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    So. I'm taking the first art class I've ever had (not counting highschool, which I failed). I'm going to use the experience of starting from the beginning and learning the basics like this to train my non-dominant hand. I've dabbled in using my left before, but usually only when my right wasn't working. From now on, I'm just using my left. Here I go.

    Assignment one: Self portrait without lines.

    I'm always here.

    (The contrast of my scanner is way too high - the darks are too dark and the light areas get blown out beyond what adobe tweakery and reclaim. Is there software I could use for an old canon scanner that would fine tune the scanning, or do I just need to get a better scanner?)
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2011
    Thanks for the kind words folks :)
    I love those pieces Cinn! Super cool.
    And that is a sweet non-dominant self portrait,Rachæl Tyrell!
    So good for your brain to work with the wrong hand. You might be surprised at the awesome art you'll make using it.

    @Paul Renderwrx- haha!- no worries man- I've been freelancing since '99 and have illustrated more than 40 full sized graphic novels (among other RPG stuff, fanzine stuff and charity illustration work) but I doubt anyone over the age of 10 has seen or read any of them, as most were either for (really really) small press or historical/educational/ESL readers for Scholastic and other children's book publishers. So the only people who really know of me are kids in grade 4 history class (and they're not likely to read the credits of the books I draw ;) and the lovely folks on these Whitechapel threads ;)
    I am greatly indebted to our host for letting me post my work here and getting me 'started' (more than a decade after I began my career)
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2011
    @emomonster - love the Frankenstein... thing...
    @kevinmellon, the boxers are nice, the left hand chap is a great drawing.

    And here's some of my stuff.

    My first undigital drawing in an age:
    2011 - Year Of The Rabbit

    And a couple of pieces riffing on the Muppets in Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey:
    2001 - Kermit
    2001 - Animal
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2011
    @Rooth WHITECHAPEL: A Kick In The Ass To Those What Need It

    @Jim LOVE the Animal one.
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    used today's (Toronto) paper front page as reference for this one...
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    I've been trying to work on getting more dynamic poses, especially for my main character Captain John (on right). Here's a pic I did for a new reader intro vid I'm working on.

    @Jim, I love those Muppet illos, man. Stupdendous!

    At Odds
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    For my Mr Freeze of earlier - The one on the left is digitally coloured in The Gimp, while the one on the right is hand coloured with ProMarkers!
    Mr Freeze
    Click image for bigger!
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    Here's another one: the puppy that is also a Werewolf. I don't even know.