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    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010 edited
    Cover to RED: EYES ONLY

    Hey, guys, Cully Hamner here. Today's the day that my prequel to Warren's and my original RED comic, RED: EYES ONLY (which I both wrote AND illustrated) hits the shelves. It's one of the last Wildstorm books ever. I'd so appreciate it if you gave it a whirl.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    Excellent! Been waiting for this, will pick it up for sure. Good year for you and Warren, Cully; kudos.
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    Much appreciated, guys. BTW, Newsarama has a review...
    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    ...And here's another from CBR. :)
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    Picked it up today. Nice one Cully, enjoyed it very much.
    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    Thanks! Really appreciate you saying so...
    • CommentAuthorJECole
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2011
    Nice work Cully. I hope this leads to you eventually writing and illustrated more of your own materiel.
    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2011
    Me, too! Thanks. :)
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    i enjoyed this very much thank you. wish you and mr. rucka were still cranking out the question as well it's much missed. look forward to your next project whatever it may be.
    • CommentAuthorCGaijin
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2011
    Appreciate that. And yeah, I was disappointed with our Question run ending when it did, as well, but them's the breaks. Can't talk about my next project yet, but I don't think you'll be disappointed!