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    • CommentAuthordernjg
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    I give you Hello With Cheese. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

    Party On Bruce
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    I wrote a weekly updated webcomic with artists Andrew Sides and Errol Rich Jr. called BORDER CROSSINGS. There are currently over 70 pages (3+ issues) of story online. I'm currently seeking a new artist to collaborate with on this creator owned project.

    BORDER CROSSINGS is a dark marine fantasy where a salvage submarine’s strange crew must redefine freedom for their drowned world. Here are two page examples:

    Border Crossings, Issue 3, Page 7

    Border Crossings, Myth Interlude, Page 2

    If you prefer comparisons it’s Firefly, Labyrinth and Perdido Street Station in a nautical steampunk mash-up. The story is also an allegory for the modern era of globalization.

    I am currently seeking a new artist to finish the last 44 pages of BORDER CROSSINGS. There is an opportunity for publication and the original artist has released his rights to the story, opening the door for a creator owned collaboration. If you're interested, more information is available at the site. Or you can contact me at christian [dot] sager [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Please visit BORDER CROSSINGS at
    • CommentAuthorSteve Ince
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011 edited
    I have a relatively new web comic called Baked Beans, which appears a couple of times a week at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for taking a look.
    • CommentAuthorRoridge
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011 edited
    Fat Jed! IT Support, Pizza Lover, Jedi Master.

    We produce Fat Jed! on a bi-monthly basis and when we started we wanted to do something different. We felt that being a "web" comic it should be something a little more fitting to the medium.

    The entire web site is like the comic, in the same way the Simpsons world is as crazy and as colourful as the characters. The comic itself is interactive with a pop-up book style feel, which is why there is no comic image attached (although some episodes can be embedded).

    Check it out, mouse over or click in cels to find the interactive elements. Fat feedback is always appreciated.

    Rors and Dingy
    (Feel free to follow us on twitter or facebook.)
    • CommentAuthorKelvarin
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    Patbird & Galesaur: weekly autobio following a comic book nerdbird and his dino-buddy. Puns, geekery, and general silliness.

    Patbird & Galesaur!

    Happy New Year!
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    Coincidentally, my brand-new sci-fi adventure web-comic, QUANTUM VIBE, launches today. On Day One I offer up the first 11 strips to introduce the main character and set up her situation. After that, it's a new strip 5 days per week until I die, or at least until Big Head Press pulls the plug. Here is a reduced version of the first strip. Monday strips are always double-sized. The full-size versions on the website are 800 pixels wide.
    QV strip 1
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    Semantink Publishings weekly web comic: The Undergrounds.
    This strip comes out every Monday. Daniel Touchet is the artist and there are a team of writers that alternate each week. I'm posting an older one but do check out the new one that was posted today.

    description pulled from the site:

    Everybody loves coffee – even monsters! Welcome to
    The Undergrounds, a cryptic café of the finest java this side of the grave! Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolfman, The Mummy and even Van Helsing are all here, ready to feast on funny, devour delight and ravage the limbs of young virgins – Wait… Well, they’re here to give you a seven day dose of funny at least. Featuring the evil art of Daniel Touchet and the wicked words of Marcel Losada, Michael Fountain, James Ninness, Joe Pezzula and Derek Johnson, The Undergrounds is your weekly stop for frightening fun!

    direct link to The Undergrounds

    Underground Episode 3
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    Thanks for the opportunity to plug, Mr Ellis!

    My comic Max Overacts is still going three times a week at - almost at that magical 100 strip marker...

    Here's a couple of the latest ones, for Christmas and New Years.

    Voodoo - the gift that keeps on giving

    Fight for freedom!
    • CommentAuthorfarleftside
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011 edited
    I crank out a thrice-weekly progressive comic called "The Far Left Side". If you're an atheistic lover of old-fashioned democracy you might find it amusing.

    First they came for the right-wing shock jocks...

    There never WAS a war on Xmas.
    • CommentAuthorErnst-Jan
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011 edited
    I do a weekly webcomic set thirty years after the Blake's 7 television series. I originally started to do these because of the Sky 1 remake news. My ensuing horror led me to think up my own sequel to the original series. So far, (which isn't that far, as I am only 7 pages in) I don't think anyone outside of the smallish remains of the Blake's 7 fanclub has read it. It can be found at

    Blake's 7
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    Quadrinhos A 2 is the weekly webcomic that I and Paulo Crumbim have, it's originally posted in Portuguese, and then we work on each chapter's English version, which might have a few mistakes.

