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    I wouldn't even know how to explain this one. Another commission. But I'll buy you an egg roll if you can ID the two actresses I used as reference on the Disneyfied sexy audience groupies.

    Goofy and Top Cow
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2011
    The Olsen Twins?
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    Been away for a bit. Some of it was lack of being able to show what I'm working, some was the 2+ weeks I didn't draw in December.

    Quick sketch to dust off the cobwebs:
    Turning The Tables by kevin Mellon
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2011
    One Serious Bird

    Back in 2003 a bird got lost in a hallway in the apartment complex I lived in. The hallway was partially open to the outside, and he flew in and got confused.

    He was flying around looking extremely serious. I tried shooing him toward the outside, but though he eventually got out I'm not sure my attempt to help did any good.

    Later that day I tried drawing a little comic of the incident, and never finished it. These were sketches I did trying to capture the bird's attitude.

    Just came across them as I'm packing things up to move again. I haven't seen them in six years, probably. They feel like they were done by a different person, but I rather like what he did with them.
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    Very nice, Oddbill.

    Nope! Not Olsen twins.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2011
    @Brendan McGinley

    jeri ryan and heather graham?
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011 edited
    I'm trying to show my work in progress - I've tried to put a 1963 Peter Sellers in an Iron Man suit ...

    George C. Scott is harder to capture ... but the idea is Doctor Strangelove as the Iron Man movie ...
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    @Brendan - one of them feels like Loni Anderson and the other reminds me of the actress who played Rhoda.
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    Peter Sellers would indeed have made a fantastic Tony Stark/Iron Man...what could have been, eh?
    • CommentAuthorSpike3185
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    Inception - The Big Under

    Deviantart is holding a contest for the cover of an Inception prequel comic, this is my entry. I got it in about 3 hours before the deadline after a two-day mad dash to finish it because planning it out took the vast majority of the time we had to do our entries. I'll find out in about 2 weeks or so if I win. There's some stiff competition but I'm pretty proud of how it came out.
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    concept for a kids comic
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    @Hey Apathy - nice one. Let me know when you're doing another outdoor exhibit, and I'll come take a look.
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    Happy new year whitechapel! An autobiographical comic strip:
    Christmas Flu by Amalgamated Biscuit
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    Yeah. Fuck. What was with that flu outbreak at Xmas? I thought I was going to die, and almost everyone I knew got sick as well.
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    @Amalgamated Biscuit...That's nasty.. reminds me of chrissie a few years ago when I got food poisoning and fever for chrissie eve/day...gah..

    bit keen to partake in this weeks remake/remodel take but thought I'd do roughs first.
    Mashing ironman with a bit of full metal jacket and his comic origins date back to Nam anyway.
    ..."Behind enemy lines and left to die in a bloody war...An Ironman will be born.." bleh, corny

    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    I'm crappo at drawing ladies, so going to have a blast at 'em... so to speak.

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    @Neil, I like it. You might soften the neck/clavicle area to be more smooth and feminine is all I'd say.
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    Twas Alison Brie & Gillian Jacobs. (yeah, I know, not the best likenesses. I'm new to animation style and Disney especially).
    Annie & Britta Disney...ish

    I also drew some fellow comic creators in there. The Gutters just put up a lovely colored version.
    • CommentAuthorSpike3185
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    I look at it more as a stylistic liberty but if we're really gonna go into anatomical criticism I think it's more the perceived proportion between the muscles and the neck. I get that the hair is covering parts of the neck but those muscles are supposed to be at the outside of the neck even when the whole thing is showing. Without going into technical language, those lines represent muscles that control the turn of and tilt of the neck, and so they need to look like they're just below the skin and going around the entire neck. Women still have those lines pronounced, it's really just the Adam's Apple that denotes masculinity. Either way I think the artistic license trumps absolute anatomical accuracy and while I would agree that that section looks specifically strange when it's pointed out, I can't say it takes away from an already awesome picture.
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    I think this is the basic layout ...