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    Alright, a few hours ago, when I got to work, I was told an inmate on my housing unit had a seizure earlier in the shift, but because nobody saw it actually happen, that he had faked it. The inmate had a cut on his forehead, and it was decided that he must have been in a fight, and the "seizure story" was an attempt to cover it up.

    Ignoring the fact that this white supremacist inmate had a serious history of violence, that there would be no way for this inmate to be hit in the face that hard without causing a serious violent incident on the unit that no one could have missed.

    I was told not "to bother medical unless the inmate was having a seizure."

    When I got to work, I was informed that medical had already seen the inmate and refused him any treatment. Since the inmate was on a psychology watch list, I was told to notify the chief psychologist of the situation. I spent the next hour attempting to contact the Dr., and finally he interviewed the inmate.

    The psych discovered that the inmate had been taken off of his medication last month, and that he should be placed back on the medication ASAP. The inmate stated that he was afraid of having another grand mal seizure, that he was afraid of the injuries he could sustain during the seizure.

    The inmate later approached me, saying he felt a seizure was imminent. I called medical on the radio, several times with no response. The inmate collapsed in my office in front of me and began to hit his head on the floor. His cellmate who was nearby, grabbed him and held him as he continued to have a seizure.

    I had to activate an alarm on my radio to obtain any response from the medical staff. When staff arrived, there was no attempt to examine the inmate during his seizure. He stopped moving, and was unconscious. At no time did the medical staff member enter the office or examine the inmate. When my LT. asked her how she wanted us to transport the inmate to medical, she responded that he was faking and that he didn't need to go to medical, as the inmate lay bleeding on my office floor.

    After all the inmates had been secured, I kind of exploded at the nurse. Really? He faked it. I must have imagined the whole thing. I'm glad her medical expertise is so proficient that while I was there, the whole time, her viewpoint outside my office, after the fact, was able to verify that there is nothing wrong with the inmate.

    The explanation I was given, was because the inmate had a seizure in my office in front of me, with his cell-mate nearby, that of course he was faking. He had planned it all day.

    That's right, how obvious. He was told that because he had a seizure that no one witnessed, then he was faking it. And when he stayed near an officer so that when he had another seizure, someone would witness it, that also meant he was faking it. I can see it so clearly now. And his cellmate couldn't possibly have been nearby because he cared about the inmate, no that's completely unreasonable.

    Look, I get the guy is a Nazi. I hate Nazis. I have an anti-swastika tattoo on my arm from my old punk rock days where we used to get in street fights with hammerskins and some people got hurt pretty bad. I still harbor some resentment for the Nazis there. I don't know the reasons this specific guy became a Nazi in prison, and I really don't care. Unless it's a security issue, it ain't my job. My job is to keep the peace, keep the unit safe and secure, and provide for the care of my inmates. Whether I hate a Muslim, Jew, Nazi, Black, White, Hispanic, Russian, French or Middle-Eastern inmate has absolutely nothing to do with my job. For the most part, my personal politics get left at the door. Except, you know, for that part where I consider human rights to be non-negotiable.

    I have been a firm believer in the idea that the government should provide health care for its citizens. But if the Public Health Service that is responsible for inmate medical treatment is indicative of how the "Public Option" would be like, then I am against it in any form. I would rather suffer a heart attack with no medical response at all, rather than have a response by that nurse. She would most likely think I'm faking it.
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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2011
    I am sorry you had such a crummy day. At least you were true to your self. I've had several friends who wound of in prison. I am sure they would have like some one like you to over see them. they are not white supremest(not when they went in anyway, you cant go it alone there) the day you see something like that and you don't give a shit, maybe its time to find something else to do.
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    Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Luckily, I have a couple rules to help me through it.

    My number one rule is, the day I can't look myself in the mirror is the last day I do this job.

    And, vent, a little bit. In fact, I felt better venting here, not knowing if anyone was reading or not, than I do at home with my girlfriend. She is extremely supportive, but you know, you have this vile black evil feeling inside you, and you want to get it out, but you're afraid you'll infect the ones you love with it, so you hold it in and it just gets worse.

    As a sidenote, the Nazi inmate was put into an "observation" cell, which he proceeded to destroy. He was hit with gas grenades and had to be forcefully restrained. He kind of got his ass whupped a little. He keeps acting up, and this is no small dude. He says he's due his medication, and he assumes he's just getting fucked around now, so he's just going to act like the monster that they assume he is. Problem is, the cops always win these fights. It's just a matter of how long, and how many people get hurt before he stops. I got to wash my hands of it when they took him off my unit, so I'm glad it's not my problem, physically. I do feel for the guy, there's no happy ending at this point.
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    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2011
    My heart goes out to you, dude.

    I know the feeling. It sucks to be in a spot where you have sympathy for monsters. It would be a lot easier to be outside the whole situation and be able to shrug and say "Oh, did the poor little violent nazi hit his head? Boo-hoo."
    But you can't, because you see some little bit of him as a person.

    You know I work with locked-up teen-aged boys, so I know where you are coming from.
    Many is the time when lines are drawn in my mind between US and THEM.
    etc... it is just the way social situations break down. Certain situations divide you and you become aware of where group associations lie.

    Invariably, when I am dealing with management and policies coming down from above....I naturally cleave on the side of the students.
    When a rule is made that affects the school, my response is almost never "WE have made this rule that YOU must accept" but rather it is "THEY have made this rule that WE must all accept."
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    FUCK! The assholes are making me work tonight. Gang tension between Paisas and PRM's. It's bad enough when they fight, but when you can sense one brewing, but don't have enough info to act on it, enough intel to prevent it, or enough rapport with the LT. to just remove the instigators from the unit (to send them to the hole, you actually need something to happen first).

    So I'm just watching these guys, waiting for a 5-10 person brawl to erupt, and I can't really do anything about it. I'll be fine; none of them will attack me. I just have to secure the rest of my inmates, call for backup, and then sort out the mess afterwards. But then, that's why i get paid the big bucks, right? Ugh. Thanks for listening; I just needed to vent.