not a joke). Have got a lot of unanticipated goodwill directed my way in the last few days and am pretty grateful for it, it has been a decent close to the year.

    Let's have a staring contest...

    Let's have a staring contest

    I WIN!
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    what you're doing

    I am currently eating my leftover Japanese food from Lunch with the boy that i never got to finish whilst at work... It has been reheated twice as i tried to eat it when i got home about 4 hours ago, but fell asleep instead. But fried rice that is tasty 'fresh' is tasty when reheated and chicken tempura is always good. Also the boy is currently om nom nomming my hips whilst i type... >_<;

    tell me what you're planning

    I am planning very little... My friend is supposed to have a burlesque show tomorrow that I am supposed to attend but i've heard nothing on it. So likely i'll end up trying to shop for the paper for my origami gifts.

    tell me how your week went

    OH lord my week... has been busy, Tomorrow is my last day off until Christmas, which i work the 26th and 27th... So... I can't even really attend most the parties I know of... let alone get the clothes needed for things like the masquerade. However i may get to see old friends who are in town, which is all i want.

    He's distracting me >_<; So... see ya later WC have a wonderful holiday!
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    @DavidLejeune- We are in similar positions, my friend. Oh yes. Only the casual was three years; the breaking off over a year ago wasn't breaking as much as expecting me to be ok with the fact that we'd never been exlusive, evidently; and since then I've been trying to convince myself I could be friends with the only person who engulfed me to the point that I didn't randomly pop out with sentences in the middle of kissing and actually made my chattering brain shut the fuck up for the first time in my life, but instead failing by bursting into sobs withing 12 hours of seeing him in person. Yes, for over a year now, we've been in a holding pattern of slow-motion doom through emails, phone calls, and the occasional face to face encounter.

    I, too, will be bailing on family this year. What makes it extra awkward is that I'm living at aunt's house, which is where everyone convenes on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be my birthday. I have no friends to hang out with, I don't have a car, I've very little money, and I'm still hearbroken. I was thinking of going into the city by myself, but my brain-swelling Lyme Disease headache won't fucking go away and the only thing that keeps it bearable is laying flat on my back. This will be interesting.

    Mummenshanz is on tour, so I might just stuff myself with painkillers, wake up before dusk for a change, and throw myself out into the world to see the wacky interpretive troupe for a Manhattan matinee on Christmas Eve, and then do the same thing on Christmas Day to see the Pee Wee Herman Show.

    Even if my ears bleed from the effort, it'd still be the best Christmas I'd had in many years.

    I'm afraid to buy the tickets ahead of time, because I'm still afraid of my brain, afraid of my headache, afraid that I'd be securing myself into two days of lonliness, afraid of hoping avoiding the insane notion that he might somehow fix everything in the next 4 days and want to join me.

    head.... hurts.
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    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    This past week has been uneventful, but my week ahead consists of very little work, so I should be able to go out and take some new photos, which is something I haven't done in a good long while. That and be fucking lazy, another thing I haven't done in a while. Also, x'mas dinner with the family. I may be an atheist, but I won't turn down some good grub and a chance to suit up again (no bow tie this time though).

    Speaking of grub, my new year's eve plans include hanging out with my closest friends and having a BBQ. Best damn way to ring in 2011, I tell you.

    This is me with my new, mohawk-free buzzcut:
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Doing? Sitting. Reading. Gaming. Gambling. Just relaxing, really. Was down the road a couple of hours earlier, playing pool and drinking beer with some of the workmates. It was a soggy experience, it's been raining steadily for a few days now. It's later in the evening than I thought it was, so I probably won't do much else.

    Planning? I'm not. Just letting ideas roll around in my head for now. I'm looking for a new place to live, a new partner. I have a couple of letters to write to friends, and I'm clearing out the muck that is the day-to-day so I can look at how I'm really feeling, and be emotional and honest, rather than some brand of smart-arse-ery.

    Oh, I am planning an Orphan Christmas. There's a few of us at work who don't have anything to do for the day, so I'm going to host something in my flat, and hopefully the weather will be kind and we'll be able to use the verandah. I intend to roast chickens and potatoes and pork belly.

    My week was wonderful and horrible at the same time. I took off down the coast with a mate, and went fishing for a few days. Drank a bit, swam in the ocean, it was nice. As well, though, Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of the death of my father. He died after a work site accident, in a hospital. I was alone with him when he left, and obviously it's a traumatic experience, and this time of year is hard now.

    I'd just like to say thank you, Warren and Ariana, for encouraging and curating a place like Whitechapel. Good luck with the holidays and the new year.
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    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    I moved my family into the new house yesterday. After 6 weeks of hotels and hauling suitcases from country to country we have a place to call home. Today that's enough for me.