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    I have, wonderfully, managed to pick up some weird eye infection as well as this weird creeping flu thing that's been stalking me for the last week. And being trapped indoors all week by weather and other bullshit means my allergy count is insane and I've been waking up unable to breathe for the last few days. The snow's hit hard, the ice is on its way, and we have an aged and infirm relative who'll probably be unable to travel for the next week. I've just got a FREAKANGELS script off to William, and that's me done for the year. Whitechapel will be on low power until New Year.

    So: happy holidays, to all you that observe them, and we'll see you on the other side. Hopefully with both eyes.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Thanks Warren,

    Hope your eye is ok, but it's understandable if they need to replace it by means of ancient, evil ritual.

    Remember, Whitechapel: If you gaze long into the abyss, Warren's eye also gazes into you. It just got really cold and hopeless in here. Plus my soul hurts.

    Happy Holidays, sir! May they be filled with future weapons and demon eyes.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Thanks for keeping the power on at this internet pitstop as much as you have. You've had quite the year, and amidst it, you've still made great stuff happen here. Much appreciated, have a good holiday season.
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    So the great burning eye of Warren is turning away from us? Does that mean we run amok and break things?

    Wow, even I am amazed at the level of dorkiness that I just spewed out.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    I hope the rest of the year finds you better Warren.

    Maybe if you make more big movie deals you can move some place warm and dry.
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    An eyepatch is the mark of a great man.

    Feel better, evil overlord, and enjoy your rest.
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    Rest well and enjoy the coming days as you see fit.
    We'll see you on the other side, sir.

    And as always, thanks for having us.
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    Try to relax and get better soon, sir.
    • CommentAuthorSteadyUP
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010

    Everything will be alright.
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Get well, we're better people because of Whitechapel. Thanks to you and Avatar and Ariana.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    I thought things looked a little dimmer in here.
    I'd like to add my thanks to Warren, Avatar, and Ariana, for this place. Probably the most civil message board I've ever belonged to. Warren, get better. Merry Xmas all, and a happy and safe new year.
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Sending feel better vibes and "meilleurs voeux".
    And indeed, thank you, Avatar and Ariana for Whitechapel, reading kperkins made me realise it's the only board i regularly check and enjoy reading.
    Merry Xmas everyone, stay safe and stay warm.
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Ouch. Some of the worst pain I've ever had to endure was from an eye injury, so hopefully that infection you've got isn't too bad, I'd hate for you to have to go through anything like I did.

    I hope you have a relaxing and healing holiday, sir.
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Get well and thanks for all that you do. I'm glad I discovered this place, it's interjected little extra fun in to this last year,look forward to what's in store for the new year.
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Eye infections aren't fun. Not even when they make the white of the eye go totally bloodshot so you look like Jonah Hex, as happened to me in college. So get well soon!
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    As someone who was temporally blinded by a scratch cornea, I can sympathise, but its amazing how much the human body can heal. Have a good Christmas & New year and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the new year!
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Take good care and keep breathing. I know how it is with the allergies when we can't open up to get fresh air in the place. I don't even want to think about how that's multiplied by the flu factor.

    Be Well!
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Thanks for all your work on 'Whitechapel' Warren. I've met some amazing folk and opened my mind to lots of exciting possibilities over the course of the last year, and it's hard to imagine how that may have happened without Whitechapel.

    Hope the eye gets better, if not... deed poll? Wotan Ellis?
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    All the very best to the staff and my fellow Whitechapeliers.

    @Neil, Redbullbeard?
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2010
    Many happy returns of the season - keep wrapped up and comfy...