    Here are some sample pages from the second story we made:

    Thanks for looking and thanks Warren for this thread. I've found great new webcomics to read now.
    • CommentAuthorleeleslie
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    Thanks to Warren for the chance to plug our shit!
    I write and draw RiGBY, which is a sort of joke-y fantasy thing (with Dinosaurs)! It updates once a week, and has 40 pages up so far.

    RiGBY page 5
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    Oh, hello. I thought I might throw my hat into the ring.

    I draw a webcomic called The Intrepid Girlbot, going on two years now. It's an experimental, silent, story-based comic strip with no human characters, only robots and animals. The titular character Girlbot is trying very hard to be a good little girl, but she's terrible at it. Her main companion is Raccoon #1, whom Girlbot accidentally killed and then resurrected as a cyborg.

    Believe it or not, I won a Lulu for this thing last year.

    Here's a sequence of strips I was pretty pleased with, to give you an idea:

    strip 226
    strip 227
    strip 228
    strip 229
    strip 230
    strip 231
    strip 232
    strip 233

    If that seems interesting to you at all, please give my comic a chance.

    Some of the comics posted here look very neat, and I'm definitely going to check them out!
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    My web comic is Ana Chronistic in which our titular heroine tries to hold the space time continuum together after it's been destabilized by an invasion of genocidal chrono-aliens. Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Somewhere in issue #1
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    @Diana Nock I love the look of your comic. Really beautiful.
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    I've got two:

    SCATS created by Kevin Freitas and myself.
    SCATS by Kevin Freitas and James Stowe


    Daddy's Nutshot created just by me.
    Daddy's Nutshot by James Stowe
    • CommentAuthorcial
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    i'm sometimes called h. carlian and i orchestrate a pile of scifi madness called Inhuman.

    it's a serious story. a genetic chimera with a bad history is trying to define what it means to be human to himself whilst aliens and humans are scrabbling to get ahold of him since he's both an illegal bio-organism and priceless to medical science.

    i colour it using watercolours and markers, which is kind of a rarity in the webcomics world i guess.

    Inhuman pg 374
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    Ooh, didn't even notice this was on again.

    I've expanded my webcomicking. Also, I've moved my site, so this is a good cue to introduce the new one.

    First of all, there's Conny Van Ehlsing, Monster Hunter.
    It's about a girl who grows up to be the best monster hunter ever. Reluctantly at first, but by the time she gets kicked out of grade school she's pretty much into it.
    Updates Fridays, if you're interested.

    This is a page of the current story, The Haunting of Conny Van Ehlsing:

    The Haunting of Conny Van Ehlsing

    Then there's Gate Crash.
    This started as a print anthology of stuff I couldn't fit into my other titles. Now it's pretty much everything that's not Conny; comics, cartoons or art, at one page or thing every Monday.

    Here's a page from Olga Stark, Girl Reporter:

    And here's what I mean with "thing":

    Could be anything, really.

    Now I gotta go read a lot of new-to-me webcomics...
    • CommentAuthorMeisterJ
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    100 Days Journal Comic I did a journal comic for 100 days for a part of the summer 2010, I'm posting the pages. I fell behind a bit, so Mondays and Wednesdays I colored back pages. Fridays I posted other comics also colored, so there was always something on updating days.

    I linked this a few weeks ago, but here's another link and some of the newer pages!
    Next week updates will return to new pages 5 days a week.

    July 3 Throwback

    July 23

    Thanks Warren, and thank you everybody who stops by, I appreciate it, seriously.
    • CommentAuthorNtK_Gar
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2011
    Hi, I'm Gar, I'm from Dublin and I do Neko the Kitty Comics. It started out as a comic about a mean narcissistic adorable kitty doing mean narcissistic adorable things, and then branched out into an ensemble piece. The cast are currently split up into three separate storylines running in parallel, one's a superhero thing, one's a supernatural thing, and ones a comic about a mean narcissistic adorable kitty doing mean narcissistic adorable things.

    Neko the Kitty Comics sample comic 1
    Neko the Kitty Comics sample comic 2
    Neko the Kitty Comics sample comic 3